Bad habits of every female zodiac sign that lead to extra pounds (and how to deal with them)

The degree to which a person’s weight corresponds to his height indicates his health or lack thereof. Regular exercise, habits and calorie intake affect your figure, but there are several other factors that can affect your physique. If you feel you need to lose weight, be sure to consult your doctor. And out of curiosity, ask which representatives of which zodiac sign are more likely to gain extra pounds and how to deal with it.


Aries suffers from overweight quite often. If the representatives of this sign are hungry, they do not care what time it is. They will find food even in an empty refrigerator. If you are an Aries and want to lose some weight, try to focus on a healthy lifestyle. If you want to eat something at 10 pm, and you have healthy food in the fridge, it will be quite difficult to separate the extra calories.


Taurus has the opposite situation. If they are hungry, then, running for work, they may completely forget that something has to be eaten. However, this does not mean that excessive weight accumulation does not occur. Indeed, in this case, the body can store fat in case it forgets to eat again. In order not to gain extra pounds, the representatives of this sign, even when they do not eat anything, should pay attention to the fractional diet. Remember that sudden fluctuations in blood sugar levels are not good for your health and maintaining a normal weight. After the end of the day and before going to bed, it is best to plan for tomorrow, and be sure to include in the schedule when you should eat.


Gemini is notorious for the fact that their mood can change during the day, which also does not favor a healthy diet. After all, when you want to eat, there is no mood for cooking and if the Gemini has already prepared something delicious, then they may lose the desire to try the dish. Sometimes Gemini with amazing persistence follow the rules of proper nutrition, while after a week they can overeat sweets. All this can lead to weight gain. The advice for Gemini is to follow a not too strict but consistent diet.


The emotional fluctuations that are characteristic of Cancers sometimes bring them a problem, which is also reflected in the figure. Cancers often suppress resentment and pain by trying to seize it with something delicious. Such food can not be called healthy. After a bar of chocolate, Cancer, although she feels better, can reveal her feelings, but she can no longer find space for healthy food in her stomach. The advice for Cancers is to skip the sections with unhealthy but favorite foods as much as possible, especially when you are hungry.

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a lion

Proud Leos care about what they eat, but sometimes they can be lazy, lying on the couch at the weekend, which negatively affects the silhouette. With age, lions are advised to pay attention to proper nutrition, to be loaded with moderate physical activity, which will certainly have a positive effect on the silhouette.


Virgos are always collected and tidy. For them, however, some other, more important, as it seems to them, things take precedence, but Virgos sometimes forget to dine. They often try to surprise the guests busy in the kitchen from morning to afternoon, and they themselves will not have a single bite to eat with a sandwich. If possible, Virgos should shift the focus to themselves. First, eat yourself and only then do important strategic issues.


Libra is balanced in everything, they usually have a good athletic physique, but they are constantly struggling with temptations. They find it difficult to say “no” to themselves from a very young age. Libra often can not deny themselves the pleasure of eating a whole cake or chocolate at once. As difficult as it is, Libra girls have to say “yes” to their health and “no” to earthly pleasures.

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Scorpios are usually active and have no reason to complain about their health and figure. But such a love of physical activity sometimes leads to the fact that Scorpios can not relax. The body also needs rest. In order for the figure to continue to please the eye, sometimes it is worth stopping and allowing yourself to lie down for a day or two.


Sagittarians are cheerful and always in a good mood, they are persistent, not only in matters of life, but also in the desire for food. Sagittarians are not opposed to gathering at least every afternoon with friends for gatherings, where of course there is a lot of junk food. If Sagittarius wants to get rid of extra pounds, he should leave the holidays with fatty and salty foods at least a few times a week to go to the gym or enjoy healthy but tasty food at home.


Capricorns cook delicious food themselves, but their food is often high in calories. If Capricorn can not resist fresh bread or fragrant stew, he must at least comply with the rule of the food he eats. If the amount of food can not be reduced, you need to sign up for a gym to use the calories gained in a delicious meal.


Aquarius loves to have fun. They do not follow silly beauty ideals, so sometimes they can let themselves go and one day, looking in the mirror, admit that they are overweight. Fortunately, Aquarius loves physical activity, so if a girl in this sign notices a few extra pounds, it’s time to wear sneakers.


Pisces is friendly, restrained and withdrawn. Sometimes they have problems that “clog” them. In order for Pisces to fight excess weight, they need to eat high-fiber foods and move more.

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