Forests on fire and “dirty liberota”: what to expect from the Urals next week | Sverdlovsk Oblast

A state of emergency has been declared in some parts of the Urals due to forest fires

The governor of the Sverdlovsk region, Yevgeny Kuybashev, sided with the people of Yekaterinburg, who were once again indirectly attacked by TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov, calling the Ural capital “the center of a dirty libero”. The head of the district asked the showman “to pay attention to the language”. At the same time, forests began to burn actively in the Urals, exposing the settlements to a serious threat. What else can the Urals expect from this week’s main topics – in FederalPress.

Who should watch the language

The topic of the week in the Middle Urals suddenly became a skirmish between TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov and Governor Yevgeny Kuyvashev. Solovyov, who had previously called Yekaterinburg “City of Demons”, this time used the adjective “the center of the dirty liberota”. The statement was made during a conversation with the plenipotentiary of the Federal District of the Urals Vladimir Yakushev.

Solovyov responded to Governor Yevgeny Kuyvashev, who advised him to “watch your tongue.” The answer did not take long to come: the TV presenter suggested to the head of the area to decide to “speak according to the meanings” and “hit him with an arrow”, while reminding the Uralmash OPS off-site.

Around Yevgeny Kuybashev, not only the regional political elite gathered, but also the ordinary residents of Sverdlovsk. Solovyov’s words were commented on by former governor Eduard Rossel, former Yekaterinburg mayor Arkady Chernetsky, current mayor Alexei Orlov, Bard Alexander Novikov and many others. Boxer Yegor Mekhontsev called the presenter into “tough negotiations”, which had not yet taken place in Solovyov’s practice.

However, according to the director of the communications agency Magic, Inc. Platon Mamatovthis coherence is deceptive.

“This story is virtual. “Now it looks like a rally, but it will be forgotten in a week.” – commented the political general.

According to him, Solovyov could well have deliberately provoked such a reaction with his behavior. At the same time, the reaction of the Yekaterinburg community is not unique.

“Conflict is the basis of drama. Gathering against a virtual enemy is a classic political technology. “There is nothing unique about the Urals in this.” – says Plato Mamatov.

Forest fires

The issue of forest fires has returned to the forefront in the Urals, especially in the Tyumen region. And not just natural. In Ishim, the roof of a shopping mall caught fire, in the Tyumen area, 11 buildings burned down in a cottage, including three houses. The cause was the burning of the grass by one of the summer residents. The woman was charged with a crime.

According to the online map of the fires, it seems that there are already outbreaks in eight districts of the area. At times – up to 243 hectares – the extent of forest fires increased in just one day, from Thursday to Friday. The most difficult situation is in the southern part of the region. In addition, fires were recorded in neighboring areas. A state of emergency was declared in the Kurgan region and a special fire regime was introduced in the Sverdlovsk region on 30 April.

Director of the Institute of Earth Sciences of Tyumen State University Vitaly Khoroshavin believes that in the southeastern part of the region in the coming years will be even drier – the climate is changing in a global sense. “The situation is getting worse by the natural cycle – low water. This happened in the Tyumen region before – the 50-60s of last century. “People just forgot about it.” – says the scientist.

Staff changes

The other main event of the week was the resignations. Yuri Yakubenko, head of the Ugra state property management department, resigned of his own free will. The clerk worked in the department for 20 years and for the last three years was its head. He does not intend to leave Hungary and will most likely continue his career in the development structures of the region. Staff changes have also taken place in the manor of the first deputy governor Alexei Okhlopkov, who came to power last year.

As the political scientist points out Alexander Bezdeloveach new vice-governor sets his own rules of the game in the divisions under his control. “This fits in well with the example of strengthening the government and setting up your own team in key positions. In this situation, this is a common thing, especially when it comes to the real estate department – this is one of the most important departments in any regional government. Bezdelov noted.

By the way, in the Chelyabinsk region began to talk (so far unofficially) about the voluntary resignation of Health Minister Yuri Semenov. The director of the Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund, Agata Tkacheva, is taking his place.

Special function and measures

This week, President Vladimir Putin met with the Council of Legislators of the Russian Federation and announced the main positions of the country during the special operation in Ukraine and also discussed anti-crisis measures.

“Vladimir Vladimirovich noted that the West does not need a strong Russia and it was he who [Запад] brought Ukraine into direct confrontation with Russia. Despite the efforts of the satellites, our economy survived and did not collapse. On the contrary, isolation has become an incentive for the development of the domestic business. We are ready to accept and repel blows. “There are powerful tools for this and all decisions have been made about it.” – says the president of the Legislative Assembly of Yamal Sergei Yamkinwho took part in the event.

Announcements next week on one line

On the night of April 30, the ice crossing at the Ob between Salekhard and Labytnangi is closed. Two “Neptune-23” motor boats have been operating since the weekend. The fare for an adult is 146 rubles, for a child 73 rubles. On May 1, the Korotchaevo-Krasnoselkup winter road closes.

Additional support measures for veterans of the special operation will be introduced in Yamal next week. Additional benefits to housing programs will be provided in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Region for veterans and disabled fighters who participated in the special operation to release the DPR and LPR.

On May 4, Tyumen will start accepting applications from the self-employed for a business development grant. You can apply for up to 100 thousand rubles.

Tyumen Regional Adviser Olga Ezikeeva invites small business representatives to an honest conversation. The meeting is scheduled for 4 pm on May 5 at the boiling point. Among the topics of discussion announced are the business situation and which positions need to be filled now.

Birthday of the week

This week, the birthday is celebrated on May 6 by the Deputy Governor of Kurgan Region, Konstantin Ermakov.

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