A meeting of staff was held in the administration of the city district: News: Politics and society

Preparations for the 1st and 9th of May, working day of the regional community, environmental action “Forest of Victory”. A staff meeting was held in the region. The main topic of discussion was the events for the May holidays. How and where the holidays will take place, now we will say.

There is very little left before the long-awaited May holidays. The program for 10 days is expected to be rich. All the events during the business meeting were reported by the deputy head of the region – Tatyana Ropot.

Every year on the day of spring and work in the Moscow region, the summer season opens in the city parks, Bolshoi Podolsk will be no exception.

– On May 1, at 12 noon, events will take place in Talalikhina Park, Dubrava and the children’s park. For the residents and visitors of the area, a large program of concerts will be prepared with the participation of soloists of the Podolsk Philharmonic Orchestra, children’s interactive programs, creative groups will be prepared, master classes will be prepared by cultural institutions, – says Tatyana Ropot, deputy director of the city administration of Osh. Podolsk

Also in our district will be held sports and patriotic activities and concerts dedicated to the celebration of spring and work. From April 25 to May 9, Bolshoi Podolsk will host Victory Day events.

– This Saturday, April 30, at the memorial of military glory in the village of Kuzovlevo, the opening of Memory Watch 2022 will take place, which will be attended by representatives of 3 constituent entities of Russia, a total of 700 people are expected to participate, these are its soldiers of the Russian army, search teams, young soldiers and veterans, Memory Watch launches search missions to search for and re-bury the soldiers who defended the approaches in Moscow in the 41st year …

All school museums will host themed excursions “About achievements, bravery, glory”. Screenings of films dedicated to the Great Patriotic War will take place from May 4 to 7 at the Youth Palace, the Youth Creativity Palace and the Maximum Center. Patriotic flash mobs, sports games, promotions, car and motorcycle races, memory rally and flower laying will traditionally take place in the central areas of the district.

– On May 6 at 10:00 a memorial service will be held at the old cemetery in Klimovsk and at 12:00 in the Krasnaya Gorka urban cemetery, at least 500 people are expected to attend, including students, workers’ representatives, military personnel, military personnel, pass five boxes, a greeting team will shoot and place garlands.

From May 6 to 9, all public spaces in Podolsk will host the pan-Russian “George’s Ribbon” campaign. On May 8, the front-line concert brigades will appear in all the courtyards of the participants in the Great Patriotic War. Also on this day there will be a patriotic flash mob “Victory Candle” in Doxa Square. On May 9, the action of the Immortal Regiment will take place in three locations in Bolshoi Podolsk.

– On behalf of the leader, we will organize all 3 locations, the first will take place in the Klimovsk micro-district from 10:00, the start from the House of Mechanical Engineers at the Monument to the Unknown Soldier, at 12:00 in Klimovsk from Science Square in October Square, and the most massive Immortal Regiment starts at 12:00 from Generation Square to Glory Square in Podolsk …

At 12.30 in Doxa Square there will be a city rally, where military personnel, members of Yunarmiya and veterans of the military fraternity will parade in a festive procession, the event will continue with the flash mob “Victory Waltz”. Folk festivals and festive concerts will take place in six venues, with the main, as before, the Generations Square.

– In conclusion, we will traditionally perform the song “Victory Day” by all artists and participants and at 21.00 there will be a festive fireworks display in 4 locations, this is the square of generations, in Kuznechiki, Klimovsk and Lvovsky micro-areas. All the participants of the Second World War, we keep in touch with everyone and, for health reasons, the municipal state institution was instructed to work out what events we can bring to the participants in the war, so that they can share these holidays with us …

The whole city is preparing for the main holidays of the country. Thus, on April 30, as part of the month of improvement, a regional community working day will be held in 28 places.

– Landscaping work will be carried out not only in public places, in parks, forest parks, squares, boulevards, but also the residents of Bolshoy Podolsk will be able to participate in the cleaning of yard areas, in total, subbotnik will be organized in 111 yard areas in the province . In addition, the industrial trade facilities will organize the cleaning of the adjacent area, – says Mikhail Stepanov, deputy head of the city administration. Podolsk

At each point of the subbotnik, a space will be organized for the issuance of inventory, it will be possible to download it from 10 to 10.30. And at 11.00 all those who want to plant green in the city will be able to participate in the environmental action “Forest of Victory”. Trees and shrubs will be planted in 12 directions.

As part of the campaign, trees and shrubs of species such as Norwegian maple, chestnut, juniper, linden, pine, arbutus, blackberry, birch, mountain ash in the amount of more than 400 saplings will be planted. The main stage will be the Victory Park named after V. Talalikhin in the village. Locusts. It is planned to plant 20 thujas, 10 chestnuts, 20 pines and 100 shrubs in this area, during the action music accompaniment, equipment distribution and saplings will be provided …

Also, the head of the city district reported on the problematic issues of transport services in our region. In April, the “Dobrodel” portal increased the number of citizens’ calls for “Transport”. Representatives of the Ministry of Transport and Road Infrastructure of the Moscow Region were invited to Podolsk so that residents could ask their questions and receive immediate answers to them.

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