Moscow Aviation Center worked out actions to eliminate forest fires

On the eve of the fire risk period, the Moscow Aviation Center participated in the annual management and personnel exercises of the fire guard and rescue of the capital to eliminate natural fires. According to established tradition, the event took place on the banks of the river Treshnya in the village of Zybino.

This year, according to the legend of the exercises, due to careless handling of pyrotechnicians, dry grass caught fire in the forest. The fire spread quickly, it started approaching the village. There was a risk of moving to residential and commercial buildings. In addition, people suffered – vacationers in nature swallowed tobacco and were severely poisoned by combustion products.

The operational services of the capital were given the task to subdue the raging elements as soon as possible and to provide emergency medical assistance to the victims. Eyewitnesses of the fire applied for a single number “112”, but the exact location of the incident was not known.

The crew of the VK117S-2 helicopter was the first to arrive on alert. As a result of the flight around the area, the pilots found a piece of smoke and reported the coordinates to the service control center. The crew also stated that it was not possible to land an aircraft to evacuate the injured.

“In a situation where it is impossible to land due to the ground and the distance of the people who need help does not allow the ground forces to arrive quickly, they decide to call the ‘air rescuers’ of the aviation center.” “Our specialists arrive at the scene by helicopter. They are trained to land in hover mode by evacuating the injured on board, which has just been proven during the exercises – the most difficult task that requires continuous training and coordination of rescuers with helicopter crews “.

At the event, attendees could see how, having landed with the help of a winch mounted on an aircraft from a height of 40 meters, the specialists of the emergency rescue unit of the aviation center skillfully fastened one of the injured conditionally with straps on a stretcher. attached it to an evacuation cable and mounted it on the aircraft.

No less exciting episodes was the work of the pilots. The Ka-32A crews demonstrated transfer to the power plant’s outer slingshot, overflow fire extinguisher (VSU-5) and use of a single horizontal, vertical and lateral fire extinguishing system.

“This is the only system in the capital designed to put out fires at any height. It has reached our institution in an updated version,” said Kirill Svyatenko, director of the Moscow Aviation Center. “We installed it in a modern Ka-32A11BC helicopter. Thanks to the system demonstrated during the exercises, it is possible to eliminate fires in high-rise buildings with a horizontally directed jet or from a barrel installed on the helicopter door, as well as the vertical “Its effectiveness is easy to assess – ” residential ‘houses went out accurately and quickly!”

The public also saw the largest Mi-26T helicopter in the world. According to the mission, the crew delivered to the scene of the simulated incident the ski and swamp vehicle and the ATVs of the combined detachment of the Ministry of Civil Defense and Security, necessary to eliminate the consequences of the emergency.

The facts developed rapidly. While firefighting helicopter crews battled the element of fire, people in the forest needed the help of an ambulance helicopter from the air center. According to the plan of the exercises, part of the vacationers tried to leave the scene by themselves through the forest and disappeared. One of the losers was injured when he fell into a ravine. Kennel dogs, search teams and rescuers from the capital’s airport took part in the search and rescue operation. They easily found the injured, handed over one of the victims with a broken leg to the helicopter and handed it over to the crew for further evacuation to a medical institution in the capital. Constant communication with the pilots of the helicopters of the Moscow Aviation Center allows the emergency rescue service of the institution to call the aircraft at any time, if necessary.

As a result of the management and personnel exercises related to the upcoming fire risk period, the high professionalism, the efficiency and the coherence of the work of all the emergency services of the city were ascertained. More than 60 units of equipment took part in the demonstration, including 5 helicopters of the Moscow Aviation Center (3 Ka-32A firefighters, VK117S-2 and Mi-26T ambulances).

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