A place in the sun: a record number of summer terraces will open in Moscow

This season, 3,328 summer cafes will open in the capital, said Alexei Nemeryuk, head of the Moscow Department of Commerce and Services. Last year it was 3321.

This season is especially long-awaited for restaurants: without QR codes and restrictions, they will be able to work at full capacity. Although, as noted by the marketing director of Pinskiy & Co (AVA, Simach at Nedalne, Magadan, No. 13 Restaurant) Elena Pinskaya, the start of the season on the terrace is already delayed compared to last year due to cold weather.

They were the terraces that helped to survive the summer of 2020 and 2021, when the places of the visitors in certain periods were allowed only outside.

Experts interviewed say the pandemic has changed the way visitors view terraces. According to ParkHouse’s restaurant manager Sergey Kindin, in the past, in the heat, many guests preferred to sit under air conditioners in the main hall, but because of the coronavirus, they began to feel safer on the street, where they are less likely to get infected. Alexander Oganezov’s restaurant manager (Muse, Remy Kitchen Bakery, Pino, Cutfish) Vadim Gritsyna maintains the same view. “When we opened after the pandemic, visitors wanted to just sit on the terrace,” he notes.

Dmitry Vishnyakov, co-founder of Gigi restaurant, also mentions the aesthetic charm of the terraces: “It is a special atmosphere that creates the mood of summer, warmth, hospitable evenings, meeting with sunsets.”

Particularly popular are the projection platforms, as well as those that mimic the proximity to nature: for example, terraces located in courtyards or decorated with lots of greenery.

Maxim Stulov / Vedomosti

In the 2021 season, according to Elena Filipchenkova, CEO of Aspire Lifestyles concierge service, Erwin. RekaMoreOkean », Buro TSUM, Gorynych, Butler, My Fish on Tverskaya, Wine & Crab, Cafe Pushkin, etc.

Experts agree that restaurant attendance during the terrace season can be increased by 30-50%. Sergey Kindin is convinced that the effect of attracting visitors to a summer terrace can not be achieved with the help of signs and banners, so everyone who has such an opportunity should build terraces. Maria Podzolko, director of the Selfie restaurant, notes that the summer terraces are very busy: when the weather is nice, they are often full in the morning. This is a good tool for attracting visitors, as the terrace usually looks more democratic than the main hall, Kindin adds.

However, restaurants pay attention to the fact that the average bill falls by 10-15%: people eat less in the heat, often enough on a plate versus 2-3 in the winter. As for drinks, summer is the season for light cocktails and lemonades, rather than for thick Burgundy wines, which are 3-4 times more expensive. Experts also note that girls are more likely to choose terraces.

To compensate for the reduction of the check, it is necessary to ensure a high turnover of the table. Therefore, restaurants often impose a 2-2.5 hour time limit for boarding and do not book tables outdoors: the live queue principle works here.

You can also attract guests to the terrace with additional options: for example, ParkHouse plans to offer free yoga classes and children’s cartoons. Barbosco CEO Takhir Kholikberdiev also talks about expanding the restaurant’s operations and attracting musicians. At the same time, due to the current financial situation, experts are cautiously predicting the flow of guests this season.

My dear terrace

Plots for terraces are provided by the city for free, but various factors affect the cost of building a summer cafe. Restaurants have the right to build a terrace according to both a standard and an individual project. Most of the time, they choose the first one: only 70 original summer coffees are scheduled for 2022.

Evgeny Razumny / Vedomosti

Most of the respondents mentioned in Vedomosti. City “who plan to build terraces of small and medium size, up to 40 seats. A terrace for 70 seats is considered large by Moscow standards. Artur Ganagin, General Manager of the Denis Ivanov Restaurants group, believes that it does not make sense to open a terrace that is larger than the area of ​​the restaurant itself. Most of the time, this is half or two thirds of the surface of the main room. Otherwise, the staff may not be able to cope.

The price of the terrace also depends on the size, quality of the ceiling and floor, the availability of lighting, flower shops and furniture. According to the former COO of Lucky Group and co-owner of the restaurant Folk Dmitry Romanov, on average, a new terrace for 20-25 seats can be built for 1 million rubles. The cheapest way to place umbrellas. They can be bought (from 30,000 rubles per piece) or rented (from 1,500 rubles for the first day, 200 rubles for each subsequent rental day). However, an umbrella will not protect from the rain and in bad weather it will be impossible to use such a design. The awning is more comfortable, but can not withstand strong winds. On a small terrace (20–30 seats), its installation will cost 250,000 rubles. The most reliable design is the pergola: it is reusable, can be assembled for the season and disassembled after its end. Its cost starts from 1 million rubles. Another about 500,000 rubles. must be installed for installation.

An additional expense is the salaries of the waiters. This is especially true for large spaces with 50–70 seats. Pavel Maksakov, managing director of the Musson restaurant, is convinced that the service on the summer terrace has its own characteristics: “Guests have a huge number of small requests, we call it ‘ice and blanket,'” says Maksakov. , in order for the staff to respond to all requests, their number must be increased by about 50%, otherwise the service may suffer.

Maxim Stulov / Vedomosti

Vadim Gritsyna says that the lack of wooden floors allows you to save on terraces. In addition, some restaurants (such as Gentle) can be almost completely converted into a terrace thanks to the large panoramic windows that open wide when the weather is nice.

Some projects spend free funds on landscaping. Tatyana Pakhmutova-Mann, director of projects for Simple’s restaurant, including Grand Cru (1 Michelin star), says the development itself is cheap, but the Grand Cru restaurant pays close attention to the design of the street space. Since a small terrace with 20 seats is located on the shady side, you must carefully choose plants that can survive without bright sun. Landscaping requires at least 150,000 rubles. The restaurant Anton Pinsky invites even more impressive figures. He says that on average, landscaping a terrace requires from 200,000 to 500,000 rubles. depending on its size. This year, Pinskiy & Co. plans to spend about 10 million rubles on landscaping all the roofs of the company’s restaurants in Moscow.

We stay for the winter

One of the problems that restaurants face every year is the need to dismantle the terraces at the end of the season and store expensive constructions. In early April 2022, Moscow authorities allowed terraces in parks, courtyards of non-residential buildings and privately owned areas to remain for the winter, but will not be used until the next warm season. According to experts, such a measure will allow restaurants to save about 1.5 million rubles for installation and dismantling. in the year. However, few people will decide to fully maintain the temporary summer structure, Podzolko believes. “For example, the roof of most projects will have to be removed, otherwise it may deform under the weight of the snow. Funds will also be required to remove equipment and furniture: they may deteriorate under the influence of low temperatures. “Only the metal construction itself can be saved without risks,” he explains.

Evgeny Razumny / Vedomosti

The question immediately arises how the windows of the terrace will affect the appearance of the city. Pinsky does not advise you to worry about this. He notes that restaurants still decorate buildings for the New Year every winter and here, with the right approach, terrace designs can only help, not hinder.

The fact that summer venues can not be used for their destination in winter, Moscow restaurants are not too upset. Dmitry Vishnyakov assures that residents and visitors of the capital are not accustomed to sitting on the porch in their clothes and it will be problematic to heat a temporary room in our climate. Podzolko also agrees with him, noting that even at + 15-16 degrees, guests prefer to stay inside the restaurant. The terrace becomes relevant when the thermometer exceeds 20 ° C. “Sometimes visitors complain that they feel uncomfortable outdoors because the weather is not warm enough and they ask for action,” says Podzolko. The restaurants and their teams can not affect the weather in any way, so they have to deal with the situation with the help of blankets and outdoor heaters. And I hope for a warm summer.

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