Experts say what could threaten grass burning – Moscow 24, 28/04/2022

The period of forest fires begins in the Moscow region. The situation is aggravated by the fact that the summer season is coming, during which gardeners are actively burning dead wood. We explain why this is unacceptable and how to act in case of danger.

Photo: Moscow 24 / Lidia Shironina

fire time

To date, fires in the Moscow region, according to rescuers, are not natural at all: last year ‘s grass was set on fire by people. As a result, entire fields were burned and the flames quickly spread to the forest. Smoke clouds were already visible in the Istra and Klin districts of the Moscow region. “People are deliberately throwing cigarette butts, matches and there is a fire,” Oleg Celishev, the current senior shift officer at the Klinspas MBU, told Moscow 24 television.

Aleksey Yaroshenko, Ph.D. in Biology, Head of the Greenpeace Forest Department in Russia, added that for residents of the middle zone, the Moscow region, grass burning does not get on a very large scale. “We are still trying to fight it, and it is usually a fraction of a hectare or the first hectare, but rarely dozens. “Let’s say, in some areas of our country there are tens of thousands of hectares, that is, the size, for example, of the whole of Moscow,” he noted.

Fines and imprisonment

Experts warn that unauthorized burning of grass is prohibited: it is a violation of fire safety requirements, so the perpetrator may face a warning or a fine of two to three thousand rubles (from six to 15 thousand rubles – for employees, from 20 to 30 thousand – for individual entrepreneurs, and from 150 to 200 thousand – for legal entities).

In turn, the arson and burning of dead wood, which will lead to the destruction of forest plantations, will be considered a criminal offense, added fire safety expert Vitaliy Boyko. “If we are talking about cottages and suburban properties, then you should burn grass in special metal barrels or earthen pits. And if the cottages are next to the forest, then the fire should be at least 100 meters from the forest.” explained to Moscow 24.

It is necessary to have in stock containers with water or sand, as well as fire extinguishers. This can help in an emergency.

Vitali Boyko

fire safety specialist

The top expert of the Fire Safety Fund, Konstantin Kuznetsov, also noted that the spread of the fire is particularly dangerous due to fallen grass near residential buildings. “This process is like an avalanche, uncontrollable. When unprepared people start doing this in the immediate vicinity of the house, strong fires break out,” he told Moskva 24, adding that it is very difficult to prove the arson unless there is video recording or witnesses of what happened.

Where to report

Photo: Moscow 24 / Lidia Shironina

If a fire is detected, you should call 112 immediately. During the conversation, you should give the most accurate coordinates of the point of fire and how fast the fire is spreading.

“Now there are special groups involved in extinguishing forest fires. They have their own tactics and all actions are well adapted. “In no case should you put out the fire yourself, because you may be in a dangerous situation and the rescuers will have to evacuate you”, stressed Boyko.

At the same time, you can try to protect the property yourself. “They mainly fight the upcoming fire with water from a well or water supply system. The fact is that the fire spreads only through dry grass. “If you make a two-meter-wide strip and pour it with water, then this will be an effective enough method to stop the fire,” Kuznetsov said.

He explained that residents of rural settlements thus defend their homes in the event of a fire approaching. But in any case, before making any decisions, it is worth mentioning the fire to the rescuers.

What else is forbidden

Photo: Moscow 24 / Lidia Shironina

It is forbidden at any time to fire outside specially equipped areas – fires. If a special fire regime is introduced in the Moscow region, then there will be increased administrative responsibility for lighting a fire in the wrong place.

“There is peat soil in the Moscow region. The fact is that if the fire was extinguished and nothing bad happened at first glance, then a peat under this fire could catch fire and the worst would begin – the underground spread of the fire. . ” warned the expert.

In addition, during the May holidays, many Muscovites will want to go to the woods to fry hookah kebabs. But outside of special areas and without a barbecue, you can run at a fine. “Police are checking possible holiday spots. On holiday weekends, people go out into the woods to fry kebabs. If caught, there will be a 100% fine, and if there is a fire or people being injured, then in this case the punishment is on criminal “stressed. comrade.

He added that increased liability threatens in case of violation of fire safety rules in specially protected natural areas of regional importance, which include natural parks.

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