TV star Sergei Karyakin is dying of cancer at the age of 50

07:01, 29/04/2022

The actor fought the disease for a long time.

Sergei Karyakin, best known for the TV series Ivan Denisovich, The Other Side of the Moon, Mercy Route, Poor Nastya and others, has died at the age of 51. The actor fought cancer for several years, but the disease, unfortunately, proved to be stronger. The death of the star of the TV series was reported on his page on VKontakte last night. Elena Ksenofontova was one of the first to honor the memory of her colleague: they both starred in “The Society of Chairmen of the Globe”.

“Seryozha Karyakin is gone. A wonderful artist, companion, collaborator, man. Illness … The Kingdom of Heaven is yours, Seryozhka “, the actress wrote under Sergei’s photo (the spelling and punctuation of the authors are given unchanged from now on. – Note. ed.).

Sergei Karyakin in “Chairmen of the Globe”

For the first time, Karjakin announced his fatal diagnosis on April 7. He said on his social network that he had fourth-degree tongue cancer. The actor due to oncology can not speak and breathe on his own. Sergei discovered the health problem too late, when surgery was no longer possible. Therefore, he had to undergo many courses of immunotherapy. The treatment was not without complications – the artist was diagnosed with severe physical and moral exhaustion.

On his VKontakte page, Karyakin turned to anyone who could help him financially. He complained that he could not pay for a number of recovery services, as he could not work due to his health condition. “It did not work at home. The first days are paid. How many days do you need? Yes, maybe not much. “The main thing is to start,” the actor added, noting that his wife is receiving help. Lily.

Lilia Karyakina

One week later, the actor’s wife, Lydia Karyakina, spoke about her husband’s condition on the NTV TV show “The Stars Came Together”. According to the guest of the program, after the chemotherapy the improvements started, but Sergey’s body reacted strongly to the radiotherapy: “Now he feels terrible, he has renewed pain, swelling in his face, that’s why he hides it, since his face is deformed . He feels weak. ” Lilia added that the doctors, among other things, found metastases in the lymph nodes in the neck.

The interlocutor of the hosts of the program, Lera Kudryavtseva and Anton Privovolnov, noted that the course taken by her husband in recent weeks helped him cope with exhaustion. Sergei even recovered by 7 kg. He underwent a gastrostomy, a tube that leads directly to the stomach cavity. Provides food and essential trace elements. The cost of this food was significant – a liter bottle cost the family 780 rubles, plus the staff of a private clinic took care of the patient.

Frame from the melodrama “Mercy Route”

In one of his latest posts, Karyakin thanked those who did not remain apathetic and transferred money for treatment. “Friends, how many are you and how well you treat me! “I am in shock,” Sergei wrote at the time.

Remember that Sergey Karyakin was born on March 18, 1972 in Tomsk. In 1997 she graduated from the acting department of the Moscow School of Art Theater, after which she joined the troupe of the New Moscow Drama Theater. In the late 1990s, he began performing on the stage of the Gogol Theater, later on the stage of the Amadeus Musical Theater. In 2005 he was awarded the Triumph Prize.

The TV debut was the role of Alyosha in the popular TV series “Little Things in Life” in the 90’s. This was followed by roles in the serial films “Poor Nastya”, “Beyond the Wolves”, “In the First Circle”. Filmed in “Stalin’s Wife”, “Khitrovka”“Police officer”, “My husband is a genius”, «Day of Despair», «Aerobatics», «MUR. Third Front “,” Sniffer “,” Dislike “,” Dyatlov Pass “. Last year, Ivan Denisovich’s transfer from Solzhenitsyn was released, in which the actor played Brigadier General Turin. One of Karjakin’s last works was a serial film “Parma Violets”.

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