We open the season of terraces and go to drink sparkling wine – we have gathered 7 best places in Moscow

There is no better couple than spring and glitter. Red wine is already tired of the long and snowy winter and cocktails are waiting for their summer time. So we prepare a stylish spring look and start to conquer the metropolitan terraces (and not only) with a glass of sparkling wine. In addition, there are many places in Moscow for this.

Anya Baturina, PEOPLETALK columnist, author of the Telegram Gastrology channel

PEOPLETALK columnist Anya Baturina went to research and found out where the largest selection of sparkling wine is in the capital. Here are seven places we plan to go next Friday (and maybe Wednesday).

Wine & Crab

Great news: this restaurant has the largest selection of champagne by the glass, including rare varieties. The Wine & Crab wine list includes more than 300 types of “bubbles” from Champagne alone. So you have every chance to finally understand what you love most – brut or rose.

The restaurant received Michelin recommendations for its wine list. And on social media, the restaurant team often talks about the rare soft and sparkling wines and wineries where they are produced. So you can come prepared in advance for the tasting.


A glass of sparkling wine with the most beautiful view of Moscow is as easy as peeling pears! Go up to the 29th floor of one of the seven skyscrapers – the Radisson Collection Hotel Moscow – at the BUONO restaurant, where you can even go on an open observation deck. The selection of sparkling and champagne is so huge that it does not make sense to even start the list, you have to come once and see the menu (and this view) with your own eyes. By the way, this is the only restaurant in which the famous French champagne house KRUG has officially awarded the title of KRUG Embassy in Russia.

Beer & Brut

Maybe the perfect combination of different types of bubbles under one roof – sparkling and craft beer. About 60 beers are poured into the sparkling pub (there is even a “champagne beer”), the wine list is divided not only into white, red and sparkling, but each subcategory is endowed with its own characteristics such as: “famous producers and win-win options” win “,” rare, unique, manual “,” classic champagne “. And all this in an old mansion in Pokrovka in an interior reminiscent of the neighborhood of the two drinks included in the name – there is a bar counter and a piano (though in the toilet). By the way, since the beginning of April, the campaign “Wine by the River” takes place here – the price for a glass starts from only 350 rubles.

Big Wine Freaks

This bar is top notch for organic and biodynamic, with rare wines, examples from tiny family wineries and old crops from large wineries. So you can compare if there is a difference in perlage between classic and organic sparkling wines. The map is fascinating with the number of seats, they say that almost every second bottle that opens in the bar is champagne.


Gastrobar “Igristy” belongs to the family of “Wine Bazaars”, but, as the name suggests, the emphasis is on different types of sparkling wines. Here are petnates, which are fermented on the shelves in bottles, and cava, cremant, prosecco, champagne. This bar has no wine list, all bottles are displayed in the room and prices are listed on them. And there is also brunch with unlimited sparkling wine – information about them is displayed on the social networks of the bar.


If you are in Khamovniki, do not forget to go. The restaurant has an excellent wine list and recently a real wine club appeared, in which taste tests are carried out with experts. So you can drink consciously and culturally enlightened. In addition, recently in the kitchen of the project was headed a young chef, Viktor Massov. From childhood, he dreamed of learning how to cook deliciously for his mother, who did not have enough time to find a variety of dishes at home. We have not heard such a sweet story for a long time – chin-chin.

Champ Bistro & champagne bar

The most anticipated opening this spring is Champ (short for Champagne, as you might guess). A new part by Touche owner Larisa Mamedova and chef Taras Kiriyenko will soon be appearing on Neglinnaya, promising a huge selection of sparkling wines and noisy parties. The restaurant will be located in a beautiful historic mansion with renovated interiors – walls, wooden windows and ceilings six meters high. Vanya Vasiliev (who is called the happiest DJ in Moscow) has become the artistic director of the new champagne bar, so we expect something eccentric, happy and very drunk.

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