The winners of the nomination of Rospotrebnadzor of the Russian Federation “Gastronomic route of the year” of the national award in the field of tourism “The route is built” have been announced

Illustrations: from health- food.rf

The development of domestic tourism and travel in Russia is one of the important tasks of the state. The large-scale award “The Route is Built”, dedicated to the Komsomolskaya Pravda media group with the support of the Federal Tourism Office and Rospotrebnadzor, is dedicated to this. His goal is to discover the real Russia, to talk about the most interesting places in our huge country.

In 2022, Rospotrebnadzor became a partner of the national award for the development of domestic tourism in Russia “The route is built”. Rospotrebnadzor Healthy Eating project, implemented as part of the national project Demography, was included in the award with its own award, Gastronomic Route of the Year. The aim of this nomination is to recognize and show to the public not only a unique, delicious and authentic, but also the healthiest and most nutritionally balanced route for tourists in Russia.

As a result of the popular vote and the evaluation of the jury with the criteria “The most balanced in terms of nutrition, creative and hospitable path”, three best projects were determined in the Rospotrebnadzor nomination “Gastronomic path of the year”. The winners received diplomas and souvenirs. Awards Irina Shevkun, Head of the Department of Health Supervision of the Rospotrebnadzor of the Russian Federation.

“It is very honorable and important for us that Rospotrebnadzor’s Healthy Nutrition project, implemented as part of the national Demography project, became a partner of the Route Built National Tourism Award, which covers all regions of Russia. We have determined the winners in our nomination for the prize – “The most useful gastronomic route of the year”. The applications were many and, I admit, it was not easy to choose three finalists. Many of the works presented are unique, interesting and useful. It is wonderful that the regions share the ideas of healthy eating, which we promote as part of the Rospotrebnadzor Healthy Eating program. We managed to highlight not only the most authentic tourist routes, but also the healthiest and nutritionally balanced ones. The jury evaluated all the participants of the competition based on the national color and also selected the healthiest local products and dishes, the preparation of which is based on the principles of healthy eating. This is particularly important, as 2022 was declared by the President of the Russian Federation as the Year of Folk Art and Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Peoples of Russia. And national dishes are an important component of the culture of the peoples of Russia, uniting families and traditions. We thank all the participants in the prize and congratulations to the winners! The best recipes will be placed in the sections “Dining map of Russia” and “Recipe book – Cooking together” on the site health- food.rf, as well as in the specialized section “Time to eat right” on the site kp. ru ”, – commented Irina Gennadievna.

Illustrations: from health- food.rf

Illustrations: from health- food.rf

The winners of the category included:

1st place. Project “Rostov-on-Don – a city with taste” (Rostov-on-Don)

Participating: the company “Rostov-on-Don – a city with taste”

A premium ethno-gastronomic tour in Rostov-on-Don, during which visitors get acquainted with the identity of the area through unique gastronomic traditions. The tour includes five restaurants with local cuisine, a museum-café of Cossack cuisine and traditions, a restaurant-museum of commercial cuisine, an excursion “Three centuries of Rostov food”, a shopping route “Old Bazaar”, as well as creative interactive tastings of drinks and delicacies from local products, ethnographic excursions.

2nd place. Gastrotrain “Delicious walk. Udmurtia “(Republic of Udmurt)

Participating: LLC “Travel Bureau” Tourist “, excursion center” Fall in love with Udmurtia “

The first gastronomic train from Moscow to Udmurtia. A delicious trip with excursions and tastings starts right on the Moscow-Izhevsk train. Two breaks in Udmurtia are dedicated to familiarizing yourself with the gastronomy of the area – Izhevsk, Ludorvay (an open-air ethnographic museum) and Sarapul. The trip is based on the all-inclusive system: train travel, accommodation in a comfortable hotel in the center of Izhevsk, meals, shuttle services, tours, tastings, guides, entrance tickets to museums.

3rd place. Project «Rural BRUNCH. Gastronomic tour through the eyes of a visitor “(Belgorod region)

Participants: Department of Tourism and Folk Crafts of the Department of Culture and Political Youth of the Administration of the City of Grayvoron

A project that will allow you to get to know the traditional culture of the Grayvoron region, to fall in love with it, to draw attention to its study and preservation. Visitors will taste more than 30 types of dishes and drinks according to old recipes, take part in the godmothers’ ritual feast, prepare a special dish – cumin knyshiki, make a charming doll, chop firewood and light a Russian stove.

“The route is building” is a professional award aimed at disseminating domestic tourism. The award received a huge response: more than 670 applications in 15 categories from 63 regions of the country – from Kamchatka to Kaliningrad, from Murmansk to Makhachkala – from people, companies, businesses, brands, cultural institutions. All of them contribute significantly to the development of domestic tourism in Russia, representing the uniqueness of each region, including from a gastronomic point of view.

For reference

Since 2019, the national project “Demography” has entered the active phase of implementation, the main priority of which is to maintain and increase the population of Russia. A healthy lifestyle is impossible without a proper, balanced diet. As part of the national project “Demography”, Rospotrebnadzor implements the federal project “Strengthening public health” in terms of healthy eating.

Regular and large-scale work is done to improve the quality of nutrition for children and adults. One of the important activities of Rospotrebnadzor is the monitoring of the nutritional status of children and adolescents. The safety and quality of food for children in schools is constantly monitored.

In the period 2019-2021, a nutritional evaluation of students was carried out in 5562 educational organizations, a survey of 92,900 elementary, high school and high school students together with their parents.

The quality and safety of food products are also monitored and the access of the population to domestic food products is evaluated – a total of 27,311 samples were selected in 2019-2021, 10 main product groups were studied according to 117 quality indicators.

The monitoring system makes it possible to assess the real diet of the population in various parts of Russia, to process the data obtained and to carry out a detailed analysis of the results. Based on expert data, regional programs for the prevention of public health disorders are developed, recommendations for diet correction are made, educational programs for healthy nutrition are developed, methodological support and training of specialists.

In order for more and more Russians to strive to be healthy and to consciously approach the preparation of their diet that meets the principles of healthy eating, they need educational activities. This is another area of ​​Rospotrebnadzor’s job. A unique digital ecosystem has been created, which includes the main website of the health-nutrition.rf project and specialized sections such as the School of Healthy Eating with lectures and open courses by leading experts, information for children and parents. “The Book of Tasty and Healthy Food – Cooking Together” with more than 1000 recipes for healthy eating. interactive section “Food map of Russia” with information on the diet of Russians in 85 regions of the country. multifunctional service platform “4 seasons – a dish of a healthy person”, where everyone can choose an individual diet program, training, receive expert recommendations and take tests for free.

At the end of 2021, Rospotrebnadzor’s Healthy Nutrition project was awarded the national Runet Prize for Best Practice in Medicine and Education. The total coverage of this project is more than 180 million people.

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