Forests, mountains, springs and waterfalls: the most beautiful places near Stavroupoli

The residents of the city plan to spend the May holidays without leaving the area

According to analysts of the payment system Mir, the vast majority of Russians will remain in their small homeland this May holidays. The inhabitants of the territory of Stavroupoli will not be an exception. A quarter of respondents said they would spend the holidays at their dacha or cottage, another 20% would stay for the weekend in their hometown, 19% of respondents would go on nature. At the same time, a third chooses public transport as a means of transport. The vast majority of passengers – over 60% – plan to get to the rest area by bus. And where you can go for the next weekend, we will tell in this material.

The territory of Stavroupoli is famous not only for its architecture and places of military glory, but also for its wonderful nature. Pyatigorsk, Essentuki, Kislovodsk are national health resorts, known around the world for many, many years. But there is something to see in the area of ​​the regional capital – Stavroupoli. The city is considered one of the most beautiful in the North Caucasus and its attractions are included in popular tourist routes. In addition, you can reach beautiful and moving places not only by car but also by public transport.

By the way, until June 30, the Mir payment system is valid throughout the region. When you pay the fare with a Mir card loaded on a smartphone, the cost of the trip is reduced by 6 rubles. The card can be added to Mir Pay (6+) or Samsung Pay (6+). The discount applies to bus, trolley and tram fares in Stavropol, Pyatigorsk, Essentuki, Kislovodsk, Zeleznovodsk and Nevinnomyssk that have contactless bank card terminals. When you pay with a smartphone using the Mir card, the amount of the trip is immediately charged from the card account, taking into account the discount of 6 rubles.

Tatar settlement

Museum-reserve Tatar settlement. Photo:

The largest object of archeology in the Caucasus – the museum-reserve “Tatar settlement” is located on an area of ​​200 hectares. It was miraculously preserved in the territory of a forest of relics near Stavroupoli. The Great Silk Road once passed through the territory of the Tatar settlement. Drawings and pictures in information stands in the reserve will help tourists to imagine the architecture and life of the ancient inhabitants of this historic site. The open-air museum has a stunningly beautiful travertine waterfall, surrounded by a piece of heirloom forest. Travertine, or lime pouf, under the influence of water forms a strange relief from caves, ledges and terraces.

Kazma thermal springs

Kazma thermal springs. Photo:

Mineral springs are a privilege not only of health resorts. There are also 80 km south of Stavroupoli in the village of Kazminskoye. Here, a well with a depth of 2720 meters provides a continuous supply of mineral water with a high content of iodine, bromine and silicon. Its temperature is about 120 ° C. The therapeutic effect of spring water is known throughout Russia.

cold springs

Taman Forest is a quiet and comfortable place that has earned the reputation of a favorite vacation spot for locals. The complex with many outdoor pools is well designed. Here you can not only take a walk on the picturesque forest trails, but if you do not have enough courage and are not afraid of the cold, you can swim in the clearest waters of the spring.

wolf gate

The natural attraction is located in the area of ​​Grushevy Farm, 15 km from the city. Through a small pass on Stavroupoli mountain, you can go to a natural observation deck, which offers a stunning panoramic view of Lake Sengileevskoe. In this unique place on the slopes of the mountains, various species of relics and rare plants mentioned in the Red Book grow.

Mount Strizhament

The amazingly beautiful mountain formation is located 40 km north of the city. The vast flat plateau erupts with cliffs and slopes, forming a strange complex of streams, caves and caverns. The north slope is especially interesting for tourists: there is a picturesque Stone Chaos.

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