From the cradle: which Russian brands produce high quality children’s clothes


Laconic sweatshirts, hoods, dresses, pants and shorts in pleasant SunxMoon colors are created by the illustrator Anna Lazareva. Before founding her children’s clothing brand, Anya graduated from the Parsons School of Art and Design and the School of Fine Arts, collaborated with Lindgren & Smith based in New York and illustrated children’s books, applications and brands around the world. That’s why her own brand has such a recognizable style – these are embroideries that evoke the aesthetics of the 1980s and 1990s.


Under the name Miauff, the stylist and former fashion director of The Blueprint Svetlana Tanakina produces knitted accessories for babies and children. The idea came to her when Sveta herself became a mother and realized how difficult it is to find simple baby hats and scarves – without patterns, stripes, “ears” and other details. “My clothes are childish, but not childish, they are more likely to be presented to an adult, so you and your child can dress as a team,” Tanakina explains. – Practicality and conscious consumption are the starting points of our idea. I am interested in basic things, without which it is impossible to imagine the children’s wardrobe and which can be worn all the time “.

Mia company

The Mia Company brand specializes in the most photogenic maternity leave kits. Here you will find everything you need for the first shot in the life of a newborn: slips, hats, boots, blankets and envelopes in subtle pastel shades. “We know how much you want to surround your baby with love and care from the first days of his life. And we know how carefully you choose the best for them. We dreamed the same when we were expecting our babies and then we realized our dreams by creating the most comfortable and soft collection of clothes for newborns “, say Anna and Maria, founders of the brand. The site has the opportunity to buy a beautiful gift box with a bow.

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Multi-brand store with Russian brands of children’s clothing, toys and accessories. Here you can find extremely warm Crane hats, a cocoon with a Yawning crib, Kogankids pajamas and Mjölk plush suits. Babyshowroom helps the charity ANO “For the Benefit of Children” – anyone can leave new baby clothes (or used, but in very good condition) at the Good Deeds Box at the Zvezdny Boulevard showroom.


Another illustrator on our list, also from Yekaterinburg, mother of two, Olga Plakitina created her own premium brand Holivin in 2019. Dresses, swimsuits, suits and bomber jackets in warm colors with touching patterns (daisies, cacti, cherries) , branded muslin diapers, posters and handmade fabric mermaids – from the first seconds on the site you want to buy everything, especially if you have a preschooler. Among the undoubted advantages of the brand are the designer designs (Olga designs them herself), the soft fabrics that breathe and the production itself.

“My children are my main inspiration! I am also inspired by Australian designers, I am very impressed by the way they present the style in the design of children’s clothes and color combinations. “I am inspired by the nature and the animals of this continent”, said Plakitina.


The St. Petersburg brand ko-ko-ko produces basic clothing for children and adults. The brand was founded in 2009 by friends Ksenia Dryzlova and Olesya Shchukina – from the first letters of the names “K” and “O” and turns out to be “Ko-ko-ko”. Ksenia is in charge of designing and maintaining a blog for KokokoKIDS parents, while Olesya is a cartoonist and illustrator who creates fun designs, labels, packaging and logos. Among the successes of the brand are knitted suits, waterproof pants, raincoats and parkas in neutral natural shades, fanny packages and colorful hats. At the brand’s website, you can also buy cute interior items for the kids room – a cloud pillow, crocheted vegetable toys, a wooden maker, posters and wall stickers with watercolor paintings.

Tony Tots

This is a brand of clothes for children under three years: slips, bodysuits, kimonos, robes, pants and pajamas made of organic cotton. The collection is constantly updated with new author prints. The main feature of Tony Tots is a unique magnetic clasp so that parents can spend as little time as possible changing their baby’s clothes. The brand is open in collaboration with other brands (not necessarily for children!) And has already managed to release a collaboration with the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art. The joint collection was based on a pattern reminiscent of one of the Garage symbols – emerald tiles in the café and shop area, which was schematically depicted by artist Maria Somik.


The top quality children’s bedding brand Zaycevy was founded by Oksana and Mikhail Zaytsev, a married couple from Nizhny Novgorod. All linens are made of dense hypoallergenic satin of our own production. “It took a year for the idea to materialize and our little son acted as an ideological inspirer. The character of the brand belongs to him. It all started with his birth, then we immersed ourselves in walking on baby products. And it was at that moment that the idea of ​​creating our own bedding started to emerge, because what we wanted just did not exist. “And then we decided to give it a try,” says Oksana. It turned out bedding with a pleasant satin sheen and author prints (hare, carrots, clouds), which even some adults want to buy.


The Warmth family workshop was created by Taisiya and Roman Afonkin by Ryazan. They create beautiful and modern wooden toys, such as a “tablet” in which you can draw with chalk, “emotion” figures that help children learn to recognize their emotions in a playful way, bricks, puzzles and dollhouses. Toys for the little ones deserve special attention – cute rattles and toothpicks made of natural wood. In the fall of 2015, the project became the winner of the “Makers” competition in the “Children” nomination, held annually by Seasons magazine.


One of the most “instagrammable” Russian brands for children from 0 to 4 years old. The founder of Loom, Nadezhda Novikova, relied on laconic modern design and natural shades. “We create things that will be relatively independent of fashion trends and seasons. Transient trends do not concern us. “We try to create something that will remain useful and important for many years and at the same time will be relevant for a long time,” explains Nadezhda. All items are knitted and sewn in our factory in Orel. Nadezhda adheres to the principles of sustainability and respect for nature: products are produced in limited quantities, except for overproduction, and waste is recycled.

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