Lentil and cheburek cutlet with mold. Lunch in a vegetarian cafe

Today in the play “National Cuisines of Tyumen” we will make a lyrical deviation. Let’s leave for the future eating the liver of a boar’s knee, let’s move the critique of Mexican tacos and burritos, throw away the dreams of Georgian kebabs and burritos. Today we pay tribute to healthy, useful, unusual nutrition. Today we will have lunch at Tulasi Vegetarian Cafe.

People look at vegetarians and vegans with suspicion: today you refused a steak, but what tomorrow? Will you betray your homeland or human nature itself? And in general, who with common sense and a healthy pancreas will replace cutlets with soy? There is definitely something wrong with these vegetarians. We talked about the same as we headed to the cafe. Seriously, what can you expect from vegetarians? Tasteless and insatiable, to say the least. But you have to check. After all, the material is not advertising, we are not paid for it, so eat and write a subjective destructive review.

Each table has its own lighting.
Vegetarianism is ambiguous in its approach to proper nutrition. Classic vegetarians – egg-vegetarians – eat not only plant products, but also eggs and dairy products. Vegetarians eliminate dairy products from their diet, but eat eggs. Lacto-vegetarians, on the other hand, have nothing against milk and dairy products, but eggs are banned. And vegans – the most ardent followers – do not consume milk, eggs or honey, only plant foods. Heterogeneous view on mushrooms. Most vegetarians equate them with plant foods, although according to the classification, mushrooms are elevated in a separate kingdom.

Finding an institution is easy: Respubliki, 46, on the corner of Pervomaiskaya. Nearby, by the way, with our last checked restaurant “Antalya”.

There is also a branch in Voroninskie Gorki, but we have not been there, we can not evaluate it. Cafe Tulasi is open only one year, on February 24 it celebrates its first birthday. The owners promise to arrange a tasting with tables outside, a show schedule. However, the cafe regularly hosts various cultural events. Then a psychologist will come to discuss important household issues. This will be followed by an evening of drum music, a Hebrew harp or a ukulele. The Tulasi management, paradoxically, do not like it when coffees are rated just as vegetarian. The idea of ​​the restaurant is delicious and healthy food. How delicious, we have to check it.

Puppies with mold and divine pumpkin

There are not many places inside. No restaurant spaces. The room is conditionally divided into two zones: from the heels of the tables to the main and a pair crammed into the corner. But they do not need more, at the moment there are not even business lunches in Tulasi, although, according to director Dmitri, this issue will be resolved in the near future. The menu does not impress with the high prices, but you will not find cheap canteen. In Tyumen, in general, vegetarianism is represented by three institutions and Tulasi is quite loyal in this regard.

You can look through thematic magazinesYou can look through thematic magazines

We decided to try several dishes at once. We ordered two types of Bavarian pizza: vegetarian and vegan – distinguished by artificial starch cheese. We tried for Caesar salad dessert, Buddha Bowl, pumpkin soup, cheeseburger with lentil burger and carrot cake. They all shared them as brothers. In addition, director Dmitri treated us to a new dish, which is not yet on the menu – kutab with Dor-blue cheese. Drinks include ginger beer, sea buckthorn tea and Ethiopian coffee.

Bogdan Loginov: “When the waiter suggested me pumpkin soup, saying we certainly did not eat that delicious, I just smiled skeptically. My lady already cooks pumpkin soup in every way better than in a coffee, albeit vegetarian. And he was wrong. Forgive me, dear wife, but the pumpkin soup you brought was just divine. In general, you can come here at least for his sake.

Kutab left the same vivid impression – cheburek with grass. I have never eaten anything like this, Jura compared it on purpose to a cheburek, but you should not do that. Because it is a completely different story that does not get worse due to lack of meat. The same, by the way, applies to pizza, in which minced soy or lentils. It is important to understand that none of these dishes should be compared to meat, enjoy an unusual combination of foods that you certainly do not eat on a daily basis. By the way, the cheeseburger with lentil burger was not impressive. Here, just the brightness of the taste was not enough.

