“There are already two fires in the village”: the fallen grass became a disaster

Spring has fallen or gone

There are big May holidays ahead, which means most of the townspeople will try to get out in nature. Some are preparing for the opening of the summer season, others are going to have a picnic in the woods, but no matter how you plan your outdoor recreation, it is important to follow the fire safety rules. And these are not empty words.

“The summer season has not really started yet, and we already have two fires in our village,” said Marina Nekroefskaya, a resident of the Klin urban area. – Last weekend, the grandfather from the next street decided to set fire to a pile of rubbish and last year’s foliage, the fire quickly spread to dry grass, then to the boards. Well, at least the weather was calm and the soil in many parts of the site was still wet, so the fire could not spread to a large part of the site. But the intense smoke was swallowed by everyone who lived nearby. And on the opposite side of the village things got much worse. There, the woman decided to set fire to the weeds, but the old shed caught fire, the summer resident tried to put out the fire on her own and badly burned her hands. Luckily for her, the neighbors heard her screaming for help and ran quickly, called the fire department, the ambulance and helped put out the fire.

Every spring, at the beginning of the summer season, serious fights break out between neighbors in the SNT over the right to burn grass and dry branches in their area. There are several such arsonists in every village, because of herbal burns every year people die and houses are burned.

By law, homeowners are required to mow the lawn, not burn it, says Fyodor Mezentsev, an SNT legal expert near Moscow. But the requirements of the current legislation are not complied with, so there is a need to tighten the punishment for intentional arson. According to Mezentsev, summer residents who regularly light fires on their plots or burn garbage, as well as spend the spring grass burning, will face significant fines and, in some cases, if someone’s property is damaged or damaged as a result of these actions. neighbors’ health and even criminal liability may follow – up to 4 years in prison.

How about a barbecue?

By the way, sometimes the summer residents rush from one end to the other and forbid their neighbors not only to make fires, but even to fry kebabs. They are scared with stories that as soon as they make a fire on the grill, they will be thrown a drone, they will take a photo, then the barbecue lovers will be punished. All this, of course, is complete nonsense.

“In the country, you can make fires and fry kebabs, but fire safety measures must be observed,” explains Fedor Mezentsev. – You can not shoot if a special fire regime is declared in the area and it usually starts in May and ends in October. In addition, you can not light a fire in windy weather if the wind speed is more than 10 meters per second.

It is very important to make the right fire pit. It should have a diameter of at least one meter and its depth – from 30 cm. The fireplace should be surrounded by a metal strip about 40 cm wide. And most importantly, the distance from it to the nearest buildings must be greater than 30 meters. It is clear that it is almost impossible to comply with these requirements in a cottage with an area of ​​6 to 12 acres, so it is better to refuse to make fires in cottages completely.

It is best to burn fallen leaves and felling debris in a metal barrel. To be placed in a pre-prepared pit, a sheet of metal should be placed next to the barrel so that, if necessary, air access to an open fire is excluded. You can also buy a swimming pool or rent a wood chipper for all SNTs and then there will be neither smoke nor fire but you will get a useful fertilizer.

As for shish kebabs, no one forbids frying them on the site – this is an integral summer tradition. But this should be done only in the oven or on the grill, which should be installed at a distance of not less than 5 meters from trees and buildings.

Neither bunny nor mouse

According to environmentalists, not only humans but also nature suffers from the irresponsible handling of fires in the Moscow region – animals, insects and rare plants die during forest fires and cause irreparable damage to the entire ecosystem.

The Forest Committee of the Moscow Region told MK that in recent years the number of dry grass fires in protected areas has dropped by almost a third, however, every forest fire is a real disaster for its inhabitants.

For example, a few years ago, more than 1,000 square meters of rare plants were burned to the ground on the natural monument of Lokhin Island in Krasnogorsk. The fire spread from neighboring fields, which were set on fire by summer residents. This year there were already two forest fires: near Krasnogorsk and Klin. More than one hectare of forest was burned. The firefighting season has begun in the Moscow region and all forces and means have already been transferred to an enhanced mode.

The area is patrolled both on the ground and by air. To avoid possible fires, special safety strips are dug between the crops and the edge of the forest. In towns and villages, precautionary talks are held with the population. Some residents are impressed by the amount of fines for arson, others by information about how much damage can be caused to nature by human rashes.

