BBQ season: cooking pork – Miratorg increases production by a third

With the advent of consistently hot and dry weather, the Russians traditionally open the barbecue season. As a rule, this official event coincides with the May holidays – barbecue trips are made en masse, and even the restrictions on the coronavirus could not affect this Russian tradition.

What is a barbecue first? This word comes from the Turkish language and literally means – “food cooked on a spit”. There are a huge number of dishes that are combined with a similar cooking principle. Abroad, barbecues and homemade smokehouses are popular, in Asia small skewers on bamboo sticks are in greater demand, in the Middle East they prefer to put solid pieces of meat on metal skewers. In Russia, conventional metal braziers with clamps or skewers still hold a firm lead. And what about the most popular meat marinated in kebabs? Pork.

Pork is popular and in high demand, especially among men. All steroid hormones are made from animal fats, including male testosterone. Therefore, in men, a piece of pork from the mouth can not be torn by any force. Even if we say that this equates to exposure to chemical weapons, they will still not stop eating pork. A man orders a steak for himself, a woman orders a fish, a shrimp salad. And we do a blood test from everyone in the clinic. I can say that now the number of women who are iron deficient has increased a lot. By nature, women lose hemoglobin in their blood every month. And it turns out that they do not replace it, because it can not be replaced by fruit, since there is iron with the wrong strength. You can only replace red meat, liver – a source of iron“- says the head of the clinical weight correction, nutritionist, Professor Alexei Kovalkov.

Under the current sanctions, are we facing a shortage of pork? Definitely no. Enough for everyone to have a barbecue. The Miratorg farm alone increased pork production in the first quarter of 2022 to 155,000 tonnes of produce, which is 34% more than in the same period last year. The main part of the products is intended for grilling. Both of the company’s factories – Russia’s largest meat processing plant in Korotsa and a new robotic slaughterhouse in the Kursk region – are operating at full capacity. With the substitution of imports, the number of products produced for barbecues and picnics has increased, so that the Russians are not left without their favorite delicacy.

How to choose meat for barbecue? With color – the color of the meat should be natural: bright or light pink. Coherence – the meat must be elastic. With light pressure on the piece, the resulting hole should disappear immediately.

Give preference to ripe pork: meat that has already passed 10 days from the date of preparation. During this time, it will have time to ferment, to become softer, tastier and more aromatic. The secret of the special taste of the pork from Miratorg is bacon breed. The more fat layers are not only under the skin, but also around the perimeter of the meat, the juicier and more aromatic it is. For cooking shish kebab, it is better to use thicker parts: neck or shoulder. They have a lot of collagen, which will make the prepared meat juicier and tastier.», – Dmitry Lazko, the famous chef of Miratorg, shares his secrets.

But pork is fatty, how healthy is it? Very useful! Fats are essential for hormones, for the functioning of the brain, for the myelin sheaths of the axons that carry nerve impulses, so that the person thinks faster. Even Alzheimer’s disease, which is now sweeping the United States, has been linked by many scientists to low-fat diets that have long been popular there.

Nine grams of subcutaneous lard (that is, subcutaneous!) Was included in the daily menu of the members of the Central Committee of the KKSE, because it contains archidonic acid in the maximum amount. And it promotes the antioxidant processes that rejuvenate the body. Now for the cholesterol. If we take a piece of bacon, then in a package of butter of the same size there will be 2 times more cholesterol. And in the eggs – 3 times more. There is no need to be afraid of cholesterol, we are all made of cholesterol: cell membranes are built from it. The important thing is what kind of cholesterol – good or bad – but it is up to the doctors to understand. And lard is an essential part of our diet. And the barbecue without bacon turns out to be fresh, not so juicy, tasteless“, Says Professor Kovalkov validly.

We buy pork from Miratorg – the Eco brand on the package. How is this meat different from the others? As simple or paradoxical as it is – environmental friendliness. The eco-label does not refer to the quality of the meat, but to the way it is produced – how environmentally friendly the pig farming processes and the food for them were. When buying a package of meat, which says “Eco”, you must understand that no harm has been done to the meadows, fields, waters or nearby village.

This is a very serious, strictly regulated story in our state. It is possible to use such a marking if a certificate is obtained, but it is very difficult to obtain. Usually, this is only possible for vertically integrated companies that have a full production cycle: from field to shelf. I trust them because they have serious veterinary control and do not really harm the environment.“, Says culinary expert, author of gastronomic guides Nika Ganich.

Thus, in the country of shish kebab, which is Russia, the favorite meat is pork. The most juicy and appetizing barbecue is obtained from this meat. Give preference to the neck, the lumbar region or the ham. An obvious advantage: the meat becomes delicious even in the hands of an incompetent cook. We love pork and we should not deprive ourselves of pleasure under the pretext of diet. In addition, it is not harmful, but useful.

And Miratorg intends to double the capacity of its pig sector in order not only to meet the needs of the Russian domestic market for pork in the coming years, but also to increase the export potential of the industry.

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