5 books for spring restart

You may have already reduced your sweets, started drinking more water, and signed up for yoga at a nearby gym. Or at least I thought it was time. Do not postpone this precious impulse for tomorrow! Read the City suggests 5 wonderful books on a healthy lifestyle that will help you improve your health, improve your figure and multiply your energy for new achievements.

Charming Gut (16+)
Enders J.

Excerpt from the book:
“Three simple rules will rejuvenate your gut flora.
1. Always chew your food well!
2. Eat calmly, not when you are tired and tense, and not when you have cold hands and feet (because then the blood supply to the intestines will be poor).
3. Eat only when you feel hungry.

The book by German microbiologist Julia Enders has been a bestseller since its first publication in Russian in 2016. And such a love of readers is justified: it is read with one breath, in the process it is a lot of fun with a witty author style and at the same time contains a lot of valuable knowledge about the connection between the intestine and the brain. How we eat during the day affects not only well-being but also mood. Before you get rid of the craving for sweets and solve other applied problems.

The lost art of running. Journey to the forgotten essence of human movement (16+)
Benzie S., Major T.

Excerpt from the book:
“The changes were obvious – the athletes started moving more naturally and gracefully. The most important achievement for these people, many of whom came to me because of permanent injuries, was that changes in running technique helped them recover and avoid future injuries.

As children, we all loved to run in the air, we did it easily and we never seemed to get tired. Then we grew up and now we have to learn to run again. Because the right running technique can completely change the attitude towards this physical activity. Shane Benzi, a professional running coach, will easily convince you that movement is life and that learning to run normally and properly is worth it for everyone. Learn to make the most of movement, love running and learn all the secrets of gifted athletes.

Dream skin. The author’s technique for getting rid of life-threatening skin imperfections (16+)
Dahlmanns F.

Excerpt from the book:
“Eliminating all the stimuli leads to the fact that the visible symptoms that need to be treated do not appear at all. The skin diet has a beneficial effect on the whole body from within.

What thoughts come to you when you look in the mirror? Do you have regrets for the radiance of flawless skin that has passed in the past? Or fruitless dreams to ever get such skin? Felix Dahlmanns, a medical student, also dreamed of beautiful skin for many years, tried all sorts of recipes to achieve his dream and then decided to understand the subject professionally and apply a scientific approach. Now his tips are presented in the form of a book – the author’s diet system to restore the balance of nutrients in the body and eliminate the causes of skin problems.

Eat a lemon. Happy healthy lifestyle (16+)
Oikonomcheva N.

Excerpt from the book:
“Favorite foods should not be completely excluded, but should be properly included in the diet, so as not to threaten either the figure or well-being. This can be done even if the burgers and khachapuri are on your personal list. “

Ideas for healthy eating as something tasteless, boring, complicated and expensive are desperately outdated. In the modern world, a healthy lifestyle is varied, tasty and healthy. Do not like cardio and morning exercises? You can do without them! Can not imagine your life without cheese pizza with crispy crust? You do not even have to give up. In addition, it is recommended to sleep sweetly, how to relax and regularly please yourself with something pleasant. We love this healthy lifestyle.

Zoznik’s book. Physical education, nutrition and common sense (16+)
Maksimenko A., Kuderov A.

Excerpt from the book:
“Science says that the one who likes the way he eats does not give up diet, the one who really likes does not give up the sport.”

An athletic approach to a healthy lifestyle: clearly, on the spot, without excess water. You will read this book one night and learn from it everything you need to stop your junk diet, justify dairy once and for all and stop doubting red meat. At the same time, you will learn many interesting things about sleep, stress and physical activity and, if necessary, you can easily calculate your KBJU rule. And the most valuable thing in this book about proper nutrition is that it teaches you to love yourself right now and not by achieving your favorite figure.

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