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mud ambush

A powerful American John Deere tractor with a sowing complex, lifting a cloud of dust, leaves the field to the grain yard. There he will have to refill the bunkers with grain and fertilizer and go to the second round. Along the way it crosses several large potholes, which as they say are “up to the knee”. 10 ton KamAZ trucks can not boast of such capabilities, so they humbly wait for agricultural machinery on the road.


Thousands of hectares of arable land in the Amur region will be sown with wheat

– It’s inconvenient: it takes a long time. But there is no other way, – says Efim Bezrukov, agronomist of the company Soyuz, while flooding mud puddles in a lively Niva. – Thanks to that unusually hot day in April, when the temperature was +22 degrees. The ground receded very abruptly and the humidity was strongly pulled. This made the job more difficult.

According to the expert, the spring was late. The sowing of barley started on April 7, but due to the sudden snowfall and rain, the works had to be temporarily stopped. The workers returned to the field only after 5 days. Workers, meanwhile, remember the years when they started sowing early grain as early as March 27th.

The barley is dragged until one in the morning

In order to meet favorable agricultural deadlines, the machine operators worked until one in the morning. The unfavorable weather forecast also prompted the employees: several internet services promised at the same time that the rain was approaching. With a joint effort, 200 acres of barley were sown, then they immediately took wheat.

After the cultivation of the soil, the fertilization of the soil and the dressing of the seeds, the sowing of the crops begins.

“We did a good job with the barley, the harvest will be good,” says Yefim Alexandrovich. – It is desirable to sow it “by a fragment” in the period of frost, when the sole of the ground has not yet moved far. We did just that.

Just recently the weather took the side of the farmers, giving the promising sun and warmth. The estuaries in the fields began to dry out. But in some areas, I still had to do a deep loosening of the soil to get the water out faster.

Spring has done its thing

Now, according to the workers, is the perfect time to sow the wheat. Constant positive temperatures, sun and wind contribute to agricultural work. Of the 6.5 thousand hectares of arable land in Andreevka, 1 thousand hectares are available for cereals: 200 for barley, 300 for wheat and 500 hectares for corn.

– The weather is good, we work with pleasure, – during the refueling of the grain grinder, admitted the operator of the machine Sergey Nizhmak. – It is still humid, of course, but tolerable. During loading, we make a complete inspection of the machine so that the hoods, the wires, the dirt rollers do not become clogged and everything works properly.

When the sower is inspected, loaded with grain and fertilizer, all problems are corrected, the powerful unit roars back into the field. A few tens of meters – and its contours have already disappeared into the dust.

Soybeans on the street

The workers do not hide their joy – the sowing of wheat has already come to an end. It will be completed in the coming days. However, field work will not stop there. Farmers will prepare for the sowing of the main crop of the region – soybeans.

“Apart from the weather forecast on the Internet, I watch the signs,” says agronomist Efim Bezrukov. If the sun sets in the clouds, the weather will be bad. Squared!

Mineral fertilizers are now applied in the fields below the queen of the fields. After that, the soil is harrowing. Then the pre-cultivation and the sowing itself will begin. The farm admits that they did not have any problems in the market of fertilizers, disinfectants, seeds. For the sowing campaign everything was prepared in advance. Heavy-duty operation is not a concern either – the American John Deere tractors and the Canadian Buhler tractors, which quickly cross the Amur fields, are reliable and fully equipped with spare parts and consumables.

“From this weekend, we will regularly check the soil heating, as soon as the temperature in the upper layer reaches 10-12 degrees, we will start sowing,” explained agronomist Efim Bezrukov.

Photo: Alexey Sukhushin

Land reclamation for the benefit of the harvest

Most of the arable land – 4,000 hectares – is used for on-farm soybeans. The workers will traditionally sow the queen of the fields in two shifts – day and night – to finish before June 1st.

Last year, the company did well in soybeans and cereals. The yield of barley reached 33 cm per hectare, soybeans – 20 cm per hectare. “The sowing campaign is going well, because we have been able to cultivate a lot of land since the autumn, so the chances of a decent harvest are high,” adds Efim Aleksandrovich.

In recent years, local fields have suffered greatly from flooding. During heavy rainfall, the estuaries quickly fill with water. Part of the crop dies due to lack of nutrition and disease. Farmers do not give up, intending to fight against the elements – this season, restoration work is planned at the site in Yerkovtsy.

The Tambov region is among the leaders in the sowing campaign

One week later last year, the sowing campaign began throughout the Amur region. Farmers in the Konstantinovsky and Tambov regions were the first to sow barley. Shortly afterwards, field work began in 9 other neighborhoods in the area.


tractors, 1,600 sowers and sowing units, more than 2,000 plowers participate in the sowing campaign in the Amur area

Due to the cyclone, which brought rain in the form of rain and snow, seven neighborhoods in the area can not yet start sowing. The area is flooded in Arkharinsky, Bureysky, Zeya, Zavitinsky, Magdagachinsky, Skovorodinsky and Shimanovsky areas, according to the press service of the regional Ministry of Agriculture. With the introduction of favorable weather the farms will be connected with the sowing of early cereals. According to the agricultural conditions, the sowing of barley and wheat must be completed by May 5, oats by May 10.

This year, early grain crops will cover 215,000 hectares of fields in the area. That is 42,000 hectares more than last year. About 130,000 hectares will be used for wheat, another 50,000 for barley, 33,000 for oats and 2,000 hectares for triticale.

Today, the sowing of early cereals in the area is completed by one third. The seeds have already been planted in an area of ​​62.2 thousand hectares. Last year, that percentage was double. Today, barley is sown in an area of ​​35.4 thousand hectares, wheat – 22.4 thousand hectares, oats – 4.1 thousand hectares, triticale – 222 hectares. The grain-growing Tambov region became the absolute leader in the sowing season. Almost 21,000 acres have been sown there with wheat, barley and oats. This is more than half the plan.

Vegetable crops have been planted in the Blagoveshchensky area: 13 hectares are already occupied by carrots and 1 hectare by beets. Last year, at this time of year, vegetable growers had not yet started sowing.

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