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The global, regional, and even local dangers that make the world we live in uninhabitable pose a serious threat to life. Wars of domination, unleashed for whatever reason, kill not only humans but all living things and nature. We can not live justly in this world and therefore the whole world suffers.

The nation-state structures that are built on a poisonous mentality, nationalist, racist, religious, fascist and monistic thinking, on which these structures are based, continue to exist, constantly creating hostility. The geography of the Middle East, where the contrasts and conflicts are more intense, has turned into hell. A constantly open ground was created for foreign interventions. The peoples of the Middle East, under the rule of despotic dictatorships, became almost unrecognizable, clashing with each other due to internal problems. Fascist governments based on the dominant language, culture and creed began to rule, forcing people to shed blood.

We live in a time when the capitalist system is under its influence, reaching like an octopus to the most remote corners of the world. It keeps people breathless while inspecting and controlling the earth, above and below the earth, and setting up exploitation mechanisms. Let no one doubt that the rulers will set the world on fire for their own interests. It must be known that the world capitalist system triggered by war will not be restrained by any kind of madness.

While the insatiable greed of industry on a global scale, polluting the air, water and soil, causes environmental and natural disasters, humans, animals and green nature are also taking their share. From a bird in the sky to a fish in the sea, the habitats of all living things shrink as they shrink. The ecosystem is dying. The looting of nature is at the highest level. Climate change, which results from the deepening of the sources of exploitation with greed for excessive profit, brings more hunger, poverty, disease and, ultimately, death to societies.

The systemic crisis has pushed the rulers against each other to measure their trump cards in the war in Ukraine. The scale of the risk is increasing daily. If war develops in breadth and depth, destruction and war will develop even more. The reasons for this and similar wars are always questionable. These are wars that do not benefit the people, they leave deep scars in the memory of the people and they fuel the military action.

Apart from the reasons that led to the war in Ukraine, the reaction is nothing reminiscent of the Turkish government’s attacks on the Kurdish people. Despite the fact that the Kurds are being destroyed by chemical weapons, they are not on the agenda of world public opinion as they should be. However, those who do not want to see the news know that great atrocities are taking place, people are being killed every day. The Kurdish people are the people where the largest number of people are held innocently as political hostages in dungeons. The two meters and two weights in the world towards the Kurdish people can be seen in almost every issue. There is no state that openly condemns the crimes against humanity committed by the Turks during the Kurdish people’s liberation struggle, which has been going on for half a century. Citizens’ social solidarity is also far below what it should be.

More scenes of destruction in Ukraine took place in the villages of Kurdistan, in Rozava. The people passed the attacks of the Turkish state, accompanied by inhuman ISIS fighters, with only a periodic and weak response. They did not properly fulfill their humanitarian obligations to the Kurds. Like their leader Abdullah Ocalan, the Kurds were isolated from the world, left alone. However, the Kurdish struggle is not only against Turkish fascism, but also against world capitalism. This is not only in the interest of the Kurdish people, but also in the interests and international solidarity of the oppressed peoples of the world.

The Kurds are a political people. They know very well why and why they did not properly accept the attacks of the Turkish government and what that means. The Kurdish people attach more importance to solidarity between peoples than to solidarity between states.

The people must find ways and means to unite stronger against the attacks of the capitalist system. If the states that represent them oppress other peoples, commit unjust and illegal attacks, by being complicit in the humanitarian crimes they commit against the Kurds, they should be able to put an end to it more effectively.

The Turkish government and NATO as a whole have common strategies in their denial and extermination attacks on the Kurds. For some reason, the people of these countries have not been able to show the proper reflex in the attacks of Turkish fascism. Those who speak of the revelation in the war in Ukraine do not show the reaction expected of them when it comes to the Kurds. Liberalism has a great influence on people in this situation. Today, people can not create unity among themselves without getting rid of liberal thought, a structure that divides society. One day, when the flames of war will engulf everyone, it will be too late.

The extent to which wars will be achieved through the development of technical and technological means and nuclear weapons will be the most formidable wars of all historical processes. Our world is threatened by nuclear weapons. Everything is alive and nature is calling us SOS Small peoples, closed on the borders of states, are the biggest victims of the imperialist wars. These artificial borders must be crossed through solidarity between peoples. The powerful force of international solidarity was liberated from the once popular slogan “Proletarians of all countries, unite”. Today there is a need for more global human solidarity.

They do not have to submit to the repressive, exploitative and murderous policies of the states. People should not be thrown into the fire for the good of the state. Wars can be stopped by uniting the solidarity of peoples under the auspices of democracy. This is a wake-up call for everyone. The only and realistic solution is the international solidarity of the peoples, the perspective of international democracy.



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