Flowering gardens of the Moscow region: the best places for spring photography

Museum-stock DI Mendeleev and AA Blok – Shakhmatovo Manor

The address: District of the city Solnechnogorsk, village Gudino

Contacts: +7 (965) 252-83-94

Ticket price: entrance ticket to the estate – 120 rubles

Website: https://blokmendeleev.wordpress.com/

Manor Shakhmatovo can be called the heart Museum-Reserve D.I. Mendeleev and AA Block. It was acquired in 1874 by Andrei Beketov, a professor of botany and rector of St. Petersburg University. The professor’s grandson, the great Russian poet Alexander Blok, spent every summer here. In these places, he understood the language of trees, herbs, flowers, he learned to listen to the “voice of nature”. Sakhmatov’s nature smells of Block’s poetry.

To this day, many plants of the old park have survived, where the young poet liked to walk: trees, bushes, flowers. There are also fragments of historic plantations, which are particularly valuable monuments. Birches, lilacs, wild roses, forest and garden primroses will be wonderful decorations for a spring photo shoot. The nature of these places is amazingly beautiful and attractive!

Museum-reserve Α.Π. Chekhov “Melichovo”

The address: Chekhov district, Melihovo village

Contacts: +7 (905) 781-29-10

Ticket price: entrance ticket “Standard” (walk around the property, walk, outdoor kitchen, main house) – from 200 rubles

Website: https://chekhovmuseum.com/

Flowered garden on the estate

IN THE Melichovo near Moscow Anton Pavlovich Chekhov lived for seven years. There he wrote fruitfully, equipped the estate, received patients who fought cholera, planted trees and flowers, grew vegetables, fished, built the legendary “blue wing”, where the “Gull” was written. It has survived to this day.

Chekhov loved flowers very much. In the flowerbed next to the mansion, he planted roses, planted 80 apple trees and 60 Vladimir cherry seedlings and sprouted coniferous trees from seeds – firs and pines. Apple trees and cherries still grow in the Melikhovsky garden. The photos with the background of the legendary “blue feather” and the delicate flowers are very colorful! You can try the image of one of the heroines of Chekhov’s novels.

Arkhangelskoe Mansion

The address: Krasnogorsk district, Arkhangelskoye settlement

Contacts: +7 (498) 568-95-80

Prices: entrance ticket to the park – 150 rubles, a single ticket (park and all exhibitions) – 700 rubles, professional non-commercial photo in the park – 3000 rubles, professional photo for a portfolio in the park – 25000 rubles

Website: https://arhangelskoe.su/


In architecture and park real estate set It includes alleys, fountains, sculptures, the church of the Archangel Michael, wings, the Colonnade, a large flowerbed and, of course, the Palace, which most often becomes the “protagonist” of the photographs. The choice of shooting locations is great – it’s not for nothing that Arkhangelsk is called “Versailles near Moscow”.

The mansion park combines many garden styles: baroque, with terraces, intricate stairs, set of sculptures and fountains. French classicism with a huge garden, a large green flower bed, walls of ornate trees and labyrinthine alleys and charming corners of a romantic landscape park, which favors reflection. Many species of lilac grow in the mansion park: from lilac to violet and even white flowers, with a pleasant smell. This place is ideal for wedding photography or love story.

Walking in search of the best shots will take you more than an hour, so it is best to plan your time in advance.

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Active amusement park “Razdolie”

The address: Odintsovo urban area, the village of Razdory

Contacts: +7 (495) 592-79-17

Ticket price: free

Website: https://park-razdolye.ru/

Lilac in Razdolie Park

“Area” – one of the best parks in the Moscow region. It includes a picturesque forest area, where not only is it pleasant to walk, but you can also take beautiful shots. Especially in spring, when nature begins to wake up after a lot of sleep, and the aromas of the first flowers appear in the air.

You can take photos on your phone for free and for a professional photo in the park, you need to fill out an application and send it to the post office info@park-razdolye.ru. You can ask questions about organizing a photo shoot by phone: +7 (926) 465-84-63.

Apple tree near M.E. Saltykov-Shchedrin in Spas-Ugl

The address: Urban district of Taldom, the village of Spas-Ugol

Contacts: +7 (496) 206-05-42

Ticket price: adult entrance ticket to the museum area – 80 rubles

Website: http://museum-taldom.mo.muzkult.ru/contacts_mssh?

Flowered apple orchard

In 2019 museum M.E. Saltykov-Shchedrin, dedicated to the life and work of the author, was transferred to his own building, spacious, bright and modern. The exhibition contains personal satirical objects, manuscripts, photographs, paintings and portraits – more than two hundred objects in total.

On the territory of the estate there are alleys of linden and a waterfall of lakes in which the Saltykov swam and sailed in boats. In September last year, an apple orchard appeared on the site near the museum – a gift from the Writers’ Union of Russia. Arriving here, it will turn out not only to be culturally enriched, but also to arrange a photo session in this garden.

Park on the estate “Krivyakino”

The address: Voskresensk, Lermontov Street, 5

Contacts: +7 (496) 442-66-75

Ticket price: free

Website: http: //usadbakrivyakino.rf/

Park on the estate

The park estate “Krivyakino” has changed a lot since the recent renovation. Flowerbeds with grasses of the meadows were refined there, observation platforms and wooden paths were built. The idea retains the style of a 19th-century mansion park with pavilions, rotundas and an 18th-century pond waterfall.

It is a special pleasure to admire all this splendor at a time when the green has already appeared on the trees here, the flowers are blooming and the apple trees will bloom very soon.

Apple orchard in Reutov city park

The address: Reutov, Jubilee Avenue, 23B

Contacts: +7 (910) 457-09-70

Ticket price: free

Website: https://vk.com/parki_reutov

Apple blossom

The apple orchard appeared in Reutov city park in 2016. Trees were planted in front of the church of the Kazan image of the Virgin. About forty trees of different varieties grow on it: Antonovka, Welsey, Mantet, Korobovka, Glory to the Winners and Bogatyr.

Rape field in Zaraysk

The address: Zaraysk urban area, Prudki village

Rapeseed field in the Moscow region

A photo in a field of rapeseed is absolutely necessary for every lover of impressive images with flowers. Sunny shots against the blue sky will decorate your page on social networks. However, nature is undoubtedly the best photography artist.

Rapeseed begins to bloom in May and ends in June.

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