“The burning of grass destroys not only the plants, but also the soil itself, then recovers for decades. The idea that ash from burnt grass serves as fertilizer is a myth, though very persistent. We tell summer residents and villagers that thousands of insects and animals die each year in the fire during spring grass burns. In the spring, the peak of reproduction, hares and hedgehogs hatch in the mink, birds nest in the grass, chicks hatch. They all burn alive when the grass burns, such as frogs, lizards, snakes. “And how many rare Red Book plants die from forest fires,” sighs ecologist Lev Nikolaev.

So what if, while walking in the woods, you suddenly witnessed a fire?

Experts do not advise you to try to put out the fire yourself, if it is too small, try to get out of the fire zone as soon as possible and call the rescue service immediately 112. It is important to report the exact coordinates of the incident, then firefighters will be able to get to the point quickly and eliminate the source of ignition.

If you are in a forest in a fire zone, then you should go out vertically in the direction of the wind. Hiding from the fire in pits and ravines where trees grow is dangerous, because their roots can burn and then the trunk will fall.

It is best to cover your face with a damp cloth and if there is no water, then just breathe through an extra layer of cloth. Go down because there is less smoke near the ground.


– Do not burn grass and straw in the fields.

– Do not make uncontrolled burning of rubbish and fires.

– Do not leave the fire on after leaving the parking lot.

– Do not let children play with matches, do not let them set fire to the grass.

– Do not throw lit matches and cigarette butts.

– Do not leave spontaneously flammable materials in the forest, glassware, which in sunny weather can focus the sun’s rays and trigger the dry vegetation.


For violating the fire rules in the country, fines are provided:

– in the absence of damage to third parties or property – 2-4 thousand rubles. (Article 20.4 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation).

– in case of damage – from 4 thousand rubles. up to 5 thousand rubles

– If the cottage is located next to the forest and there is no cleaning of flammable materials in a strip at least 10 meters wide from the forest or other fire barrier, a fine of 3-5 thousand rubles.

– If, as a result of violation of the rules during the outbreak of fires, forest plantations were destroyed or destroyed, a fine of 5 thousand rubles. (Part 4 of Article 8.32 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation).

– If, as a result of careless handling of fire, significant damage is caused, a fine is already threatened under the article. 261 of the Penal Code of the Russian Federation: from 300 thousand rubles. up to 500 thousand rubles (the maximum penalty of this article is imprisonment for up to 4 years).


1. Picnic area on the shore of Lake Tarelochkin (Balashikha). There are six kiosks with barbecues, three sheds and six trash cans. Address: Balashikha, Saltykovka micro-district, st. Forest park.

2. Picnic area on the shore of Lake Svyatoe (Shatura). There is everything you need here: kiosks where you can sit on benches at a large table, barbecue facilities, equipped area with rubbish bins. Address: Shatura city, street. Svyatoozerskaya, forest area behind the building of the Transport and Research Chamber.

3. Picnic area on the shore of Lake Ostrovnoe (Voskresensk). The area is equipped with barbecue, tables, benches and trash cans. Address: Voskresensk city area, Lake Ostrovnoe.

4. Leo Tolstoy Culture and Recreation Park (Khimki). On the territory of the park there are barbecues and a barbecue area – five braziers for cooking hookah kebabs, grilled vegetables and other grilled delicacies. Address: Khimki, Leninsky Prospekt, 2B.

5. Culture and Amusement Park “Natashinsky Ponds” (Lyubertsy). In the park, you can rent grills, each of which is designed for 12 people. Address: Lyubertsy city, Mitrofanova street.

6. Prinarsky Park (Serpukhov). Spacious bright kiosks are offered to guests. Outside there is a barbecue area. Address: Serpukhov, Teatralnaya street.

7. Park “Yolochki” (Domodedovo). The arbors are located along the lake and are fully equipped with everything you need. Address: Domodedovo city, central part.

8. Dream Park (Naro-Fominsk). Guests can use the outdoor area with barbecue, tables, benches. Address: Naro-Fominsky district, Selyatino village.

9. Recreation area near Lake Glukhaya Yama (Noginsk). Six kiosks by the lake. Address: Noginsk, Glukhovo, st. Sanatorium.

10. “Ilyinsky beach” recreation center (Mozhaisk). 8 kiosks on the banks of the tank. Address: Mozhaysky area, Blaznovo village, Ilyinsky beach.

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