“Greta will order – and they will go and see the forests. This is a renewable resource “: Columns ➕1, 27/04/2022

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The Green Transition entered the crisis in the autumn of 2021, when gas prices rose sharply. It turned out that some gas was piped to Europe’s storage facilities. They began to worry that it would not be enough. In this context, prices rose to $ 1,000 per thousand cubic meters and more, was a record.

In order not to freeze, Europe began to “mobilize” everything that burns – coal, fuel oil, firewood. Prices for these products have of course also increased.

And in the end the price of electricity went up, as well as oil, because fuel oil is made from oil.

Consumers expressed their dissatisfaction in every possible way. And it was from what. Someone closed the business. Someone just froze, unable to find money to pay for the heating that has risen sharply. That was the real picture this winter.

The usual “green” rhetoric insists so far: we need more renewable energy. See what happens to traditional speakers.

Unfortunately the problems with RES have not been solved. The sun does not shine – there is no electricity. The wind does not blow – there is no generation. It does not matter if you have ten windmills or a hundred. In their current form, renewable energy technologies have not been able to cover the energy deficit.

From the end of February the problem finally fell into a kind of hysteria. “What a mess this Russian oil is!” said smart people.

The crisis turned into a second cycle. Prices have risen even more. More people took to the streets. People do not want to be cold. They demand justice. This is exactly the picture we see now.

Financiers rule the world. Not industrialists, not traders, that is, financiers.

What is a financier? A person completely free from responsibility for his actions.

A toy manufacturer’s biggest fear is that its product will injure a child. The trader is afraid that the stale products in the warehouse will poison the consumer. The gas supplier is afraid that he will not give gas and the grandmother will freeze somewhere. All this is a court, a prison, an obstacle.

The financier is not afraid of anything.

According to the logic of the financier, the gas with $ 2,000 is good, because they will buy some. Think that consumption will decrease. The fact that the grandmother will not buy and will not freeze does not even cross his mind. There are no grandmothers in the system of his world.

If the goods are expensive, think about what car model you can buy now.

The only concern of the financier is to keep the flywheel of more and more money generated. Prices must increase indefinitely. Profits must increase indefinitely. He does not understand that the goods that real consumers buy – oil, gas – can not increase indefinitely. Because they have a purchasing power limit.

In the past, financiers have been able to maintain the avalanche of new money with the help of governments and big business, both of which have great leverage. What to do now – financiers do not understand. Governments say they can no longer do that because inflation is at an all-time high. Businesses say this is the advantage – companies are working to service their debts. How to be?

Everything is lethargic. The only thing they have come up with so far is to raise interest rates. But that means: if I got a low-interest loan, I would have to pay it back at a high interest rate. So a solution. Because no one has money.

Since the financiers are not very good at anything, they pushed Russia towards China only by imposing sanctions. This will help strengthen the PRC. China will get Russian resources cheaper. China will have a non-competitive one-eighth of the world market.

Everything is bad with her. Serious and irresponsible boys left their masks and got busy. There is no room for cleanliness. Anything that gives heat and energy will be thrown into the oven. And forget the carbon footprint.

It is true that the flywheel of rhetoric can no longer be stopped. And Greta Thunberg herself will prove that firewood is the most environmentally friendly fuel. After all, wood is a renewable resource. Forests are being sawn and growing. Wood regeneration. Firewood is the most environmentally friendly fuel. There will be naive people who with serious faces will take saws and go to the forests. Yesterday we planted, today we saw. It will not bother anyone. Activism lives in the moment.

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