The announced completion of the heating season in Nizhny Novgorod is postponed

According to Yuri Shalabaev, the batteries will start cooling no earlier than May 4.

Last week, Nizhny Novgorod’s chief of staff Yuri Salabaev said the heating season could end on April 24-25. It turns out that the schedule has been removed. The mayor posted the corresponding explanation on his telegraph channel.

“Recently, I posted a message on social networks that we intend to end the heating season around 24-25. And I received quite a few negative comments that it is still too early to conclude that it will be cold in apartments and places, but we must keep in mind that we are guided not only by the current weather and current temperature, but also consider the weather forecast. “Generally, according to federal law, the end of the heating season occurs after the average daily temperature for 5 days is set at a level above eight degrees,” said Yury Shalabaev.

The end of the heating season really depends on the weather forecast. The batteries can be switched off when the average daily temperature reaches +8 degrees.
By the way, the heating season starts from these values.
On average, in Russia it takes 250 days. The shortest heating period in Sochi is 92 days and the longest in Cape Chelyuskin and Dikson in Krasnoyarsk Territory is 365 days.

In most parts of the country, heating is off from April 20 to May 10. And yet in each region this date is different.
Interestingly, the heating was turned off in St. Petersburg last – as early as May 26. While in Novosibirsk, a month earlier. In Nizhny Novgorod, on average, the heating season lasts until May 7.

So, the main reference point is the weather forecast. The people of Nizhny Novgorod already had the summer climate. The weekend was plus 20. The fountains started operating.

One of the first to open the fountain near the “Zeus” concert hall. We remind you that it is not ordinary, but the so-called “dry” light and music, with a jet height of up to seven meters. It will be open daily and in the evenings, as last year, there will be light and music performances here.
The children are very happy with the fountain. They are already fooling around in the new location.

The renovated 19th-century fountain at the Nizhny Novgorod Exhibition Center also opened. It was renovated last year. At the same time, for the 800th anniversary of Nizhny Novgorod, the area near the Exhibition was formed, which is now very popular with the residents of the city. There is a lot of people here on the weekends, but even today, before the weather got bad and it started to rain, people managed to enjoy the beautiful view.

But it turned out that it was too early to put winter things in the closet. The weather decided to test the inhabitants of Nizhny Novgorod with wind, cold and even snow. From plus 20 to minus 2.
Meteorologists warn of strong cold. Its peak will fall in the period from April 28 to April 30. Remarkable – after almost summer heat.

“It’s really summer weather – +20 and above. 6-8 degrees above the climatic norm. But tomorrow the wind direction will change to northwest. After passing the cold front, the maximum temperature is only 11-16. The real cold will take place from April 28 to April 30. At night, temperature fluctuations from – 3 to + 2, daytime background – only 6-11 degrees. “The cooling will be accompanied by light rain, mainly in the form of rain and also sleet,” said Olga Mokeeva, head of the weather forecast department at the Nizhny Novgorod Hydrometeorological Center.

By the way, every year, when the question of the end of the heating season is raised, the inhabitants are divided into two opposite camps. One is hot and they are asking the authorities to turn off the batteries as soon as possible. Others, on the other hand, play it well and ask not to go out until the frosts are finally over.
This year, the world is more unanimous. They believe that we do not need to hurry.

Teploenergo states that as soon as the order for the end of the heating season is signed, the process of suspending the heat supply will begin. This usually takes up to five days.
Industrial facilities – factories, warehouses – and public buildings – shops, shopping malls, etc. are the first to close. Then the houses are turned off.
Finally, the heating system is turned off in social institutions: hospitals, clinics, universities, schools, kindergartens.

Read more about the situation with the heating season in the latest news bulletin of the day on the air of the TV company Volga.

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