Can you survive on the same food?

In case of lack of food, many people will be forced to greatly reduce the list of favorite foods and switch to a more monotonous diet. In general, the idea of ​​eating the same food every day, even under normal circumstances, sounds good – you can easily switch to the right diet, do not suffer from the choice of dishes for dinner and this will help you save a lot of time. However, the restricted diet also has disadvantages, the most important of which are the annoyance of the same dishes, the lack of nutrients and the increased risk of diseases. Scientists have been studying human nutrition for a long time, so they know a lot about the consequences of a drastic change in their diet. In addition, there are many examples in history of how people ate only rabbit meat, milk and so on. What happened to them?

But what if you simplify your life and eat the same thing every day?

Why should you eat different foods?

Everyone is familiar with the main idea of ​​proper nutrition – the diet should be varied enough to provide a person with all the necessary substances. We need vitamins for a strong immune system, maintaining good skin condition, good organ function and much more. In addition they need minerals, which are minerals, but still play an important role in the functioning of the body. Ideally, if a person eats both meat and plant foods – this way the maximum of necessary substances enters his body. But if you remove most of the products, problems will start to arise.

The food must vary and then everything will be fine

If a person eats only meat, he will be deficient in fiber, vitamins and minerals – it consists mainly of proteins and fats. Consuming vegetables and fruits on their own is also difficult to describe as ideal, because, on the contrary, they have very little fat and protein. Of course, vegetarians and vegans try to trick the system by replacing animal fat with vegetable fat, but this is a very controversial solution to the problem.

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What will happen if you eat the same food

In the history of mankind there are many examples of what would happen to a person if he started eating only certain foods. You certainly can not eat bread on your own, because due to lack of vitamin C, a person will develop scurvy in a few weeks – a disease in which the connective tissues lose their strength. Among the symptoms of scurvy, it is worth noting the fragility of blood vessels, bleeding gums, tooth loss, pain in the limbs, etc. Let’s learn about the consequences of a monotonous diet with specific examples.

Scurvy used to kill sailors because far from land there are few sources of vitamin C.

rabbit hunger

In one of his works, city explorer Viljalmur Stefansson wrote that many people in northern Canada eat only lean meat. Obviously, this is due to the peculiarities of the area – hunters have the opportunity to catch only rabbits and other small animals. Due to the lack of fat in the diet, people have what is called “rabbit hunger”, which is also known as protein poisoning, because too much protein overloads the liver. Malnutrition causes diarrhea, weakness, headaches and other unpleasant symptoms. According to the researcher, people recovered only after consuming more fatty foods.

You can not stand much only with rabbit meat…

Diet with potatoes

A few years ago, the Internet often talked about the Australian Andrew Taylor, who decided to lose weight with potatoes. At the beginning of his experiment, he weighed more than 150 kilograms, because he ate only fast food and drank a lot of soda. But then he decided to eat only potatoes and, in the first weeks, it was very difficult for him – to eat, he had to eat up to 4 kilos of fruit. Doctors were worried about his diet because potatoes were not able to provide the body with the right amount of vitamins and minerals. However, the man got used to his diet, lost weight and opened his own restaurant with potato dishes.

Andrew Taylor only ate potatoes for a year

Diet for potatoes with milk

Between 1845 and 1849, the people of Ireland suffered from famine. It was caused by the fact that the potatoes were infested with microorganisms Phytophthora infestans – the harvest was at zero. But up to this point, people ate almost nothing but potatoes and obviously felt great. Journalist Cecil Adams once thought that the substances contained in potatoes were enough for a healthy life and that if milk was added to the diet, the body could be saturated with almost all the necessary substances, with the possible exception of molybdenum. To replenish the supply of this mineral, just eat a little oatmeal.

There were times of terrible famine in Ireland


Another danger of a monotonous diet

It is important to note that a lack of dietary diversity is dangerous not only for possible nutrient deficiencies. Scientists are already aware of the existence of such a phenomenon as sensory saturation. It lies in the fact that the more a person eats the same food, the worse his body perceives it. Imagine that you have to eat many pounds of avocado a day – the body will quickly stop tolerating it. However, if any other food appears on the mood, the appetite will return immediately.

The human body seems to have a mechanism that protects against monotonous food.

Eventually, it turns out that a person can survive on the same food, but only for a limited time. Depending on the product, at some point health problems may arise or the body will simply begin to refuse food – any ailments can be used.

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In addition to maintaining a proper diet, for good health, you should abandon junk food. In addition to giving up fast food, it is recommended that you do not experiment with unfamiliar foods. For example, there is yerba mate tea – if you try it, you are unlikely to like the result.

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