Kirov residents outraged by restaurant’s actions in historic city center

The Offshore restaurant, which opened in Kirov in early January, began building a summer terrace on Spasskaya Street before the May holidays. April 27 city audience «Through the fingers | “A project for your city,” he wrote, adding that “another floor of Kirov’s sidewalks is broken.” We talked to the author of the article and found out what the town planner did not like.

Regina Pogudina, The photojournalist and author of the social photo project Through the Fingers, shared that it is not usually her style to write angry posts. But the terrace at Spasskaya was, perhaps, the last straw.

Since 2019, I walk on this route (Lenina-Spaskaya) almost every day and I am not surprised how the sidewalk on the main street of the city turns into an obstacle course for the citizens. In the rain and mud, broken stairs and dysfunctional rainwater caused me a lot of negative emotions. I saw parents with strollers wanting to go to the store, but did not dare to go down and up the broken stairs with the baby. Many stayed in Spaskaya or crossed the road so as not to break their legs and carriage. And when I saw that now the restaurant had begun to install a terrace there and had completely blocked the turn to Spaskaya, I realized that the circle was closed – this part of the sidewalk had become as dead-end as possible.

Photo: Regina Pogudina.

Queen considers it disrespectful to remove from the sidewalk an area that will impede accessibility and visibility.

This is a rather manorial approach, as Spasskaya is a narrow pedestrian street.

With her photographic work, Regina teaches us to look at the city through photographs with a clear, open and often irreconcilable gaze. The project is dedicated to drawing attention to the architectural monuments and historical heritage of Vyatka.

Konstantin Ivshin, The CEO of NOBEL Gastrobar and Drinkeria & Bistro Offshore, immediately responded to a request for comment. Konstantinos admitted that he did not want to start a good idea for a street cafe with the indignation of the inhabitants of the city. The restaurant had extremely good intentions.

On April 28, an official response from Offshore appeared.

We fully support the desire to make the city more beautiful, comfortable and modern. We apologize for the temporary inconvenience, today a ramp for people with limited mobility will be placed on the stairs next to the cafe, along which there will be a possibility of passage in wheelchairs and bicycles.

Of course, the ramp was originally designed, it could not be otherwise, but, unfortunately, the contractor missed the deadline for two days. Realizing the delays, the foundation’s staff and builders helped pedestrians overcome the obstacle on all working days.

Unfortunately, every construction site looks sloppy right up to the moment of its completion. We really hope that in a few days the new beautiful summer terrace will excite the eye of even the most critical observer.

Konstantinos assured that the ramps are already being installed. Happy 28th of April the building looked like this:

Photo: Konstantin Ivshin.

According city ​​administration press office, the disputed section of Spasskaya Street was intended for summer coffee, but without traffic restrictions. The owner assured that he would arrange a passage there. Everything is under the control of the territorial administration of the Pervomaisky region.

Photo: Konstantin Ivshin.

Kirov residents managed to discuss the issue on social networks:

Cu Chulainn: The urban environment in Kirov is already completely unsuitable for people with limited mobility and small businesses fortunately add to the inconvenience. Is there really no other place for a terrace? I would like to see a plan for what this place will look like with the promised ramps.

Sergey Remyannikov: Wild people! We do not have regular places in the city anyway, so you do not like it here either. Will there be a wall or a ditch with water? There will be a terrace – and wonderful! At least something!

Anastasia Serova: Try it now in a wheelchair to get there at the Spasskaya Theater.

Anatoly Kurbatov, coordinator of the movement “Krasivy Kirov”, did not stay away from the shocking situation.

For eight years, movement activists have solved more than 1,000 problems in the city. The movement is a member of twelve different city committees.

I am very glad that this problem was highlighted quickly and strongly in the comments and in the media. Basically, the citizens of Kirov understand that it is impossible to violate the rights of citizens with limited mobility. I really liked the immediate response of the restaurant.

East believes that in this situation everyone has won: both businesses and the city and residents. According to Anatoly, Spasskaya Street needs summer terraces, because they enliven the street.

Earlier it was announced that two kilometers of paving will be laid in Kirov on Lenin Street.

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