Director of Arey Natural Park: Damn everything!

Angelica Belousova / News, 13:49, Today

Arey is one of the most popular holiday destinations. The nature here is fascinating – a forest with picturesque pines, pines and cedars, water with healing properties. Treatment here and dirt. Treats skin diseases. Scientifically proven fact. Arey is a place where the soul rests and where the real chaos happens today…


Transbaikalia authorities in 2014 created a natural park on Lake Arey to preserve the reservoir ecosystem and the surrounding forest. The decree was signed by the then Deputy Governor Konstantin Ilkovsky. Vitaly Sumarokov is a local businessman. I’m sure it’s a good idea, if we think about it well and keep it in mind. Today Mars is dying painfully. In addition, the management of the nature park itself blessed the whole mess.

Vitaly SUMAROKOV, resident of: “According to the law, cars are not allowed in the natural park, fires are strictly forbidden in the park and you come here when the holidaymakers are here in July and you see what is happening here. Cars pass through the forest near every tree, near every tree there are tents, rubbish all around, fires, like the invasion of the Tatars. Nobody forbids it, I do not know why. Nobody forbids, nobody controls

“Arey water is very clean, with low mineralization and high oxygen content.” You can easily find such information on the Internet. In fact, everything is different. The local fishermen refused to contact us, they only noticed that the legendary lake did not have much life time.

Vitaly SUMAROKOV, resident of: For example, today I was talking to local amateur fishermen fishing in the lake, they explained to me that the lake is overgrown, if it used to have much less grass, now it has much more grass, the lake turns into a swamp and if you do not make a plan how to clean this lake, I think in 15 years there will be a swamp here. Keep in mind that we have walking pets, the nature park map says there should be absolutely no pets in the nature park area, in the summer, if you come, you will see cows and horses there, and Whoever is there, crashing on the shore, the cows are rubbish, they take it, no one fights it, it is made for show “

The director of the nature park is Yuri Holostov. To most locals, it’s like a red rag on a bull. The population is sure – it’s the one who sheds the blood of Mars.

Lyudmila MINAKOVA, resident of the area: This is what kind of manager, the head of the park sells vodka and beer, forgive me, I have not seen that. Transactions where? – Next to the lake! And beer and vodka, they sell everything there “

And once a pensioner unwittingly witnessed the ban on fishing.

Lyudmila MINAKOVA, resident of the area: It was about three years ago. I was working for Kryazhev, early in the morning at six I went to the lake on foot to work at the base. In the morning I go, I look at the motor boat, I think Kholostov is checking, I look, the company and they are slowly netting, when I went ashore, he saw me, and he turned several times and went further. Of course, he set up nets, he set up himself, with friends.

Hunting in the area of ​​the nature park is also prohibited. However, Lyudmila Minakova is convinced that this rule is being violated here.

Lyudmila MINAKOVA, resident of the area: “He had a group, they made barbecue, I live close by, he probably feels very bad for me, I am an unfavorable neighbor for him because I see everything and I know everything. It has skewers back and forth, a dog carries a goat’s head, but a goat, a wild goat and from its yard, well, what is it. Forgive me, that means you can do nothing to anyone and you do not shoot, I do not enter the forest, I do not hunt, but forgive me, he is the director of the park, as he says. , I am the owner and these blacks will bow before me … in Areyan, what is it? So he calls people black? “Yes, in the store I personally heard him say that.”

According to the locals, Kholostov lives here as a local king, whom he christened. He himself, as the locals say, tried to collect a tribute from those who sell healing mud.

Vitaly SUMAROKOV, resident of: Once, when Yuri Holostov was appointed to this position, at that time I was living in the Rostov region, the locals know me, the locals themselves called me and said, you speak, he asks us for money for the fact that we sell mud here , to give him some of the money, I called him, I told him, Yur, you really should not do that. I do not remember how the story ended, but now they are selling mud in his territory, in connection with which, I have a question, they share it with him?


Alexander Nazarenko worked as a driver from the first year in the park. He says that Kholostov does not consider people not only locals, but also tourists themselves.

Alexander NAZARENKO, resident of the area: Better to ask him, I do not know who he thinks, but not for the world for sure. And then he blocked it, it turns out, he gave the park land to someone, he closed it with a net, but then they had to remove it, they removed it and people left the cars right on the road and went up, and then they built a gate through it. the net, they get money, cars come in, whatever for whatever it takes. I do not know how much it takes? – as the 500 was either 500 or 200 “

Arey turned into money. No mention is made of its safety. Garbage is scattered everywhere, there are only four small toilets throughout the park. Along the path there are huge therapeutic anthills, which, incidentally, can be used as inhalers. One of them ruthlessly destroyed the car. And this is exactly what the locals noticed. Used car tires are located here along the perimeter of the entire lake. In such a cheap and angry way, Kholostov wanted to solve the problem of narrow access of tourist cars to the tank. However, he did not take into account that chemical waste is toxic. At the end of the 21st, the environmental prosecutor asked Kholostov to eliminate the violations. However, things are still there. Besides, he sees nothing terrible in it so far.

Yuri KHOLOSTOV, director of the “Arey” nature park The prosecution has its own vision, we have our own vision, our visions differ from the vision of the prosecution. We had nothing on hand, we put car tires,

“Nothing terrible is happening in this, that there are car tires, everything was done for good, and not contrary to”

A separate issue is the cottages. They are dug directly into the ground of the riverbed. Previously, before these constructions, there was a black stork here. It is listed in the Red Book. In summer, carp and small fish came along the canal to give birth. There is none of that anymore. There is now rubbish that tourists throw right outside these buildings. However, in a telephone conversation with us, Yuri Holostov considers as slander everything that was said about him by locals.

Yuri KHOLOSTOV, director of the “Arey” nature park “Oh, I caught fish with a net, did you see? Well, maybe I do not know how to answer this question. Did you fish with a net? – I do not fish with a net, I am against the nets, I think everyone who knows me will tell you. And I think we need to stop this debate. You ask very difficult questions, the locals are not happy that we push them, we forbid fishing in the times when they are forbidden, we forbid hunting, fishing, we catch poachers, so they try to hook or cheat, they try to slander me and my friends .employees this is done from the 14 that the park was built. Because of you, because of the prosecution, who understands absolutely nothing that only the stars gain for themselves, because of people like you, I will just give them up, I will give them up, I will lose them, I will let them be the fool who will clean this lake for free and listen to the stupid stories of the local seniors warmed by our media, who can not travel and verify these facts. I warn you very strongly before throwing such materials for slander, at the expense of the networks, I warn you, sorry, I will sue you, sue hard. “This is slander and you will be responsible for it.”

Angelica Panibrashina, Alexey Pavlov, ZabTV

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