Cleaning for the city: more than 28 (!) Thousands of Irkutsk residents cleaned parks, squares, yards and other areas in April

This year, the City Hygiene Month started on April 1st. Irkutsk Mayor Ruslan Bolotov has now given maximum attention to water bodies, coastal areas, urban forests and specially protected areas. Massive environmental action began on April 16 with the ordering of the specially protected area of ​​historical and cultural purpose – the Thomson Garden: 180 people went out to clean it. Community-wide community workday took place on April 23, but the “bag and glove month” does not end here: some cleaning activities have been postponed to April 30 and May to protect activists’ health (weather he made his own adjustments and “thanked” us with a drop in temperature and late snow on April 25).

On Saturday, April 16, the flagships of the mass environmental action were the administration of the regional center, students of schools No. 7, 67, 68, 45, the Children’s Ecological Union and youth creativity, students of the Irkutsk technical school rivers and road transport, the Thomson City Garden of Experienced Gardeners and the Restless “Silver” volunteer detachment, the Irkutsk branch of the All-Russian Society for the Conservation of Nature. Thanks to their efforts, 35 cubic meters of garbage were removed.

The IRGUPS ecological team “KPSS” (Sergey Sergeevich Polishchuk Group) took the baton of cleanliness from sixteen children. On April 19, they took part in an environmental action on the Kaya River near the railway crossing in the Sverdlovsk region of Irkutsk, cleared the bank and cleared the riverbed, ensuring its flow. As a result, 20 cubic meters of waste were collected, loaded and disposed of. The children from the ecological group have secured this area for themselves and are working here conscientiously for the second year. And the result can already be seen now: for the first time, ducks were observed in this place!

The next day, April 20, a community work day was held on the Demyanovka River in Padi Dolgaya between the Pervomaisky and Universitetsky micro-districts. Here, volunteers from school No. 35 and JSC “Spetsavtokhozyaystvo” were actively picking up rubbish, approaching the process in an environmentally wise way. The waste was distributed selectively: the metal was delivered to collection points, the tires, which turned out to be surprisingly large here, were sent for recycling and the collected garbage was sent to landfill.

The Tselebny spring on Plishkinsky Street is under the special control of the city administration. The locals come here to collect crystal clear water. For their convenience, by order of the city authorities, a floor, stairs were arranged here and free access to the water through a pipe is provided to be convenient. Teachers and children from school No. 66 had spring protection; they traditionally clean here all year round, including Maundy Thursday. Representatives of the Irkutsk branch of the All-Russian Society for the Conservation of Nature, the Irkutsk administration, the Children’s Ecological Association, teachers of the Palace of Child and Youth Creativity helped them put things in order. A total of 32 people participated in the action, 27 garbage bags were collected and removed.

– The people of Irkutsk are very active in the spring cleaning of the city. Sites on Konnom Island, near Lake Yunnatka, the Bolshaya Kuzmikha River and many other iconic places in Irkutsk have already been put in order. There are organizations that do not need to be reminded of anything, they themselves go to the areas assigned to them and put them in order “, said Valentina Safonova, Deputy Head of the Department of Environmental Security and Control of the Urban Environment Department of the Urban Committee. development of Irkutsk city administration, he told Irkutsk. – These are the teams of PJSC IC Rosgosstrakh, JSC Verkhnechonskneftegaz, OOO Gazprom Dobycha Irkutsk, Irkutsk Oil Company, Irkutsk branch of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, network of gas stations Kraysneft, and En NGO My Ba Group, IR NGO My Ba Group , LLC FGC Novy Gorod and many, many others. Their leaders not only take a responsible stance on protecting the natural environment, but also use the community’s working day to gather workers and after cleaning do outdoor games and missions.

The clean-up was also carried out on Lake Kvadraty near the hydroelectric dam, on the Angara River in the hot lake area of ​​the Sverdlovsk region, on the Ershovsky aquifer (in the Solnechny micro-district), on the left and right banks of the river Ushakovka, in the forest in the Kaiskaya grove, in the Cosmic public garden and Griboedovskaya grove, even hung nest boxes and bird houses, because this area has a special place – an urban forest.

On Thursday, April 28, an environmental campaign was held with the participation of students in a specially protected natural area of ​​local importance – the natural landscape “Bird’s Harbor” in the Leninsky area. The Children’s Ecological Association, the Palace of Child and Youth Creativity, pupils and students from school No. 38, the Irkutsk branch of the All-Russian Society for the Protection of Nature participated. In addition to clearing the area, the well-known Irkutsk ornithologist Igor Fefelov spoke to the children about the winged inhabitants. The volunteers watched the birds and learned a lot.

The highlight of all the clean-up activities was a community-wide community work day on April 23: 1,200 tons of rubbish were removed from all Irkutsk districts. Active citizens, including students, college and university students, representatives of city businesses and organizations, management companies, city officials and many more, participated in the community-wide community work day.

– I want to note that the weather did not affect the intention of the people of Irkutsk to make their city cleaner. This year, more than 28,000 people took part in the clean-up events. Residents of the Sverdlovsk region were more active, with more than 11,000 people joining the subbotnik, “said Marina Shevela, head of the urban environment department of the Irkutsk administration’s urban development committee.

The events in Irkutsk continue. In May, as part of the Green Islands urban project, an environmental campaign will be carried out in the specially protected natural area “Ershovsky Water Supply Zone”. About 200 people are expected to attend here – these are students and groups from six schools in the city and the FGU “Vostsibregionvodkhoz”. Hot pilaf will be served to the participants at the end of the action.

Olga Koroleva

Photo by Daria Tarakanova and cleaning month volunteers

It was heard during a subbotnik at the Irkutsk Hippodrome. “Gray, there, you see: a man in a hat throwing boards at KamAZ? This is Bolotov! – “Come on, come on, it can’t be … What should he do here?” “I tell you, it’s! Come closer and see for yourself “. At that moment, the mayor of Irkutsk looked around, saw two guys and said, “Guys, come here, help lift the box.”

The “cleaning campaign” in the Thomson garden gave an excellent result – 35 cubic meters of garbage. More than 180 people worked: schoolchildren, students, the Irkutsk branch of the All-Russian Society for Nature Conservation, gardeners and the Restless volunteer team. Their work was not easy, because last year’s foliage and old branches are not removed so easily. Yes, and a lot of rubbish piled up during the winter

Thanks to the volunteers of school No. 35 and the staff of JSC Spetsavtokhozyaystvo, a separate garbage collection took place in the Padi Dolgaya area. There were a lot of discarded tires. It was decided not just to transport them to the landfill, but to give them for processing. This was helped by the specialists of JSC “Spetsavtokhozyaystvo”, who provided transportation and removed all the total garbage

The Griboyedovskaya grove has the status of an urban forest. An interesting fact is that this is the smallest urban forest in the Federal Region of Siberia. In order to root more birds here, experts from the Department of Environmental Security and Control of Irkutsk city administration installed bird houses and nest boxes in trees – special structures for bird nests

Photo after the subbotnik at the racetrack: even the mayor could not resist and approached these beautiful animals. “The hippodrome is essential for our city. An important sports and leisure facility, which is already 122 years old. “More than 100 horses are now kept here, 8 sports clubs are working, more than 500 people are practicing, including equestrian sessions,” Irkutsk Mayor Ruslan Bolotov said. . in its previous state “

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