The environmental campaign “Nature and us” united more than 210 thousand Yakutians this year

Today in Yakutsk, the closing ceremony of the XV Republican campaign “Nature and Us” took place, which took place under the banner of the Year of Science and Technology in Russia and the Year of Health in the Sakha Republic (Yakutia). In 2021, the action gathered more than 210 thousand people in Yakut, according to the press service of the Ministry of Ecology at YSIA.

This year the event took place at the building of the Varie State Theater of the Republic of Saha (Yakutia). The ceremony could be watched live on the social network Instagram, while the broadcast was also saved on Youtube.

Environmental awareness and education is one of the priorities of the Ministry. Work in this direction gained special status with the launch of the environmental action “Nature and Us”, which began for the first time in 2007.

From year to year, the number of participants in the action, which means connoisseurs of nature, supporters of the brightest and kindest principles of respect for the environment, is growing. Over the years, about 4 million Yakutians have become participants in the action. The 15th Anniversary Republican Environmental Action “Nature and Us” in 2021 brought together more than 210,000 Yakut people.

Socially important competitions, projects, subbotniks and actions carried out in the framework of “Nature and Us” are designed to strengthen values, to instill knowledge and skills of wildlife care, to teach the new generation to analyze its actions. , understand the impact they have on the world around us and make the right decision.

The Deputy Minister of Ecology welcomed nature experts and activists of the environmental movement Yakov Zarovniev. He noted that every year the contribution of the population to the cause of nature protection becomes greater.

For 15 years, “Nature and Us” has become recognizable and close to the population of democracy. The participants in traditional events every year look forward to the continuation of competitions and promotions. It is gratifying that the action managed to unite almost all the interested state authorities, local self-government, public and commercial organizations, institutions of science, culture, education “. – he said.

At the closing ceremony, the winners and participants of the democratic environmental competitions were awarded: “Ecology starts from the yard”, “The best project of environmental initiatives”, “The best project for the environmental monitoring of water bodies”, “The best project environmental initiatives “among youth associations in 2021, the democratic competition” The best project for the environmental monitoring of water bodies “. The winners were also awarded in the nominations “Best Primary Education”, “Best Institution of Preschool Education 2021”, “Best Institution of Additional Education 2021”, “Best General Educational Institution 2021”, “Best Environmental Teacher” 20 2021, Best Library for Environmental Education 2021, Best Museum for Environmental Education 2021, Best Ecoblogger 2021, Best Environmental Enthusiast 2021 ”,“ The Best Public Association of 2021 ”,“ The Best Eco-Journalist of 20 ”,“ The Best Eco- Journalist of 20 “Volunteer Team between Colleges and Universities”, “The Best Enterprise-User of Natural Resources of 2021”, “The Best Ecological Enterprise of 2021”.

The hosts held quizzes and competitions on environmental issues, and the winners were awarded valuable prizes.

Traditionally, as part of the summary of the results of the action “Nature and Us”, young children were accepted into the ranks of the movement “Green Pioneers of Yakutia” – students of school No. 35 in Yakutsk. Remember that the environmental and patriotic movement “Green Pioneers of Yakutia” appeared in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in 2015. Since 2017, thanks to the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and the Republican Recreation and Recreation Center Children “Sosnovy Bor”, Republican gatherings of Green Vanguards are held. Today, the number of Green Pioneers includes more than 8,000 children who through their actions and projects contribute to the preservation of the democratic environment.

There were many events in 2021. Due to restrictive measures, some of them were kept at a distance. One of the most massive can be called the social and sports action-challenge “The Lena River – in the national project!”, In which walking lovers and ordinary people of the Republic supported events along the river Lena in the priorities of the National Project Ecology. Also, more than 10,000 participants supported the regional stage of the Pan-Russian action “Water of Russia”. The conduct of the Pan-Russian ecological dictation in Yakutia received many positive comments. The results of the participation will be announced in December of this year.

The ethnic group “Ayarkhaan” led by Albina Degtyareva adorned this day with its performance.

With the Hymn of the Ecologist, the solemn closing ceremony of the XV Republican action “Nature and us” was completed. In 2021, the action celebrated its 15th anniversary.

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