Unexpected vacation destinations

The import substitution also applies to the holidays and is not the first year. If you managed to appreciate the Russian south, scan along the Golden Ring and browse all the museums of the cultural capital, then here are 10 places in Russia where you can still go. Holidays are coming, it’s time to plan!

1. Walk along the Curonian Spit

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An elongated strip of land with a unique landscape, flora and fauna in the Kaliningrad region. The unique sanctuary is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. You can enjoy the beauties by organizing a trip on six walking routes.

Transport: There is no direct flight from Petrozavodsk, so you have to get to Moscow. Ticket prices start at 4,000.

Surprise yourself with the birch bark letters in Veliky Novgorod

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Veliky Novgorod is definitely worth a visit: there are fortresses, a unique open-air museum and an amazing museum of local history. There you can study documents from birch bark and read what worried people centuries ago.

Transport: You can reach Novgorod from Petrozavodsk by direct train. Ticket from 1000 rubles one way.

Visit Leo Tolstoy’s estate

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Even if you could not finish reading “War and Peace” at school, Leo Tolstoy’s estate is still the place to go. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Russian aristocracy, take a walk in the gardens. In spring, they say, it is especially beautiful there.

Transport: not everything is simple. From Petrozavodsk, a train to Moscow, there is a transfer to Tula and then by bus or taxi. Approximate budget: from two thousand in Moscow, 900 rubles in Tula and another 400 rubles by taxi.

Hike in the Urals

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A ticket to Moscow, a ticket to Zlatoust – and now you are almost there in Taganay National Park. Beautiful mountains and wildlife are the perfect ingredients for a “wild” vacation.

Transport: train ticket to Moscow – from 2 thousand, 3000 rubles reserved seats in Zlatoust.

Visit the island of Sviyazhsk near Kazan

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Small but picturesque village with a long history. You can reach it by boat. There are no trolleys, factories and glass and concrete buildings on the island. That is why it is so authentic and unique. And nature! Well, at the same time you can see Kazan.

Transport: from May 3, direct flights to Kazan from Petrozavodsk are promised (not yet scheduled). By air, so far it costs about 7,000 rubles. A boat trip will cost 120 rubles.

Walk to the Pushkin Places

Ideal if your vacation is scheduled for August-September. Everyone who walked in the Pushkin area in the fall was not indifferent. Put a volume of poems by a Russian poet in your backpack. You will be able to rethink the classics known from childhood in a new way.

Transport: buy a train ticket to Pskov from Petrozavodsk for one and a half thousand rubles and then by bus to Pushkinskie Gory (about 300 rubles). Advance booking is recommended.

7. Surprised by Divnogoria

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The Voronezh area rarely appears in guides, but there is something to see there as well. For example, the plateau of the Divnogorye steppe with cave temples, a monastery and archeological sites. There, for example, you can find out who the Don Alans are.

Transport: with transfer to Moscow, a train ticket will cost 4,400 rubles. From Voronezh to the farm is another 150 km, buses and trains go there regularly.

8. Admire the mountains in Adygea

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In the Western Caucasus, the mountains are not so high, but very picturesque. You can arrange a trip along the famous Soviet route number 30. Or have you long wanted to try yourself in climbing or rafting on mountain rivers? All these kinds of active recreation exist.

Transport: There are direct flights from Moscow to Sochi and Krasnodar (4-5 thousand rubles) and then it will be more difficult to get there. It is easier to order a transfer from the airport to the place you need or to spend a lot of time changing buses.

9. Get treatment in Pyatigorsk

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A beautiful city with interesting sights. After all, who said a spa vacation is boring? Walking in the beautiful streets, drinking thermal water, taking a bath … It does not sound so bad. Nature, again, is amazing.

Transport: a direct flight from Petrozavodsk to Minvody costs 5,000 rubles. And then – a minibus or a taxi.

10. Finally go to Peterhof

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Certainly not everyone was inside or there are some fragmentary childhood memories. The most economical and affordable option from our list to diversify your life for at least a weekend.

Transport: a ticket to St. Petersburg (one thousand rubles), then we go to the Baltiysky train station and from there we reach the park by train in 40 minutes.

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