A friend got a new boy and became a militant vegetarian. It is now impossible for me to contact her.

I can not stand when people start to aggressively preach some of their principles. Do not you eat meat? Well done, do not eat anymore. Why climb on everyone’s plate and declare that everyone around you is a fool who understands nothing in life, only you are smart standing here in a white coat.

It is especially annoying when before that there was an ordinary person without problems. And he ate meat, and boasted of a new fur coat, and could not remember the hungry children of Africa, and then suddenly he met a new companion, and began to adjust abruptly to him. And all these principles, which used to be so far away, he began to regain them with a kind of manic persistence.

My friend Nata is one of them. For all twenty-eight years of her life, she did not eat a single inch of meat, always agreed to barbecue and preferred to cook something quick, for example, to cook chicken legs or to fry eggs. And in my memory alone Nata changed about three fur coats, and all of course, not synthetically.

I say this not to stigmatize my boyfriend in some way, but to describe how it used to be. No moral anguish and thoughtful words that somehow we live wrong, and animals are our friends, not food and clothes with shoes.

But six months ago, she met her current boyfriend, Kolya, and the man was replaced. Now he does not eat meat, eggs, only soy milk and cheese, he wears only natural ingredients. And all would be well, in the end everyone can live as they wish, if not prohibited by the penal code, but Nata and her young man behave aggressively, discouraging any desire to communicate with them.

You can not invite them to visit. Even if they cook them vegetables, these two characters will look at the dishes of other guests and publicly claim that people who eat meat are the killers themselves and should be ashamed of themselves.

Why are you doing this, can anyone explain it? You chew your salad, it is delicious for you, well, for your health. Why deal with other people? Did anyone ask you anything?

I do not know how much Kolya revolves around this topic of vegetarianism, maybe from a young age he never tasted meat, milk and cheese, he did not wear leather and fur things. But Nata’s behavior is pure hypocrisy. And then, until she was twenty-eight, she thought that cutlets and kebabs grow in our beds, and mink from the goodness of their souls take off their skin every season.

And now we just have any issue summed up in her vegetarianism with a bias for animal welfare. Do you use cosmetics? Did you know that it is tested on animals and produced in factories that pollute the planet? Will you celebrate a birthday? Will there be meat on the table? Foo, shame on you! You are all fiery, you can not eat meat, you are carnivores.

Of course, I do not want to contact her again. Why do I need extra negativity in my life? That’s why I did not invite my boyfriend to my birthday last week. I just had kebabs, fish, cut cheeses and other “terrible” things on the menu. It would not be difficult for me to make grilled vegetables and some kind of light salad, but I did not want to hear my friend’s reasoning about how irresponsible we are, how disgustingly we live and so on.

My friend got angry with me. Clearly waiting for an invitation until the last, it was clear from the discussion, but I decided not to spoil my vacation. She pretended not to pay attention to her bold hints. We had a wonderful time, I want to tell you. All the guests were talking, joking and no one taught anyone how to live.

Nata later, of course, expressed her dissatisfaction with me. But I was already tired of giving her hints of bad behavior and betrayed all my dissatisfaction in plain text. And that she was sick of her hypocrisy, and her guiding tone, and her eternal teachings and propaganda that no one needs.

I am more than sure that when she breaks up with her Kolias and divorces him, because he is not of this world, all her vegetarian tendencies will be abruptly sunk into oblivion. Again he will dream of a new fur coat, devour meat and behave calmly, without throwing a wild dog at everyone.

I do not even know what offended my girlfriend the most – that I told her that she was tired of showing off or that she would leave her enlightened Kolenka. But the fact remains: until she gets this nonsense out of her mind or learns to behave calmly, I do not want to communicate with this person.

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