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Joint trips not only bring all family members together, but also help us learn a lot about the different places and people who live in them. Children on hiking and travel develop independence, endurance, learn to help others. The May holidays are ahead and after these summer holidays are just around the corner. The experts said what kind of trips you can make with the family.


The RAO Institute for the Study of Childhood, Family and Education shares information on how to prepare for a family trip and exactly where you can go with your children.

How to prepare for hiking with children

When planning a hike with children, it is essential to limit the time and duration of the trip to a period of 2 to 7 days and a daily route of 13 to 17 kilometers. Do not forget the first aid kit with sterile dressings, paper towels, cotton, bactericides and conventional adhesive patches, disinfectants, antipyretics and painkillers, antihistamines, adsorbents, insect sprays.

At the same time, it is better to buy food and hygiene items on the spot, where you go hiking. Gadgets and games will definitely be useless. And without them, there will be many impressions on a good trip. At home, you should leave everything that will not bring practical benefits. When packing your bags, you need to ask yourself which ones you will need.

It is necessary to think in advance about children’s free time: what games they will play, what songs they will learn. Familiarize yourself with the legends of the places you visit, explore the local flora and fauna – then you can surprise the children.

What places to visit in Russia

Proven forest and mountain routes will help you enjoy the beauty of nature and adventure.

Curonian Spit, Kaliningrad Oblast. Here it is pleasant to walk along the sandy beach, to see rare plants and rare animals, in summer you can swim in both fresh and salt water. After all, the spit extends from the Curonian Lagoon to the Baltic Sea. This place is called the “bird bridge”: the spit extends from northeast to southwest, it is a kind of corridor for migratory birds. During the day, about a million birds fly here, on the beach you can see the nest of almost a hundred species of birds. On the other side of the spit spreads the “dancing forest”, so named because of the special shape of the tree trunks.

If you have a few days left, then go to the dunes! Dune Orekhovaya is one of the highest European dunes – its height is 55 meters. The 2.8 km route passes near the village of Morskoy, where you can stay.

Another popular route is the ecological trail in the Müller Highlands. Its length is 2 kilometers. No less interesting is the walking route “From Rossitten to Rybachy” with a length of 3.8 km. The reward will be the spectacular view from the observation decks.

Divnogorye, Voronezh region. It is a hill and a museum-refuge in the Liskinsky district of the Voronezh region. Nearby is the village of the same name and a farm, where travelers set up a tent city or settle in a hostel. Here you can learn about the history of Don’s leaders and admire the amazing nature.

Chalk landscapes are the trademark of these places. These places are so called from the columns-remnants, popularly called “divas” – so they surprised the locals. There are two groups of rocks here: “Big Divas” and “Small Divas”. They impress with their off-white appearance, reminiscent of chalk mountains. In fact, as it is: the upper layer of the rock contains up to 20% chalk and the lower layers are composed entirely of chalk.

In addition, the area is rich in vegetation. For example, the dwarf iris and the beautiful downy grass are mentioned in the Red Book. More than 150 species of animals live here, more than 50 of which are listed in the Red Data Book. It is worth visiting Mount Shatrishche, the Myasnitsky settlement of the 4th-5th century, the monastery of the Assumption of Divnogorsk, on the banks of the rivers Quiet Pine and Don.

Rufabgo Falls, Republic of Adygea. Rufabgo is a waterfall of 16 waterfalls that fall from the steep ledges of the Big Rufabgo stream. The first five – “Three Brothers”, “Noise”, “Cascade”, “Heart of Rufabgo”, “Maiden Spit” – can be reached in a distance of 2 km. Even babies without special education take them with them there.

There are bridges, paths are paved, there are fences. Only trained tourists will reach the other waterfalls. On the way to the waterfalls, along the left bank of the river Belaya, you can see the Turkish bazaar, admire the ancient circus gardens, the Skvoznaya cave. Behind the bridge, it is advisable to arrange a stop on a clearing with kiosks.

Iremel, Chelyabinsk region. This mountain range on the border of the Chelyabinsk region and Bashkortostan consists of two peaks – the Great Iremel (height 1582 meters) and the Small Iremel. There is a nature park here. In it you can arrange a real hike – with scenes, a test of character, where children will show endurance and cohesion. On this trip, you can admire the view of the ancient mountains, which are 350 million years old, as well as six picturesque rivers. In the forests of this mountain range there are many barrels. It is still unknown who made them and when.

Ergaki, Krasnoyarsk Territory. The Ergaki mountain range is unique. The homonymous natural park is considered the pearl of Western Sayan. On the way you will meet the purest mountain lakes, mighty cedars, stunningly beautiful waterfalls and stone idols. There are many legends about these places.

A trip to Ergaki Park starts in Abakan, from where tourists go to Lake Karovoe after spending the night. On the way, they will see the Hanging Stone that weighs about 500 tons – on one of the peaks above the abyss. The Sleeping Sayan mountain range is considered the trademark of the park. He is associated with a giant who has his arms crossed on his chest.

The route to Ergaki passes through the Skazka pass, passing through the Skazka, Chernoye, Severnoye and Glubokoe lakes. After that, travelers will see the most beautiful waterfalls Bogatyr and Gratsiya. Below the lake of the Artists there is a waterfall of picturesque waterfalls, you can admire them from different angles. This trip will take 4-5 days.

Klyuchevskaya Sopka, Kamchatka Territory. Here is the highest active volcano in Eurasia. No less interesting are those that have long since died. Here you can climb the Plosky Tolbachik volcano and stop by setting up a tent overlooking the active Bezymyanny volcano. Foxes, bears, gophers are found in this area. The route can be done by adults and children with good physical condition and hiking experience.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, on April 22, different countries have been celebrating World Mother Earth Day. As previously reported by the publication of the network Uchitelskaya Gazeta, various exhibitions, environmental events and conferences are scheduled to coincide with this. The holidays appeared in the international calendar in 2010, they are designed to remind people of their destiny.

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