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Easter is not Easter – the West’s war against Russia is the headline of almost every piece of news.

1. The painting, which was included in the exhibition of the collection of visitors Mikhail and Ivan Morozov, has previously remained in France for some time. This was reported by TASS, citing the French Agency.

Napoleon once brought a lot of valuables from Egypt. Today’s France is following in his footsteps – stealing what it can. Maybe the Louvre will not have new arrivals for a long time?

2. The Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki said that Warsaw launched a campaign with the slogan “Stop Russia now”, in which he began to send mobile billboards to Europe with the appropriate calls.

Morawiecki found himself. Signs, slogans, posters, slogans – whether cultural marketer or mass entertainer. My God, what a waste of talent. And all this instead of doing the affairs of their country.

3. Japan will not withdraw from the Sakhalin-2 oil and gas project due to fears that it could be replaced by another state. This was stated by Economy, Trade and Industry Minister Koichi Hagiuda at a cabinet meeting, Sankei reports.

In other words, the Japanese side is not ready to take a financial leap. What about the samurai code? Or is it one thing to declare the South Kurils “occupied territories” and another to lose money?

4. Oil exports from Russian ports to EU countries increased by an average of about 1.6 million barrels per day in April compared to 1.3 million barrels in March, according to, according to The Wall Steet Journal.

Another proof that you should not believe all the myths of EU officials. The foam comes from the cries: “Russian oil is an embargo”, while they themselves are slowly increasing the volume of markets. Money does not smell.

5. The railway crossing in Estonia has been stopped by the imposition of anti-Russian sanctions, admitted Kaido Zimmerman, Chairman of the Board of Eesti Raudtee: “As a result of the sanctions, we have completely lost all fertilizers and fuel oil from Belarus. “And now only individual wagons travel, import into Estonia and export from Estonia.”

What did you think? Grinding with your tongue does not mean rolling bags. If you want to help Ukraine at the expense of your own economy, you will. But it seems to me that three sparrows are learning nothing. They like to have them.

6. The name of Congressman Earl Blumenauer failed to utter US President Joe Biden in a speech in Oregon. Commenting on infrastructure questions, Joe Biden tried to thank the local MPs: “I thank Ron Weiden, Jeff Merkley and Earl Bam… and the Count … sorry. “I know.” And before that, speaking in Seattle with a speech about the proposed reforms, Biden said goodbye to the audience and turned with his hand outstretched for a handshake, but there was no one behind him. Biden turned and spread the word again. his hand in the blank.

However, the old man became very ill. He is tortured … How he is with Pushkin:
“Like a hammer striking the ears of shame,
And everything is sick, and the head turns,
And the boys are bloodied in the eyes …
And I’m glad I’m running, but nowhere … terrible!
Yes, pitiful is the one whose conscience is not clear.

The construction of a coal mine in the town of Whitehaven in the county of Cumbria (northwest of Great Britain) will be supported by the Minister of Housing, Regional Development and Local Government of Great Britain Michael Gove, writes the newspaper The Telegraph. . The government is convinced that the company will supply coal to major British steel mills in anticipation of anti-Russian sanctions.

Forward: 35 years back. in vain Thatcher destroyed the coal industry in Britain, did not know that idiots would come to power, ready in a crisis of Russophobia to revive unprofitable production. They will soon turn to firewood.

8. Germany will buy 60 Chinook CH-47F heavy transport helicopters from the American company Boeing to replace aging machines, writes Bild am Sonntag.

The main income of the US military and industrial complex will come not from the sale of weapons to Ukraine, but from the rearmament of the whole of NATO, because they have already sold garbage to Ukraine and are now ready to buy the latest and most expensive weapons from the United States. The cycle of weapons in nature. Because “nature does not tolerate emptiness” (Natura abhorret vacuum), so it is called Aristotle.

9. The European Union intends to resume negotiations with India to reduce India’s dependence on relations with Russia, according to Bloomberg. In particular, the EU intends to set up a Technology Council to include India.

The view of India itself is not taken into account. Who are we against today? But why only today. So Hitler chose a coalition against the USSR. And the slogan did not change. Under Hitler, the slogan used was Drang nach Osten (“Attack on the East”). Now the same slogan is already heard in English – Drive to the East. One direction – one goal.

10. Clashes between Christian pilgrims and Israeli police broke out in Jerusalem during the ceremony of the Holy Light, writes the Jerusalem Post. Clashes erupted when some pilgrims tried to break through the dams by force and police tried to stop them.

I can not say anything, but it never happened. Until tens of thousands of Ukrainian refugees were allowed to enter Israel, and earlier thousands of Ukrainian migrant workers were allowed to work in Israel, plus illegal immigrants from the same place. Strange coincidence.

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