It is easy to be thin or how to gain a healthy weight

“You can only envy”, “you are a witch”: for sure, slender men and women often hear such phrases. But in fact, gaining weight is a big problem for many. discovered what to eat to see the long-awaited overalls in the mirror.

Causes of low body weight

Our experts – Ulyanovsk nutritionists Sergey Shageev, Larisa Gabdulkhakova and Guzel Suleymanova are unanimous in their opinion: the problems with weight loss are just as severe as those with overweight. And to get rid of the problem, you need to know the causes of its occurrence. We have identified the main ones: because people remain thin and can not gain weight.

“In fact, there can be many reasons. In order to recognize them, it is necessary to pass examinations, thanks to which we will understand that a person is not normal. But in my experience, the most common cause of weight loss is a stomach upset, which causes parasites that have entered our body. In the Ulyanovsk region, parasites such as giardia, ascaris and pinworms are more common in people with low birth weight. “Therefore, before starting treatment, it is necessary to conduct a thorough examination of the body to understand the true cause of underweight,” says nutritionist Sergey Shageev.

If you do not start treating the problem of weight loss in time in time, it can lead to catastrophic consequences, doctors say. The smallest part of what can happen to you is that your skin will dry out. One of the saddest results is the birth of children with pathologies.

Consequences of underweight:

Myths about underweight

Everything that obese people can not do can be done by those who want to gain weight – so many believe, seeking a bigger figure on the scales. But is that really so?

Myth No. 1: If a fat person needs to move more, then should a weak person lie on the couch?

“The load must be given to the body in every case, thick and thin. “We do not need to accumulate fat, but to build muscle to gain weight,” says Larisa Gabdulkhakova.

Myth 2: If a fat person has to eat rationally and fractionally, then can a lean person eat in large quantities and not think about the time of eating?

“No it is not. To boost your metabolism, you need to eat about four times a day. Then the weight gain process can be accelerated. Just one person may need to increase the amount of food they consume to not lose weight. “But, on the contrary, to gain weight,” says Dr. Sagiev.

Myth number 3: If a fat person can not eat fast food, then a lean person can?

“Both a thin and a full person should not eat fast food. Yes, a person can gain weight, but in this case, fat will accumulate, not muscle. Fast food and other snacks are carbohydrates that will not benefit the body, but only harm it. They can harm the fact that a person who consumes such foods develops a lack of macro- and micronutrients in the body. People need them for full function, so the body will borrow from its bones, muscles, blood vessels, skin, hair, blood to replenish the necessary element. “Respectively, from where the body took the missing person will eventually ‘collapse’ and may lead, for example, to diabetes,” believes Larisa Gabdulkhakova.

Myth # 4: If a fat person can not eat a few hours before bedtime, then a lean person can?

“Under no circumstances. When we sleep, the body should rest, and not strain, processing food. If you eat before bed, then, for example, the liver will expend energy and this will lead to worsening of stomach problems. “It is possible that due to such delayed meals you will have gastritis, heartburn”, Gabdulkhakova shares.

Myth No. 5. If a fat person needs to do more cardio, then should a thin person focus on strength training?

“No, a person needs cardio anyway. The fact is that before we “wake up” our muscles, we must warm them with intense movements, the blood must be scattered throughout the body. “Cardiovascular loads give the body saturation with oxygen and nutrients, which has a beneficial effect on the muscles of the body”, emphasizes Larisa Gabdulkhakova.

How to gain weight

So how do you get started claiming a daycare tax deduction?

“The most important thing is to determine why this happened and then choose a set of measures to gain weight. A person can eat a lot of protein, but will not assimilate, so we can recommend the patient to add functional food to meals, cocktails, where proteins, fats, carbohydrates are balanced. “We can also give patients a recommendation to add active additives to food.”

It is imperative to visit a doctor. But there are also universal tips suggested by nutritionist Guzel Suleimanova for those who want to gain weight.

“Every day you have to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, these meals should not be omitted. It is also essential to eat high-calorie foods throughout the day. This can be added, for example, to a salad, olive oil. “Also, as a snack, there may be avocados, olives, yogurts, nuts,” Suleimanova recommends.

Do not forget the sports, thanks to which you will build muscle mass. It is best to start the workout with a trainer who will develop a training program for your goals.

“Not only through diet, a person can become better, but also with the help of training. I advise you to start playing sports, no more than three times a week, the body should get used to the loads. “Thanks to strength training, you can build healthy muscle mass, not fat,” advises Larisa Gabdulkhakova.

In addition to a competent approach to diet and exercise, you need to pay tribute to your sleep. It is the key to a healthy body and proper muscle growth. Doctors advise: you should sleep 7-8 hours a day, so that the body has time to rest and start full work at the beginning of the next day.

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