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Families Gusevs, Klymenko, Ageenko and Makarkinykh /Popovic became the best according to the results of the competition throughout the city “Family of the Year”. They will receive certificates for the purchase of home appliances from the Vladivostok administration.

The results of the competition for the title of “Family of the Year” were summarized in the capital of the Far East. The winners of this competition were selected by a special committee in four nominations: “Big Family”, “New Family”, “Golden Family” and “Family – the Guardian of Traditions”.

The winner in the “Young family” nomination is the family Klymenko. Vladimir and Christine raising two sons Svetozar and Miroslava.

“We believe that our family is socially active, engaged in socially useful and charitable activities, displaying an active political position. We participate in social, environmental, sports and creative projects at the municipal and federal level. Throughout our lives we promote a healthy lifestyle, participate in mass sporting events and involve our sons in them. We go hiking with the whole family, we ride bicycles, we do kayaking. And we do all this together. In winter we do skiing, skating, cross-country skiing. Since 2015, our family has chosen a vegetarian diet and lifestyle. We cultivate spiritual and moral values ​​in the family, such as love for all living beings, kindness, justice, honesty, mutual aid, charity “. says the head of the family Vladimir Klimenko.

By the way, the head of the family has been a volunteer at the Food for Life charity for more than seven years – this is a voluntary social service movement for people who need help and support. The caretaker runs one-time campaigns to help children from the Vladivostok Regional Budget Boarding School No. 1, and also creates healthy sugar-free sweets and chemical additives. By the way, the eldest son of the Klimenko family is a special baby. Using his family’s example on social media, he dispels various myths and fears and also shares various useful and important answers to this issue.

The next winners are the family Gusevs. They are recognized as the best in the “Golden Family” candidacy. Together Nina Ivanovna and Mikhail Ivanovich already 53 years old. Here in Primorsky Krai, they had two daughters – Elena and Natalie, two granddaughters and six grandchildren. And recently, this couple became great-grandparents – a great-grandchild and a great-great-granddaughter were born.

Gusev family

Mikhail Ivanovich – work veteran. He worked in agriculture for 39 years. Under his confident leadership, it became possible to create the largest and only union of the fur industry in the country with a full production cycle. At that time, Dalpushnina had 23 fur farms and four companies. The team of the club consisted of 8.5 thousand people. For many years of conscientious work, personal contribution to the development of the fur farm in the area Mikhail Ivanovich various medals and diplomas were awarded.

Nina Ivanovna he is also a work veteran. She is now a freelancer, organizes charity events, is passionate about gardening, interior design and landscaping.

“We are post-war children who grew up in large families, where the fathers were front-line soldiers. Therefore, our good tradition is to take part in the course of the Immortal Constitution on May 9, honoring our ancestors. We consider the family celebrations of Christmas and Easter very important, we support the church traditions. And, of course, the beloved New Year, which brings together many generations at the big table at the same time: fun, dynamic, delicious, informative, with gifts and surprises “. – they say Gusevs.

The best in the nomination “Family – the guardian of traditions” were Ageenko.

Ageenko family

Gennady Alexeevich – Veteran of work, over 55 years of work experience, awarded with various medals, commendations and certificates. Lyubov Fedorovna also a veteran. He has been working as a kindergarten teacher for 55 years. She has been awarded many medals, commendations and honorary diplomas. Active participant in various competitions, festivals, exhibitions and conferences. The couple raised and raised two sons and now helps raise their grandchildren with dignity. The eldest son of the family AgeenkoMaxim – followed in his father’s footsteps, became a professional soldier. He is a battle veteran, has awards and promotions. The grandchildren continued the military dynasty and now serve in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. A younger one Alexei After graduating from FENU, he worked as an engineer in the field of housing and community services and then switched to the shipbuilding industry.

“The main values ​​of our family are the preservation of family traditions, respect, mutual help, love for each other, the education of patriotism in children and grandchildren.” – emphasize Ageenko.

The last candidate of the city competition is the “Big Family”. Here the jury chose the best family Makarkinykh /Popovic.

The Makarkin / Popovic family

Alexander Gavrilovich Popovich and Natalya Vasilievna Makarkina raises five children. The head of the family is engaged in entrepreneurship, provides a decent standard of living for his large friendly family. And his wife is a doctor. She worked as a pediatrician at the center of motherhood and childhood for 22 years. During the pandemic, he worked in a “covid” hospital. She loves oriental dance and design.

“We have a big and friendly family. We try to spend all our free time together – always actively and with benefit “. – they say to the family Macarkin/Popovic.

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Photos of the contest participants

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