What time to wait in May?

Due to the cold weather, farmers are not advised to rush to plant vegetables from the “borscht”

Those wishing to spend the May holidays in Russian resorts should beware – a dangerously high UV index is expected on the shores of the Black Sea. But in the Volga region, there will obviously be a lack of heat – the temperature is forecast to be 3 degrees below normal. Night frosts can kill plants that were planted too early in the home gardens, but growing vegetables in greenhouses is not prohibited. About how meteorologists see next summer – in the material “BUSINESS Online”.

Roman Wilfand: “On May 1, the energy of the sun’s rays is the same as in mid-August”
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The weather will be hot and the sea cold

The sunburn during the May holidays may be intense, said today the scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia Roman Wilfand. Presenting the weather forecast for the coming weeks to reporters, he said that the UV index in the south of the country will reach 4-5 and in the south of Krasnodar territory, the indicators will exceed 6. According to the standard UV index developed by the World Health Organization, this level is called the “dangerous sun” period. With a UV index of 5-6 units, it is recommended to use protective sunscreen SPF 30+, closed clothing, hat, stay in the shade and no sun exposure from 11:00 to 17:00.

“On May 1, the energy of the sun’s rays is the same as in mid-August,” the scientist warned. “In 60-65 percent of the country, the temperature background is forecast to be above the long-term standard: in the east of the European territory (Volga region, east of the North-West Federal District), east of Stavropol and Krasnoyarsk Territory, Yadaf “Chukotka”.

Despite the heat of May, it is too early to dive in natural waters. To open the swimming season, the water must be heated to at least 20 degrees above zero for adults and up to 22 degrees for children. But such prices are not expected. For example, in Sochi and Evpatoria it will be plus 14 degrees, in Anapa and Gelendzhik – plus 13, in Tuapse and Feontosia – plus 12, in Alusta – plus 11, in Astrakhan and Mahatskala – plus 17. In foreign resorts , the situation is much better: in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the water temperature reaches plus 28, in Sharm el Sheikh – plus 24, in Hurghada – plus 23, in Antalya – plus 20, in Cyprus – plus 19 , in Greece – plus 18.

By May 2 and 3, in the southern regions, the heat will subside and the temperature will drop by 7-8 degrees. In central Russia, the cooling will be more noticeable. According to the Hydrometeorological Center, on April 30 and May 1 in Moscow, the air temperature is forecast to be around 8-12 degrees, on May 2 – 9-14 degrees, on May 3 – 10-15 degrees. On the shores of the Black Sea – in Sochi and Gelendzhik – even if it is hot during the day up to 17 degrees, cloudy with rain is expected. Next weekend, favorable weather will be created in the resort towns of the Crimean peninsula: in Sevastopol it will be 16 degrees Celsius, in Simferopol – 16-19, in Evpatoria and Yalta – 15-18, in Feodosia – 15-17.

On May 9, Vilfand avoided forecasting the weather, as the success rate of long-term forecasts is 65-70%.

According to the meteorologist, summer in the European part of Russia, the Urals and Western Siberia can be described as “near and above the norm” in terms of heat levels. In early April, rainfall fell by 200% of normal. It rains or snows for an average of 7 days, but this year there were 13 days of rain. “The winter crops went well in the winter. “According to the analyzes, the situation is very favorable in almost the entire territory where winter crops were grown”, the speaker commented.

A spokesman for the hydrometeorological center focused on the UN report, which said natural disasters and weather anomalies had become more common in recent years. For example, in the last two decades, 300-500 floods have occurred annually, and if this situation continues, by 2030 the number of catastrophes associated with extreme temperatures will triple compared to the beginning of the century.

According to the forecast of the Hydrometeorological Center, the weekend in Kazan will start with rain, but on May 1 the sun will rise and the air will heat up to 9 degrees
According to the forecast of the hydrometeorological center, the weekend in Kazan will start with rain, but on May 1 the sun will rise and the air will heat up to 9 degrees
Photo: BUSINESS Online

The weather will start to “correct” from May 4, but for now it will be cool

According to the forecast of the hydrometeorological center, the weekend in Kazan will start with rain, but on May 1 the sun will rise and the air will heat up to 9 degrees. The next day, the chance of rain is 71% at a temperature of 11 degrees during the day. On May 3, the heat will return again and we will enjoy good weather at 14 degrees above zero.

