how to prepare and store food. Expert advice for Tomsk residents

During the May holidays, the summer season and the picnic season usually open. Experts from the Rospotrebnadzor regional department told Tomsk residents how to prepare for outdoor recreation so as not to harm themselves.

First, it is necessary look carefully at the picnic menu. The products are best transported and stored in a colder bag or in heat bags. At a picnic, you need to be careful with perishable foods. Not the place for complicated snacks with mayonnaise, canned. Such food can cause poisoning.

Vegetable snacks, grilled dishes, grill and skewers, eaten immediately, will be suitable in nature.. It is recommended to eat meat with vegetables and lots of greens – this contributes to good digestion. It is best to pre-wash the grass at home under running water, peel, cut and pack everything separately.

If you have a long trip ahead, then it is better to refuse soft cheeses, dairy products and boiled sausages. Take with you fresh or boiled vegetables, pickles, fresh fruits.

For a drink Better to use bottled drinking water. You can use mineral water, as the alkali, which is in its composition, normalizes the acid balance in the stomach and facilitates the digestion of meat. You can have fruit drinks, juices or iced tea with lemon.

To avoid food poisoning, you must follow the following rules:

– the transport of products must ensure the storage temperature regime specified by the manufacturer;

– The expiration dates of the products must be observed.

– do not wash food and dishes in near water. Water from non-concentrated sources must be boiled.

– adequate heat treatment must be ensured during cooking (especially meat, fish).

– do not eat questionable food products.

– Drink clean, better bottled water.

– follow the rules of personal hygiene.

Do not abuse alcohol. Alcoholic beverages can only be purchased at retail stores that have a license to sell them, with the exception of buying alcoholic beverages online or by hand.

In addition, going to nature, you must take care of protection against ticks. To do this, choose light-colored, tight clothing to prevent ticks from entering, and to facilitate a quick inspection to detect sticky ticks. Follow the rules of behavior in the dangerous area for ticks: do not sit or lie on the grass. Arrange parking and overnight stays in the forest in areas without grass. Do not bring freshly cut plants and other objects that may be mites into the room.

Each person should periodically inspect their clothes and body on their own or with the help of other people. Inspections should be done every 2 hours, paying particular attention to the folds, seams and pockets. Be sure to inspect dogs and other animals. Use products that repel and kill ticks (repellents and insecticides).

And do not forget that it is as easy to burn from the sun in the spring sun as during a trip to the sea on a hot summer. Therefore, the use of sunscreen and the use of a hat is recommended. In addition, when you go on a picnic, it is best to have first aid kits with you.

We also add that a firefighting period has been declared in the Tomsk Region, so fire in nature is strictly prohibited. If you are cooking barbecue in a village, then you should remember that there can be fires in the area if there are no buildings within a radius of 50 meters. Up to five meters, this distance can be reduced if the fire on the barbecue is lit.

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