Weather for the holidays May 2022 in Khabarovsk

The weather for the May 2022 holiday in Khabarovsk is just whispering – you can not say otherwise. In any case, meteorologists do not predict unpleasant surprises in the first half of the festive ten days, but with the second half not everything is so simple.


The weather on May Day promises cloudy, without rain all day. The air temperature at night is from -1 to +1, during the day it will not be very hot, only +9 +11, but at least not very windy – up to 7-12 meters per second in a northerly direction. Citizens will be able to enjoy the first day of a large-scale holiday without risking rain or snow.


On Monday it will be much warmer, at night the thermometer will already show 0 +2, during the day the air will heat up to +11 +13. The wind will accelerate to 7-12 meters per second and will blow in the same direction. The general trend of increasing temperature and decreasing wind speed will continue and May 3rd will be the most successful day for rest in the first part of the decade. Oh yes, no rain again on May 2 – partly cloudy sky.


Great spring day! Partly cloudy, the chance of precipitation is extremely low, at night the air temperature will be +1 +3, during the day the thermometer will show a promising +13 +15. The wind will slow down and blow northeast with a speed of 5-10 meters per second. Go to nature, just do not forget the safety rules and that a special fire regime has been announced.

Detailed weather forecast for May 2022 in Khabarovsk by Moskovsky Komsomolets


On Wednesday, we will all be reluctant to go to work and the weather seems to be making fun of us, showing a blue sky without clouds and winking +13 +15 degrees of heat. On the night of May 4, the thermometer will continue to rise – meteorologists promise +2 +4, and this causes further rapid heating.


On Thursday the sky will be frowning, with occasional rain, +4 +6 at night, to +15 during the day. The wind will accelerate a little – up to 7-12 meters per second in the same direction. Fortunately, we will spend this bad day at our workplaces, so you will not have to worry too much about the rain.


Friday will raise the weather on Thursday – clouds will cover the sky, high probability of rain. The air temperature at night will remain within the previous values, but during the day it will be slightly colder, but only to a degree – up to +14. The wind will change direction to the north, its speed will remain the same, and we will wait with bated breath – what will it show us on Saturday?


And on Saturday we will be a little disappointed – there will be clouds in the sky, although rain is expected only at night, but the temperature will drop due to a small cyclone. It will be +2 +4 at night, +11 +13 during the day. The wind will weaken and will blow at a speed of 5-10 meters per second in different directions.

Detailed weather forecast for May 2022 in Khabarovsk from Moskovsky Komsomolets.


Sunday will give us hope – the sky will finally clear, the clouds, groaning, will crawl on the horizon, and you and I will be able to enjoy the clear sky all day. It is true that it will still be cool – +10 +13 during the day, but this is pure nonsense, because the most important thing is that there will be no rain and strong wind that will not change either speed or direction.


And-and-and, drum! The most important day of the decade, Victory Day 2022 in Khabarovsk – how will it be? And it will be the best of the whole first decade of May! We really hope the meteorologists do not make a mistake, because they predict clear skies, without hints of rain, night temperatures up to +10 and daytime temperatures up to +17! The image will be somewhat damaged by the raging wind, which will disrupt ritual calculations in Lenin Square at speeds of up to 15 meters per second. But generally, gentlemen, we have a wonderful day!


The tenth of May, the last festive weekend, will be charged with the atmosphere of the previous day. How is it sung in this song? “The best day has come yesterday! Too lazy to go at night, stayed until morning. So, the ninth of May was delayed and started at ten, that is the impression, based on the forecast – the same clear sky, the same +17 during the day and the same crazy breeze.

Very well! We can only hope that the meteorologists did not disappoint us and fixed everything correctly – and if so, then the week promises to be wonderful!


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