Events April 30 in Omsk

10:00 to 18:00 The Kondraty Belov Museum (10 Chokan Valikhanov Street) invites you to the exhibition “Singer of Siberia”. Kondraty Petrovich Belov is a famous singer of the Siberian lands, a unique, unique master of the epic landscape. For Kondraty Belov, nature is not beautiful pieces of landscape, but a living world with movement, part of which is a person, accepting him as he is from the beginning. Art critics called K. Belov’s landscapes a complete and expressive portrait of Siberia. Age limit: 0+.

singer of siberia.jpg

From 10:00 to 18:00 Omsk State Museum of History and Local Lore “(Lenin St., 23a) invites you to get acquainted with the exhibition” DM Karbyshev – Glorious name of Omsk. DM Karbyshev – Glorious name of Omsk. Born in Omsk, Dmitry Mikhailovich graduated from the Siberian Probation Corps, a higher military academy, and became one of the founders of mechanical fortifications in the USSR. He dedicated his whole life to the service of the Homeland. Age limit: 0+.


From 10:00 to 18:00 the Omsk State Museum of Local History (Lenin Street, 23a) invites you to the exhibition “National Panorama of Siberia”. The exhibition is a series of historical and cultural complexes depicting elements of material and spiritual culture, ethnic traditions of the main ethnic groups living in Siberia. Phone for questions: 31-47-47. Age limit: 0+.

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From 10:00 to 18:00 at the State Museum of History and Local Folklore of Omsk (23a Lenin Street) you can visit the exhibition “Face to Face with Nature”. This exhibition is a wonderful opportunity to get to know the natural areas of the Omsk region and their inhabitants. Having traveled from the steppe in the south of the area to the forest zone in the north, visitors will get to know aquatic and semi-aquatic animals that live in rivers, fresh and salt lakes, swamps and near them, will see birds and forest animals, forest -step, steppe. And, perhaps, there will be a feeling that you are really “face to face with nature”. Age limit: 0+.

face to face nature.jpg

From 10:00 to 18:00, the city’s central library (Pobedy Bull., 4) invites you to the Siberian Patterns exhibition. Siberia is rich in traditions and crafts, famous for its people who created original art. The symbolic meaning of the traditions and beliefs of the Siberian peoples is reflected in the motifs. A general bibliography on the subject of the exhibition is presented in the section “Laboratory Siberia”. The materials of the section “Ornaments of the soul of the nations” will help in the study and comparison of designs and designs of Belarusian, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, German, Tatar ornaments. Age limit: 0+.

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At 11:00 the Omsk Drama Theater “Galyorka” (B. Khmelnitsky St., 236) awaits the young spectators in the play “Once upon a time in the kingdom of the snake”. Three heads are fine, but two relate to our tale. Cashier Phone: 280-344. Age limit: 12+.

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At 11:00 in the Youth Theater on the stage of the Actor’s House (Lenin, 45) will be the play “Trick of the Wicked”. Do not forget to come to our oriental bazaar! Go to the teahouse, listen to stories about the wise and just Hoxha Nasreddin and his donkey! It is possible to miss the spectacle of how a wicked man cheats a complacent emir, punishes a bad moneylender and gets the most beautiful girl in Bukhara! Age limit: 12+.

sly tricks.jpg

At 11:00 at the Fifth Theater (153 Krasny Put St.), the audience will see the children’s play Niels Journey with Wild Geese. The protagonist of the fairy tale, Niels, is not distinguished at all by exemplary behavior. The defenseless animals understand this very well: he can shoot a sparrow from a slingshot and make an experimental haircut on a cat … But then a magician appears, who decides to teach a bully a lesson and turns Niels into a baby. To break the spell, the boy must discover the secret and make an exciting journey with a herd of wild geese. Age limit: 6+.

nils journey with the wild.jpg

At 14:00, the Fifth Theater (153 Krasny Put St.) invites you to watch Doctor Aibolit. According to director-producer Denis Shibaev, a discussion about the care of nature, the care of our little brothers should start with the children as early as possible. The story of a kind doctor who saves all lives from damage is more relevant than ever for our industrial city with millions of people, where large petrochemical and mechanical companies are located and the ecological situation is on the verge of disaster. Cashier Phone: 24-03-63. Age limit: 16+.

doctor aybolit.jpg

At 15:00 show-tram tour “Next Stop”. Viewers of the new performance-tram tour will travel by tram from the city’s oldest train station (Karl Marx Avenue, 45A; Circus stop) along Route No. 8 to Polet, returning to the depot along Route No. 2. The movement is carried out outside without stops. The length of the route is 10 km. This is a story about the dream of the people of Omsk to live in a convenient and progressive city, about the tram as the most comfortable form of public transport and about the desire of two young people Aliki and Taras to they are happy against all odds. Age limit: 12+. Questions on the phone 35-30-37.

Tram 1.jpeg

At 18:00, the Omsk Drama Theater “Galyorka” (B. Khmelnitsky St., 236) invites you to watch the performance “Not All Cats Carnival”. The famous classic comedian Alexander Ostrovsky is impressive in its relevance in any era. They love her for her wonderful humor, unexpected twists, wisdom and questions that do not lose their sharpness. Cashier Phone: 280-344. Age limit: 12+.

not all horses carnival 3.jpg

At 18:00, the theater “Studio” of L. Ermolaeva (Kimikov, 27) presents the play “Get used to being happy.” This show is unique in its form and content. Poems and songs by authors from many eras of Russian poetry will be heard from the stage. The public will be able to hear the harmony and originality of the poets of the Golden Age, to immerse themselves in the dynamics and originality of the writers of the Silver Age. And the strong and deep poetry of the poets – soldiers of the front line will not leave anyone indifferent. Cashier Phone: 67-36-31. Age limit: 12+.

get used to being happy.jpg

At 18:30 the Fifth Theater (153, Krasny put st.) Invites you to the performance “Boeing-Boeing”. Of course, not without elegance and with an absolute sense of humor, the show narrates the romance of a young imposing Parisian with three charming flight attendants. Michelle, Martha and Mary fly with different airlines, which forces their inventive “groom” – the architect Bernard, to adapt his life to the “arrivals-departures” program of the three “brides”. But you can not anticipate and plan everything in the smallest detail. Cashier Phone: 24-03-63. Age limit: 16+.


At 21:00 in the folk bar “Viking” (before K. Marx, 18/1) will appear the KDRR / educational program / Wild Schnapps / SEVEN STÖNES. Not sure what to do on May Day? Come to us and you will feel the whole meaning of the word “drive”! Endless energy, combined with everyone’s favorite music! Age limit: 18+. Free entrance.

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