Spring will raise the temperature. What will the weather be like in St. Petersburg in May?

I remember Stirlitz saying in the brilliant “Seventeen Moments of Spring” that he “remembers the last one”. Thus, April, which goes down in history, is likely to be remembered for a sudden cold, piercing cold winds and almost winter snowfall, which covered the hatching primroses with a snow cover the day before yesterday.

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In fact, the nature of the weather in April changed several times, either warming up in the spring according to the calendar, or reminding us that the calendar is the calendar and the climate is the climate … But in our latitudes, everything happens in the weather .

In the first decade, the weather in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region was largely determined by the influence of cyclones, which were regularly fed by the Atlantic. Three of the four cloudy days of April, when the sun did not break the veil of clouds at all, fell in the first decade. The temperature background was below the climatic norm by 1-4 degrees, only on April 8 and 9, when the air warmed to 9-10 degrees during the day, the average daily temperature was slightly above the norm.

In the second decade of the month, a turning point was outlined in the nature of atmospheric processes, dull cyclones ceased to bother, and spring seemed to have gained strength, promising an impending turmoil in nature. Until April 25 the weather was sunny and almost without rain. The temperature background was at the same time close to the norm and at the end of the second – beginning of the third decade it exceeded it by 2-3 degrees. The hottest day of the month was April 22, when the wind warmed to 15.8 degrees.

Contrary to the hopes for irreversible heat, on April 25 another turning point came and rainy, stormy and cold weather fell with the temperatures during the day not exceeding 3-8 degrees. The rainfall was observed almost every day, and on April 27 and 28, the residents of the city were not at all happy with the real snowfall. However, nature reserves such surprises for us almost every spring. At least April 28 last year was also marked by snowfall.

In general, for the month, the average monthly air temperature in the northern capital was just over 4 degrees, ie 1 degree below the climatic norm. However, the second month of spring rarely pleases us with great warmth. Thus, in the 21st century, only four April at twenty-two were unusually hot, with average monthly temperatures of 7-8 degrees.

Surprisingly, despite the fact that the first decade and the last five days of April were characterized by the prevalence of cyclonic processes, the amount of rainfall was only half of the monthly norm. In contrast to the duration of sunshine, which slightly exceeded the norm.

A series of holidays are waiting for us in May and I want to spend them properly. Therefore, it is not surprising that interest in meteorological forecasts is growing. But first, about the main features of the last month of spring.

In May, in St. Petersburg, there are an average of 13 rainy days, during which 47 mm of rain falls. The average monthly air temperature is 11.5 degrees Celsius. The total duration of sunshine increases to 256 hours and the number of days without sun decreases from 6 in April to 2 in May.

In the first days of May, meteorologists do not expect significant changes in the weather: cyclones that have occupied the ground in the northwest will often bring clouds and rain. It is true that the background temperature will rise slightly: during the day, the air will warm to 8-13 degrees.

In the future, the formation of weather conditions will be determined by the alternating effect of cyclonic vortex regions and high pressure fields. The prevailing daily air temperatures are forecasted from 14 to 19 degrees, while on some days the temperature may exceed 20 degrees.

In general, the average monthly temperature in May is expected to be slightly higher than the climatic norm and the monthly rainfall is expected to be slightly below normal.

And in conclusion, according to the already established tradition, for the temperature records in May: the absolute minimum was recorded on May 3, 1885 and rose to 6.6 degrees below zero and the highest temperature – 33.0 degrees Celsius – was recorded on May 19, 2014.

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