Strong storms or bright sun: what the weather will be like in May in the Moscow region – Pronunciations – reports and analysis

April in the area of ​​the capital, as it should be the second month of spring, brought with it the long-awaited warmth. However, he managed to be remembered for the fact that he entered the top 5 months in terms of the amount of rainfall in Moscow since the beginning of this century. And at the end of April, meteorologists promise the residents of the area of ​​the capital a noticeable cooling. If we are waiting for the comfortable weather in May and what surprises the last spring month can bring, read in the RIAMO material.

cold farewell

According to Elena Volosyuk, a leading expert at the Fobos meteorological center, in an interview with RIAMO, the weather in the capital’s area in late April will be colder than normal – the same as it usually happens in the middle of the month. Already on Wednesday, April 27, cool air began to flow in Moscow and the region from the northwest.

“An unpleasant moment will be that the night frosts return to us. “Until the beginning of the May Day holiday in the Moscow region, the possibility of night temperatures minus 2-3 degrees will remain,” says Elena Volosyuk.

According to the meteorologist, in Moscow at night it will be a little warmer – the temperature is expected to be close to zero. In terms of daytime temperatures, the coldest day of the last week of April will be Thursday: during the day, meteorologists in Moscow forecast plus 7-9 degrees, in the region – 5-10 above zero.

“On Friday, April 29, the periphery of the capital will still remain in the cold gas mass, but the influx of cold will stop and its transformation will begin. “With the beginning of May, the air currents will change direction to the west and southwest”, explains Elena Volosyuk.

As a result, by the end of the first holiday in May, the threat of night frosts will be zero and during the day it will heat up to plus 11-16 degrees. The temperature will gradually return to normal levels. As for the rainfall, meteorologists do not expect them at the end of April. Light rain may pass in early May, but it will be far from rain.

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Rare storms

According to the Gismeteo Gate forecast, in the last month of spring, the Moscow region will be cloudy, alternating with partly cloudy. Only three days will be really clear: May 8, 16 and 23. As Gismeteo’s top meteorologist Leonid Starkov points out, this is just one of the possible scenarios for April weather.

According to preliminary data, there will be a lot of rain in May: meteorologists forecast rain for 23 of the 31 days of the month. Particularly heavy rainfall may occur on May 6-7, 9, 14 and 26. But there will be a few traditional May storms: so far they are only expected on May 12th.

The coldest will be on the night of May 23, when thermometers in Moscow and the Moscow region will show only 2 degrees Celsius. The lowest daily temperature plus 10 degrees is expected on May 4, 7 and 10. The hottest night is forecast for May 12 – the air temperature will rise to + 13 degrees. And the hottest day of next month, according to Gismeteo, will be May 11, when it will heat up to 21 degrees Celsius in Moscow during the day.

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Cloudy May

If the situation is clear with the weather forecast for the first holidays in May, then meteorologists are in no hurry to talk about the second. However, experts still have some preliminary facts.

Thus, according to Gismeteo, the temperature from 7 to 10 May at night will be 3-7 degrees above zero, during the day – plus 10-14 degrees. According to the first forecasts, it will be clear only on May 8 and the rest of the days it is expected to be partly cloudy or overcast. At the same time, heavy rainfall may occur on May 7 and 9. However, it is possible that on Victory Day, clouds will traditionally scatter over the capital for a parade in Red Square.

As Lyudmila Parshina, the head of the laboratory of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia, said earlier, the average night temperatures in May range between plus 6-11 degrees, the temperature during the day is plus 17-22 degrees. By the end of May, the temperature usually reaches the values ​​of summer, but during the cold crises at night there may still be slight frosts and during the day the temperature can drop to plus 7-12 degrees.

Rainfall in May usually drops to 55 mm, ie more than in April. However, as Parshina noted, the last month of spring in Russia this year may turn out to be warmer than normal, which means that residents of Moscow and the region can count on a “summer” May.

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