Altai Ministry of Natural Resources officials saw no problem with the director of the forest department

The Altai State Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology saw no conflict of interest or other violations in the fact that the head of Borovlyansky Leskhoz, Alexander Maskaev, is the founder of another forestry company, to which the Leskhoz sold timber. At the same time, many other forestry companies remain indirectly linked to Maskaev, whose interests in the courts are reportedly represented by the deputy head of the KAU Altailes – this institution, like Borovlyansky Leskhoz, is controlled by the Ministry of Natural Resources. . In the file cabinet, you can find situations where attorneys related to the department appear in courts on opposite sides of the roadblock.

According to the data of the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, in 2009 Alexander Maskaev founded the company Lestrade. It is registered in Barnaul on Kalinin Avenue and is engaged in the wholesale trade of wood raw materials and raw timber. Until October last year, he was the sole founder and head of the organization, after which Sergei Sivokonev became director. Maskaev, so far, maintains the entire authorized capital.

In addition, in 2018, Maskaev set up another company – Lesssnab LLC, which mainly deals with sawing and wood planing. It had two co-founders: Danil Golotvin (current director) and Maskaev himself. In November 2020, Tatyana Ovsyannikova took the position of the latter – according to available information, she also holds the position of Deputy Head of KAU “Altailes” for legal issues. Two more organizations – “Lesbiznes” and “Lesbiznes-M” – belong to Vasily Maskaev, who, according to available information, is the father of the head of the forest department Borovlyansky.

It is worth noting that KAU Borovlyansky Leskhoz sells timber in Lestrade: for example, in August 2021, an agreement was reached for 2,000 cubic meters. m of raw materials. Lestrade, for its part, enters into agreements with both affiliated Lesbiznes and other companies, some of which, according to online directories, are registered abroad: in Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, etc. However, in the data of LesEGAIS, excerpts of which are available to IA Bankfax, there is no information on the form in which the goods went abroad.

The Altai Territorial Ministry of Natural Resources, responding to a request from Bankfax news agency about the situation, said it was aware of Maskaev’s condition in Lestrade. However, the department does not view this as a conflict of interest or violation of the law. The appointment of Maskaev to the post of director of the KAU in October 2021 was agreed with the regional department of labor and employment of the population, with the department of property relations and other structures. At present there is no legislative prohibition on combining the position of the head of state (municipal) institutions with participation in business, the answer shows. The same goes for Ovsyannikova. The timber sold by Borovlyansky Leskhoz to Lestrade was sold at market prices. In addition, once Maskaev took over the management of KAU, this legal entity no longer traded with Lestrade. Where else and in what volumes, the LLC founded by Maskaev sells wood, the ministry could not determine.

At the same time, some more facts come to mind. Ovsyannikova, as deputy head of the KAU “Altailes” for legal affairs, appears to be actively involved in litigation with the regional Ministry of Natural Resources on behalf of private companies, including those associated with the Maskaev family. Thus, in a whole series of such cases, her full namesake as a lawyer is involved. The LHK says that there are not that many lawyers in the forest area in the area and it can hardly be another person.

The Altai Territorial Arbitration Court contains files according to which Ovsyannikova defended the interests of Lessnab, of which she is a co-founder, in two disputes with the Ministry of Natural Resources. In both cases the ministry lost. It should be noted that in one of the lawsuits, the department was represented in court by Evgeny Lotukhov, Maskaev’s deputy in the Borovlyansky forestry company. In addition, Ovsyannikova is also said to be defending the interests of Lestrade and Lesbiznes in disputes with third parties, and on the district arbitration website you can find several cases in which Ovsyannikova and Lotukhov act on opposite sides of the roadblock. The latter defends the interests of the Ministry of Natural Resources and his opponent defends the interests of private companies, such as LLC Kaimskoye, Taiga Forest, Trust, Areks, Antares, etc. The Ministry of Natural Resources does not seem to consider Lessnab a company affiliated with Maskaev and therefore did not answer Bankfax’s question about the department’s assessment of Ovsyannikova’s legal activities.

Note that Alexander and Vasily Maskaev are not the only members of the forestry family. Ivan Maskaev, who now holds the post of head of Aleysk – according to the editorial staff, Alexander’s brother and his son Vasily – had previously been nominated for the post of Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology. He started his career in 1996, was hired as a forester at the Klepikovskoye Forestry of the Verkh-Obsky Forest Company, in 1998 he was appointed Chief Forester of the Larichikhinsky Forest Company and from 2005, for five years, he worked as the Executive Director of Altai Forest LLC. According to unconfirmed reports, Maskaev left the latter company amid a dispute with the owner, former member of the Altai Legislative Assembly Nikolai Bushkov, who is now accused of illegal logging.

According to some reports, in 2020, when the authorities were looking for a replacement for Vladimir Popryadukhin, who had resigned, the region proposed to Moscow to approve Ivan Maskaev, but the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation received a letter describing his possible relationships. Because of this, the department decided to take a closer look at the candidate’s biography proposed by the regional authorities. The ministry reportedly looked more closely at both Altai-Forest and the activities of his father-owned Lesbiznes and Lesbiznes-M LLC. As a result, Maskaev Jr. did not become a minister – presumably, for the federal ministry, as opposed to the regional ministry, information on inclusion became an obstacle to appointment.

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