Short route. Bitsevsky Park will have a front entrance with a seating area

One of Moscow’s largest parks – “Bitsevsky Forest” – does not yet have a “front” entrance

A photograph: Michael FROLOF

Comfortable way

One of the largest parks in Moscow – “Bitsevsky Forest” – does not yet have a “front” entrance. Correct this omission is planned in the major repairs department of the capital. The front entrance to the forest will be constructed near the Novoyasenevskaya and Bitsevsky Park metro stations on the site of the old garages.

The new recreation center, which will appear at the edge of the natural-historical park, was named “front entrance to the forest”. The choice of location is not accidental: although Bitsa stretches for 10 km from north to south and 4 km from west to east, the only metro stations located almost on its border are Novoyasenevskaya and Bitsevsky Park. From here it is more convenient for the Muscovites and the visitors of the city to enter Bitsa.

“From the nearest metro station to the forest, it is important to arrange a comfortable passage to the natural area with recreation, sports and games areas,” said Sergei Melnikov, deputy head of the Moscow Capital Repair Department.

park culture

Due to its proximity to the metro, the “Front Entrance to the Forest” will be sought after by locals in Yasenevo and other Muscovites. The recreation center will attract a significant part of outdoor recreation lovers, reducing the burden of the specially protected natural area in the depths of the park. At the same time, instead of old garages and vague infrastructure, people will take civilized routes and a variety of leisure options.

“Certain behavioral patterns and rituals are important in park culture,” said Ekaterina Ilyinskaya, general manager of Russia’s largest integrated development project and co-chair of the Russian Guild of Managers and Developers’ Innovation Council. – In our country, this culture was completely destroyed and now in Moscow it is being actively restored. At the same time, the average resident still has two options for a recreation scenario in the park: either a sporting recreation or a standard one: fried barbecue, etc.

According to the expert, in terms of developing the culture of parks, we are still lagging behind in many European countries, so in Russia (and especially in the capital) it is necessary to show the variety of possible leisure options. It is true that in Europe, public parks do not offer a rich selection of scenarios.

New attraction

In the place of the garage cooperative at the entrance of Bitsa, it is planned to place a recreation center, which will include sports facilities, gym equipment and a training area. In addition, sports equipment rental kiosks, locker rooms with storage cells, a kiosk with drinks and a small cafe for family vacations will be installed here.

On the one hand, the “Front Entrance to the Park” will be connected to a small, but popular with the locals, park of the 30th anniversary of the Yasenevo district. On the other hand, a sports route will be paved with a bicycle path that will be connected to the local leisure center “Green Boulevard”. It is planned to equip it for the residents of the Chertanovo Yuzhnoye area near the Akademika Yangelya Street station.

Near Bitsevsky Park, which opened in 2014, benches, trash cans and a playground have been maintained, but no longer reach the level of modern comfort in Moscow. Therefore, the old plastic toy constructions will be replaced with more environmentally friendly wooden ones. The renovated area will be covered with gravel so that even after heavy rain no potholes form here. All work will be carried out only near the entrance of the park, without affecting the specially protected natural area (SPNA). As a result of the renovation, residents will have easy access to the natural and historical park and a comfortable public space that meets the strictest comfort and safety requirements of Moscow.

– At the subway exits, you can navigate, signs in the lobby, – says Ekaterina Ilyinskaya. – Absolutely, this will be a zone for those who clearly understand what they will do in the park. At the same time, the crossing route should be as clean as possible, so that those who enter the park do not even think of behaving there, not within the framework of acceptable cultural and social rules.

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