In Tatarstan, the nature of the weather at the end of April was very unstable and in early May the situation will not change, a professor in the Department of Meteorology, Climatology and Atmospheric Ecology of the KFU Institute of Ecology and Nature Management said in an interview with BUSINESS Online Yuri Pereventchev. According to him, while the average air temperature in Tatarstan is below the norm: it should be around 10 degrees Celsius and on May holidays – up to 13 degrees Celsius. In fact, it will be cool in the next decade, with temperatures expected to be 3 degrees below normal.

“Night temperatures [будут] quite low, 1-3 degrees, and in the afternoon the thermometers will show 11-12 degrees. “The weather in May is not waiting for us in the coming days,” Pereventchev promised. Heavy rains are not expected in the republic in early May. This is due to the influence of the polar air that came to democracy.

In April, it rained for three months and this is good for summer residents, because in March there was simply no humidity. “It’s good for agriculture. But the fact that the temperature is still below the climatic norm is bad. “For the growth of plants, heat is needed, it is not enough,” said Perevedentsev. The interlocutor of the post noted that it is too early to annoy gardeners and agricultural producers. If you look at the forecasts of the hydrometeorological center of the Russian Federation, from May 4 the weather will begin to “correct” and the temperature will gradually rise. “Hopefully hot weather will prevail in May,” he added.

Kamiyar Baitemirov:
Kamiyar Baitemirov: “The winter was snowy and the spring was favorable, there was enough moisture for a good harvest”
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“If it does not rain in June, the yield will decrease by 1.5-2 times”

President of the Union of Farmers and Farmers of the Republic of Tatarstan Kamiyar Baitemirov advises gardeners not to rush into planting. “For the May holidays, it’s worth tidying up your holiday homes, but it’s best to avoid planting vegetables for now – this weekend the hydrometeorological center promised frosts of zero to minus 1 degree,” Baitemirov warned. Indeed, according to the forecast of the Hydrometeorological Center of the Republic of Tatarstan, the weather in the first days of May is not encouraging. On April 30, sleet is expected in some parts of the republic at night and in the east the temperature will drop to minus 5 degrees. May 1st will not be better either – under the influence of the western anticyclone region, the temperature will drop to 3 degrees below zero at night. “You can start planting early crops with onions or carrots, dill, radishes, but it is better to avoid other crops,” advises the president of the farmers’ association. “In general, we must take into account the call of the mayor of Kazan that it is necessary to resume the cultivation of borscht in order to supply potatoes, cabbage and other vegetable crops.”

If there is a greenhouse in the cottage, it is already possible to plant vegetables and plants, the president of the Gardeners’ Association of the Republic of Tatarstan added a note of optimism Vladimir Deinekin. There is another option – to cover the crops with dense material that will protect from wind and rain. “Agriculture is always dangerous, you can not escape it. You can, of course, wait, here everyone chooses for themselves. “Individual agriculture is good for that,” he told BUSINESS Online. You can plant cabbage – it is not “afraid of the cold”, the speaker added, noting that even without planting, there would be something to do now on the plots: you need to fertilize, loosen the soil and, in general, put things in order.

The spring season has already begun for democratic farmers. “Now there is a process of retaining moisture in the soil, we were taught that a delay in the harrow for one day allows the evaporation of 60 tons of water per hectare,” the speaker explained. “Some farmers have already started cultivating the soil, after which it is necessary to sow and take care of the crops at the optimal time.”

The sickle and plow workers expect that this year’s harvest will be better than last year’s. “The winter was snowy and the spring was favorable, enough moisture had accumulated for a good harvest,” says Baitemirov. “But we are more concerned about the June drought. If there is no rain in June, the yield will decrease by 1.5–2 times. But we hope for a good harvest, this will allow us to drop prices [на продукты питания] under state control “.

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