Do not bore into food! How many eggs can you eat for Easter?

How to go out after Lent.

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Happy Easter: how to leave after Lent

On Sunday, April 24, Orthodox Christians celebrate Easter. In recent years, more and more people, even those who are not very religious, observe Lent. Remember that it involves the complete rejection of animal food and alcohol. And with strict adherence – only dry food a few days. We understand how to go out after Lent and how many eggs you can eat for Easter.

First, do not immediately push greedily for protein-rich foods such as eggs and meat. In fact, in 1.5 months the body has already managed to restructure itself to process only foods with plant carbohydrates. Therefore, to avoid stress for the body, it is necessary to carefully approach the exit from the fasting menu.

It must make sense. It is important not to overload your body after 48 days of cleansing. When abstaining from fatty foods of animal origin, the human stomach restructures the metabolism. And a sudden return to heavy foods in unlimited quantities can cause problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

Nutritionists say that the most sensible solution is to eat only one egg and a little Easter cake on the first day of fasting. Before going to bed, you can drink a glass of kefir. And from the second day, include meat, side dishes, first courses and sweets in the diet.

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The food must be digestible

To prepare your body for daily eating, you should gradually add fermented dairy products to your diet. We are talking about kefir, natural yogurts, cottage cheese with low fat. Such food is well absorbed by the body.

The next step is to import fish and poultry. Last but not least, you can put meat back in the diet. Ideally, on the 4-5th day of release. It is best to start with lean beef. Pork is imported last.

Another important point is to eat in small portions. Try to divide all planned meals into small portions. And eat every 2-3 hours. This advice should be followed for at least the first 2 days after leaving the position.

Be careful with sweets

Baking with cream, lots of sugar and chocolate is not the best choice in the first days of fasting. Exchange sweets with cookies. But cakes, pies and other things are better left for later. Only when the body gets used to the new diet, you can gradually introduce desserts.

Another tip is to drink more water. Carbon-free, clean. It is important not to confuse water with other liquids such as tea and coffee. Even a glass before the feast promotes the formation of enzymes that ensure the proper digestion of food.

At the end of the meal, it is worth overcoming the desire to lie down. To avoid gaining extra pounds due to the abuse of protein foods, move more. Walk at a comfortable pace.

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How many eggs can you eat for Easter?

The main traditional Easter dish is boiled eggs. However, their excessive amount does not do any good to the stomach that has just come out of fasting. Therefore, doctors recommend that you do not eat more than one egg a day.

However, those who have not fasted should not rely on this product either. Despite the obvious benefits, large quantities of eggs are not as harmless. But how much a day can be consumed without hesitation, so as not to harm health?

Many may have heard that the cholesterol found in eggs contributes to the development of heart disease. For years, this belief has been supported by health professionals and associations of doctors and nutritionists.

Eggs undoubtedly contain more cholesterol than many other foods. However, it is also rich in beneficial bioactive compounds and other disease-fighting nutrients.

Recent studies show that the relationship between egg consumption and increased risk of heart disease is exaggerated.

So, it is better to limit yourself to one egg. But if you do not have problems with the pancreas and cholesterol is not elevated, then you can increase it to 2, at most 3 eggs.

Recent studies show that eating 1 egg a day does not increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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8 facts you need to know about the nutritional value of eggs

  1. It has about 60 calories.
  2. It provides 6 grams of protein, covering about 12% of your daily needs. Protein is essential for muscle, hair, skin and many other functions. Egg is an ideal choice for nutritionists because it combines protein and is low in calories.
  3. It contains 12% of the daily requirement of riboflavin (vitamin B2): a vitamin necessary for energy production and for healthy skin, hair and nails.
  4. This provides the body with about 9% of the vitamin B12 it needs daily: a vitamin important for energy production as well as blood “production”.
  5. It covers 20% of your daily needs in selenium: a trace element with strong antioxidant capacity.
  6. Egg also contains phosphorus, vitamins D & A, folic acid, iron, calcium, etc.
  7. It provides your body with choline, a substance required for the formation of acetylcholine, an important messenger for the nervous system. The largest percentage of choline in your body is stored in special fat molecules called phospholipids and especially in the form of the famous lecithin. As you may know, lecithin is essential for the transport and metabolism of fats in the body. Therefore, although nature enriched the egg with cholesterol, at the same time it contained a substance that will help the body deal with it!
  8. It provides 55% of the cholesterol we can get daily with a diet.
  9. It is the most economical, complete and unprocessed form of protein.

How many eggs can you eat for Easter?  Photo: Danila Shtantsov /

How many eggs can you eat for Easter and what safety precautions should you follow?

Egg is a potentially dangerous food. This means that they are more likely to cause food poisoning such as salmonella. For this reason, it is important that you store them properly.

  • Do not store painted eggs outside the refrigerator
  • Always check the freshness of the eggs
  • Take the painted eggs out of the fridge a few minutes before eating them.
  • Boiled eggs can be stored in the refrigerator for about 1 week.
  • Remember that eggs do not need to be eaten just like that, you can always add them to salads before the expiration date

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