Cleanliness at Lesnaya Polyana: with youthful fun and sports passion

Students and teachers at Lesnopolyansk Kindergarten, FC Shinnik, Charter and New People activists took part in the action along with journalists. PHOTO: KP Yaroslavl

point of attraction

The venue for the action is a soccer field and the area near the Lesnopolyanskaya elementary school-garden, where children grow up and elementary school students study. The village administration explains: this is a kind of attraction for the residents, as the village is very compact, there is not much space for walking. This year, the area around the school stadium will be part of the Our Yards program – a public zone will be created here, where new parents will be able to walk in prams and supporters of a healthy lifestyle can go for a walk or jog.

Students and teachers of the Lesnopolyansky kindergarten and FC “Shinnik” athletes took part in the action along with journalists. Charter, a garbage collection company in the Yaroslavl region, and New People activists took part in the action. And delicious gifts for children were prepared by the societe anonyme Yaroslavl Khlebozavod No. 1.

The representative of the village administration speaks to the children.  PHOTO: KP Yaroslavl

The representative of the village administration speaks to the children. PHOTO: KP Yaroslavl

Friendship, solidarity, work!

The parting words at the opening were short. The head of the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper, Marina Plakhtinskaya, reminded that May 1 is coming soon – the Spring Festival, when it is wonderful to show solidarity at work. Shinnik player Semyon Ernst said that the players are happy to participate in the event, wishing everyone a good mood and more smiles. Representatives of “Charter” and “New People” Sergey Sushkov and Anna Skroznikova were happy to participate in the children’s environmental campaign.

Well, the principal of Lesnopolyansk Elementary School-kindergarten, Galina Lozinskaya, like a real teacher, made a mini-trip to history – she remembered that Komsomolskaya Pravda first prepared a report from subbotnik in 1927 and continues to do so now.

Both work and play

Lesnaya Polyana has a wonderful name, it was chosen by the locals for their village, which was founded in 1957. And indeed, next to the school stadium – forest, birch and coniferous trees. There those who gathered began to clean.

Of course, the students became the most agile and happy. They came out to the guests already with gloves, bags, laughing and active. And in a happy crowd, together with the senior participants of the action, they started collecting garbage. In addition, it was necessary to prepare the playing field for a meeting with real athletes from Shinnik!

By the way, the players proved that “they can not work with their hands worse than their feet”, even when lifting a rake.

Well, then “Shinnik” played a game with the children: they were standing in a big circle, the players were passing the ball to each other and the students from the center of the circle were trying to stop it, to remove it. To the delight of the children, they did it!

Both adults and children put things in order.  PHOTO: KP Yaroslavl

Both adults and children put things in order. PHOTO: KP Yaroslavl

See you soon!

After putting things in order, the older participants in the action thanked the students. The children shouted in a choir that they were not tired at all. But everyday life is important for the kindergarten! The children were waiting for food. And then – an honestly earned enjoyment from the bakery No. 1.

Well, the adults, before saying goodbye, decided to continue to agree on new joint actions, environmental and charitable.

Anna Skroznikova, secretary of the Yaroslavl regional branch of the New People party:

– All good, wonderful children! I am a teacher by education, I worked in schools and I am very happy to be in such a subbotnik – with children, in nature. In addition, we, the “Young People”, are generally “financial” – we often participate in such activities, we like to be with other residents of Yaroslavl, including working with our hands!

Sergei Sushkov, Charter Press Secretary:

– Our company, as a regional body, implements its own programs aimed at environmental education, training, development, enlightenment, among which we conduct special courses in schools in the Yaroslavl region. We are pleased to support both public organizations and activists undertaking environmental initiatives and projects. This, for example, is the cleaning of the Lyapinsky quarries, the banks of the Rybinsk reservoir and today is the cleaning day in Lesnaya Polyana. Spring is an active time where people gather to arrange their favorite places. When people contact us, we always try to help in every way: we provide the necessary equipment, organize the disposal of waste, etc.

Today’s event is a new good opportunity for us to join the efforts of our company and the people of the Yaroslavl region, the athletes for the sake of a good cause – environmental protection and environmental education. It is wonderful that elementary school students and young football players from Shinnik are willing to participate in the action!

Protesters clear large area PHOTO: KP Yaroslavl

Protesters clear large area PHOTO: KP Yaroslavl

Denis Muminov, coach of FC Shinnik academy:

– We are with the children of the “Shinnik” team who were born in 2005. We arrived in Lesnaya Polyana in a great mood, the weather is beautiful, and we want to help, especially since everything is done on the football field of the kindergarten and next to it. Our children reacted positively to such information!

The final phase of the Russian championship that will be held in Yaroslavl for the second consecutive year will start for us very soon. We take this opportunity to invite all our fans to the final tournament, which will be held in Shinnik from 12 to 23 May. Support our team in the way we are prepared to support the people of Yaroslavl! It is always wonderful to be together, to give others a piece of yourself!

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