because forests are burning in Russia

– Can you analyze what forces will be used to increase it?

Nikolay Krivosheev: In normal operation, the patrol is usually carried out by forest service specialists. But in the high-alarm mode, which is being introduced by the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, all the forces that can be attracted are already being used, including in the context of inter-service cooperation. These are patrol teams of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, the Russian Guard, employees of municipalities, forest services, etc.

– Are drones involved in such work?

Nikolay Krivosheev: Yes, of course, drones are also involved in this work. In some regions it is even on a permanent basis. And there is a practice when an unmanned aircraft goes up and helps colleagues resolve the situation in the area covered by that aircraft. And there are cases where these machines were installed, including the perpetrators of the fires.

– It was announced that there is a high risk of fires in nine districts, but where exactly? Maybe they are the same places from year to year?

Nikolay Krivosheev: They can change, everything is related to natural and climatic conditions. That is, the forecast we make is based on precisely these indicators. Where there is a risk of exceeding the average of the indicators of occurrence or possible occurrence of thermal anomalies, landscape fires and natural fires.

Yes, such an assessment was made, today it is very lazy to have many regions. First of all, the Far East is exposed to this danger, as it was the first to enter into such a serious regime this year. This is the territory of the Primorsky Territory, the Jewish Autonomous Region, the Super-Baikal Territory, the Amur Region. If we talk about Siberia, then these are Altai, Kemerovo, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk, Omsk and Novosibirsk.

– It has already been said that very often the human factor causes fires. Let us remember the rules of conduct in the forest and adjacent areas.

Nikolay Krivosheev: Of course, you can not escape from this, people will go out into nature. I would like to take this opportunity to mention. What needs to be done? First, is the assessment of the situation that develops in the subject. There are information channels on the local channels that also talk about the situation with the fires, if restrictive measures are introduced on the issues of visiting forests and certain sub-areas. Here you have to be careful and study this issue. It is clear that it is absolutely impossible to restrict human access to the forest, but special fire-prepared areas are created in the territory of the constituent entities of the Federation and can be visited. And so, of course, it is better to avoid visiting forests, coastal areas. Well, if you are present somewhere, a huge request to observe fire safety related to fire sources. Do not leave unquenched fires, which cause fires in the landscape.

– I can not touch an issue that is not directly related, but sometimes causes fires. When people put things in order on their plots, their dachas, they start burning garbage. Let’s remember what penalties are provided for this?

Nikolay Krivosheev: It is clear that the ban on the burning of vegetation is clear today, up to criminal liability. Everything will depend on the damage that this action will eventually entail. Last year and this already show that there are such cases. When, as it seems, out of good motives to clean a personal plot, fires occur, which then become a cause or threat to financial facilities, houses. There have already been cases this year. And the media showed how a citizen burned many buildings. In the future, this fire can go to the fields and then to the forests.

– The ranger has her own direct line. You can contact the sender at any time. Toll free federal number 8-800-100-94-00. Who should call this number and when?

Nikolay Krivosheev: Any citizen who notices, sees smoke, fire or violation that could lead to fire can contact this phone number at any time of the day or night and will definitely receive a response. It is very important to inform in case of fire or to provide information about a possible occurrence of a natural forest fire.

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