Pilgrimage to the barbecue: how to cook a tasty and healthy barbecue without breaking the law

How to cook barbecue deliciously, how to eat it without harming health and how not to fall into a fine in trying to cook it? Tverigrad.ru publishes recommendations of experts on the favorite food of the people of Tver before the May holidays.

The May holidays are ahead. Residents of the Tver area will have eight days off with a short break between weekends for three working days. And even if the weather is not yet very favorable for outdoor recreation, the people of Tver will still go to their holiday homes and make real pilgrimages to nature to relax, breathe the spring air and, of course, fry a barbecue.

But it is worth remembering that grilled meat is not such a healthy food. Advice on how to marinate and fry kebab was given by a nutritionist, professor at the Department of Polyclinic Therapy and Family Medicine, Doctor of Medical Sciences Nikolai Kirilenko.

– When you cook meat on an open fire, a crust forms. And to protect yourself, it is necessary for the meat to be fried enough. It is better to choose beef from the barbecue, because it is less fatty, although not as soft as pork. In addition, there will be additives in the meat, so it is necessary with the meat, with the barbecue, to enter as little fat as possible in the body. Or you can cook turkey skewers, says the expert.

Do not over-consume grilled meat. Thus, a nutritionist advises eating no more than 150 grams of barbecue at night.

– In very large volumes it is not necessary to consume it, it is also harmful to the body. Short-term large amounts of meat intake are not very good. I understand that in nature, delicious, fun, but still do not forget about your health, says Nikolai Kirilenko. – It is also recommended to use vegetable salads with kebabs – tomatoes, cucumbers. Most importantly, do not salt them. It is not advisable to use sour cream or mayonnaise when dressing salads. And if you add dressing, then vegetable oil is better. The proportion of meat and salad should be in favor of the salad. And we must not forget the bread – rye or whole grains. This will be a good combination.

Most common marinades, especially store-bought marinades, tend to contain vinegar, which is not good for a healthy diet. What exactly is worth pickling meat, the expert also has his own advice.

– As a marinade, it is better to use kefir or dry red wine. Other marinades contain salt. We do not need salt, because the meat itself has enough salt. Therefore, it is impossible to salt it at all, we do not need salty marinades. Therefore, you can use kefir, lemon, onion or dry red wine, says the nutritionist.

Classic marinade recipes often contain sparkling mineral water. But this is not the most successful choice for cooking meat in terms of healthy food.

– Mineral carbonated water should not be used for marinating. We do not need this carbon dioxide, which it contains, for the body, it only harms us. Generally, the use of mineral water is prescribed periodically. Let’s say once a year, or twice a year. But if you use it more often, it will harm the body, calcium is flushed out, explained Nikolai Kirilenko.

But you can cook delicious grilled meat with health benefits. There are many recipes for how to fry a barbecue, so that everyone fills the saliva and at the same time follows the recommendations of a specialist. Vari.ru chef Viktor Korshunov shared shish kebab cooking methods.

This is a turkey skewer in kefir. For cooking, you will need 2 kg of turkey, a liter of kefir, 300 grams of onion, a head of garlic, a bunch of fresh basil, salt, pepper, whole cumin and coriander, vegetable oil.

– Cut the meat as usual, add the onion and garlic, coarsely chopped, add all the spices and herbs, marinate in advance. Maybe the day before. Bake skewers on skewers. When frying, grease with oil to give an appetizing crimson look and keep it juicy. It is important not to dry the kebab too much, then it will turn out very tasty, – said Victor Korshunov in the recipe.

It does not matter where you decide to cook barbecue – close to home, in the countryside or in nature. Do not forget that there are clear fire safety rules that must be strictly observed. This is especially true during the May holidays, when dry grass can easily be ignited by coal that has fallen off the barbecue. Therefore, no matter where you would like to cook a barbecue or other meal, you must strictly follow the general fire safety precautions.

– The design of the brazier should exclude the possibility of the flame spreading and flammable materials falling out of the combustion chamber, the walls of the brazier should not catch fire due to burns or mechanical cracks or damage. The brazier must be firmly placed in a specially prepared space, – explained to the Central Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Tver region.

Also, next to the brazier there should be primary firefighting equipment (at least one bucket of water), the fire and even the coals that are smoldering should not be left unchecked and after the grilling process is over, the coals in the brazier should be filled with water. Firewood and flammable liquids must be at least two meters away from the barbecue.

If you decide to fry a barbecue in the country, then you should remember the rule that the barbecue grill can be placed no closer than 5 meters from the cottage and other buildings. The surrounding area must be cleaned within a radius of 2 meters. The same requirement applies to garage cooperatives. You can also fry barbecue on the territory of a private home, but in a place specially designed for this purpose.

– Open fire is not allowed, fires in areas outside the territory of private households at a distance of less than 50 meters from the objects of protection. It is forbidden to use open fire in young coniferous forests, in burned areas, in areas with damaged forests, peatlands, in logging areas (in cutting areas) that have not been cleared of logging and wood harvesting, in places with dry grass, and also below from tree crowns. Elsewhere in the forest, open fire may be used in areas separated by fire-fighting mutants, that is, cleaned in the mineral soil layer, a strip at least 0.5 meters wide, according to the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

It is not recommended to fry hookah kebab in the yards of apartment buildings and it is completely forbidden in playgrounds. A complete taboo is required in the preparation of the barbecue on the balcony. Violation of fire safety requirements is punished by the administrative code.

Violation of these requirements is due a warning or a fine of two to three thousand rubles. The amount of the fine will increase from two to four thousand rubles if the violation is committed under the conditions of a special fire regime in the area. From four to five thousand – if the breach resulted in fire and destruction or damage to someone else’s property or individuals received minor or moderate bodily harm.

– The police reminds that during the fire-fighting period, additional fire safety requirements and sanctions are imposed for their violation, according to art. 20.4 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation “Violation of fire safety requirements”, increased by almost 2 times. For citizens, the maximum amount of money recovery will be 4,000 rubles, for employees – 30,000 rubles and for legal entities – 400,000 rubles. For the destruction or damage of forest plantations as a result of careless handling of fire or arson Art. Article 261 of the Penal Code of the Russian Federation “Destruction or damage to forest plantations” provides for criminal liability. According to the sanctions of this article, the maximum sentence is 10 years imprisonment, – Reminded of the punishment in the press service of the Ministry of Interior in the Tver region.

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