Top 5 places for four-wheel drive in Central Russia

The holiday season is approaching and you need to prepare for it now. It is not so easy to get to the southern regions of Russia or abroad now, so we bring to your attention travel options in Central Russia.

Often the beauties of our country are hidden in places far from culture, but this does not mean that they can not be approached. With the help of a reliable and powerful four-wheeled bicycle, you can visit the most inaccessible corners of our Homeland and see live unique natural monuments.

If you want to get a portion of bright and unusual emotions, then this rating is for you.

1. Nikola-Lenivets Art Park

The largest art park in Europe receives thousands of tourists every year not only from Russia but also from abroad. Contemporary art festivals are held here every year, with the result that the park’s collection is constantly renewed. Now imagine what it is like to cut a powerful ATV in a forest area of ​​650 hectares. Just a highway on the ground!

2. Tomilinsky Forest Park

If you live in Moscow and are not ready to leave the area of ​​the capital during your vacation, then four-legged walks in the Tomilinsky Forest Park are what you need. Just a few kilometers from the Moscow ring road – the world of untouched nature. Foxes, birds, unique plants and natural monuments are just a short list of things that may surprise you about this place.

3. Rybinsk Reservoir

A unique place in the Yaroslavl region, which will allow you to go on an entire mission on a quad bike. With a tent and fishing gear, you can fish and spend the night on the lake, enjoying the natural beauty. Believe me, such a trip will take more than a day, because the reservoir is the largest artificial lake in Russia and even has a second name: Rybinsk Sea.

4. Dancing Forest

The next stop in our ranking is the Kaliningrad area, or rather the Curonian Spit National Park. Crossing the park, at the 37th kilometer you can find a forest with trees of unique shape. They intertwine with each other, creating the effect of a kind of couple dance. You will find such pines only in a part of the park, near the village of Rybachy. Therefore, it is best to check with the locals where you can see these unusual trees.

5. Lake Brosno

Our top 5 is complemented by a unique place in the Tver region, a trip that can also be combined with fishing. Lake Brosno, located in the middle of a pine forest, has long been overgrown with various myths and legends. According to legend, here lives a dragon, whose “breath” is felt in the form of bubbles in the water. You can go there and try to catch the dragon and if something goes wrong, a powerful quad bike will help you escape the mythical predator.

As we said above, there are many beautiful places in Russia and a motorcycle ride through them is a great choice to diversify your vacation. However, such trips require reliable equipment, which we will talk about now.

At the shop global traffic are presented ATV Russian brand SHonermaxwhose production bases are located in China. SHonermax produces a wide range of models: tourist, utility and even sports. ATVs of this brand are popular in the Russian market due to the fact that they have high cross-country capacity, while maintaining a smooth ride and relatively low weight. The low price is also one of the advantages of the models. SHonermax.

Three ATVs of this brand are suitable for exploring the parts from our rating: Sharmax Cross 180 CC, Sharmax 280 Hummer and Sharmax Luxe 300.

Top 5 places for four-wheel drive in Central Russia

The Sharmax Cross 180 CC ATV is a miniature but powerful machine that can easily withstand any off-road terrain. Engine, 13 hp. with. and a volume of 180 cubic meters. cm, works perfectly at the bottom and does not lose agility when accelerating. The chrome-molybdenum alloy space frame allows the ATV to withstand extreme loads. The wide wing arches and the special protection on the sides will ensure the safety of the rider even on the most difficult routes.

Top 5 places for four-wheel drive in Central Russia

The Sharmax 280 Hummer ATV is a more serious and powerful cross-country vehicle. The model is equipped with a 21 hp engine. with. with forced air-oil cooling, which will ensure reliable operation of the ATV in difficult conditions. Wind-driven enthusiasts will appreciate this model, as the Sharmax 280 Hummer can accelerate up to 85 km / h.

The Sharmax Luxe 300 ATV is the most powerful of those presented in our rating. 4-stroke 300 cc engine has become an innovation of Sharmax engineers, created in 2021. The lightweight plastic tank significantly reduced the weight of the model and made it more flexible. This ATV is not afraid of “dirty” work and can easily handle a trip to the forest.

Except for the ATVs in the series global traffic other motor vehicles are presented: motorcycles, all-terrain caterpillar vehicles, motorized trailers and even snowmobiles.

When going on a trip on an ATV, do not forget to prepare. You must have an adequate supply of fuel and supplies, a protective helmet, and a set of repair tools. Remember: your safety is in your hands, so travel with reliable vehicles from reputable manufacturers.

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