Certainly, Tulasi is a different look at the food we are used to. It’s like traveling all the time in Europe and suddenly deciding to go to Japan. Another world, other emotions, another buzz from the journey. In general, I recommend you look here, even if only to broaden your gastronomic horizons.

Dmitry Karpov: “Between Bogdan’s emotional speech, a wise thought escapes: you should not compare the vegetarian proportions of meat with real beef, pork, chicken. This is a place where you get new sensations by trying completely new food. When you start associating with vegetarian food this way, it opens up and gives an amazing experience.

The king of the table is of course the pumpkin soup. The local chefs played with the spices so skillfully that the fasting dish sparkled with royal flavors and aromas. Moderately sour, moderately spicy, moderately sweet. It is impossible to describe in words, you have to try. And, of course, we urgently need to add kutab to the menu. It is strange that no one thought of using a combination of greens and Dor-blue cheese with noble blue mold as a filling before Tulasi. The invention proved to be satisfying and very tasty.

The rest of the dishes can not be called tasteless, but against the background of the above are lost. Good salads, good burger… But the coffee surprised me with the plus sign. I have never tasted coffee from Ethiopia again, I was satisfied with Brazilian or Colombian. I do not know if this variety is or if they cook it so cool, but the aroma and taste of coffee seems to be absorbed in the tongue nipples, in the palate. Drink this coffee with clean water, served in the kit. Two sips of water interrupt the intense aftertaste of coffee, but after a few seconds it slowly begins to return with a delicate aroma, similar to high-aging cognac.

Caesar, pumpkin soup, burger with lentilsCaesar, pumpkin soup, burger with lentils

Yuri Sestak: “I ate vegetarian food for the second time in my life. The first experience was a visit to the cafe “SupKultura” when it first opened. Soups are poured into edible cups. It was quite tasty, but one serving was not enough then. I did not think they would hire us at Tulasi either. What kind of lunch without meat, cutlets or, at worst, sausages with pasta!

The acquaintance started with a Caesar salad. He found a chicken substitute. As I understood before, it is made from wheat. I tried it and it tasted like chicken. The spices on the cabbage leaves seemed a bit excessive. And so, you can not distinguish it at all from the usual “Caesar”. Pleasantly surprised by the pumpkin soup. Eat and enjoy life. Finishing the soup, I realized I had already eaten. And in front were the vegan pizza, the kutab and the Buddha Bowl slat.

Pizza did not inspire me. Yes, it is nutritious, but dry. HeyI think so Regular pizza with meat or fish is much tastier, juicier. But the kutab exceeded all expectations. Incredibly delicious thanks to the awesome cheese with “foreign” mold and filling like cheburek. I have already tried the Buddha Bowl salad with avocado and broccoli with power. Will I come here again? Definitely! Once again I want to try kutab and pumpkin soup. I was glad that not only the dishes were balanced, but also the prices. For the same money, you can eat in the same way in an ordinary cafe. For reasons of interest, I decided to check after how long I want to eat again. I wanted to eat again after 4.5 hours “.

Is healthy food expensive?

The carrot cake was not conquered, I had to eat at the pension office. By the way, this is not the only dessert that Tulasi offers. Cakes, cakes – all, of course, vegetarian – are rotated on a special pedestal. Choose, take, enjoy. Photo with incredible appetitePhoto with incredible appetite

During this night, we discovered two wrong places at the same time: “Vegetarian food can not be delicious” and “Healthy food is expensive food”. For a full meal for three, we paid about three thousand rubles. It could be less, you can eat for half the amount, but I wanted to try everything. And most importantly – after full of steaks, barbecue, meatballs, hunger begins to return after a few hours and here the feeling of satiety remained until late at night. At the same time, there was no normal gravity after dinner. Instead, I wanted to create, to write, to create.

Lentil and cheburek cutlet with mold.  Lunch in a vegetarian cafe

Of course, we, the avid meat eaters, are not going to betray the junk food, but from time to time everyone decided to look at Tulasi: Bogdan, Jura and Dima. In addition, the convenient location of the cafe allows you to run even on the road somewhere. And, as mentioned above, the foundation periodically holds unusual offers, games, lectures and meetings. Our verdict: Recommended.

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