Zoika, Hamster, Oui, Artie, Squat, Perepel – what opened in Moscow this week, what new restaurants to go to

Every week, the Afisha Daily team checks if it’s worth going to new restaurants and what they have. This time we are talking about the Russian bar Perepel, which moved the Hamster, a bistro from the Double B Oui group and other places.


Large ravioli and crispy tortillas

The hamster moved to the housing complex “Snegiri” in Minskaya. With beige and brown wooden furniture and stone slabs, the interior looks a little more polished than the name suggests: the fluffy animal hamster does not seem to be associated with rigidity.

The menu is impressive. There is wood oven pizza, handmade pasta, burgers, hot vegetables. As in many restaurants that opened this year, so here is baked flatbread.. In hamsters they are crunchy and weightless, they are easily wrapped so as not to lose the filling. But the pizza dough is empty – there is no air or texture on the sides, you do not want to eat the edges. A not-so-understandable base is offset by the filling: the truffle is added to the pizza with stratsiatella. It is cut into thin slices, like a tissue, into slices and is completely self-sufficient – even truffle oil is not required. From the pasta, we suggest you try ravioli: it has a thin dough, a soft filling of boiled duck and a spicy apple curry sauce.

With desserts, unfortunately, not everything is so successful. The honey cake with banana mousse is sugary and no honey. And Daddy rum actually turned out to be dry brioche. Only the crust is soaked in rum to get a nice fire when served.

What to eat

Crispy bread from the oven with duck and plum sauce, 550 r.

Comb tartar with cucumber and avocado, 790 rub.

Ravioli with duck and apple curry, 1350 rub.

The address
Minsk, 2v, bldg. 4

Working hours
Mon.-Sun. 12.00–23.00

+7 985 533 36 02


Wine casino and burning scallops

Artie has been in technical operation for several months, but only officially opened in April. It is beautiful inside: panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows, live plants. It is a pleasure to gather here in groups and to arrange family dinners with understandable food. Wine casinos or wine dinners are organized periodically.

The menu includes Italian classics, pizza, appetizers with wine, large wine list. Two places (capesante di marca shells and pancakes with fresh berries) are baked right on the table, setting the plate on fire before serving. Fortunately the ceilings are high! Before entering the restaurant, be sure to look through the next door of the business center – interactive planets of the solar system hanging under the ceiling in the hall.

What to eat

Amatriciana with wild boar, 650 rub.

Linguini alla zucca, 990 rubles

Bruschetta with pate and onion jam, 360 rub.

Pizza with stratsiatella and peanuts, 890 grated.

Ligurian soup with seafood, 780 grated.

The address
Land strip, 1a

Working hours
Mon.-Sun. 12.00–0.00

+7 916 851 65 52


Tribute to Bulgakov to the Patriarchs

A small restaurant for the Patriarchs is inspired by Bulgakov’s “Zoika’s apartment”, and it shows in everything – the interior, the waiters’ uniform, the way he communicates with the guests on the phone and in the hall, taking out the plate, ironic signatures in the margins of the menu, dishes. And to enter the room, you have to ring the bell at the entrance.

Young chef Gleb Geiger (“Generation”) is in charge of the kitchen. The menu includes ironic twists on popular dishes: “Sausage in a la Wellington dough”, soup “Bourgeois doshik with duck”, “Cutlet a la rus with two types of caviar, foie gras and champagne sauce”. Beef tartare in potato gratin and brioche with pickled yolks are served in an elegant mirror dish. The food turned out to be beautiful in the presentation, unusual in terms of the combination of products, but so far it does not always reach the taste. And the portions are small – you will not be able to share the dish with the company.

There are only 9 places on the wine list, all russian wines. There are some interesting spirits: we especially liked “Like Dostoevsky” – with the taste of Borodino bread and cumin. The unfamiliar word “antidotes” means non-alcoholic cocktails that help rejuvenate the receptacles – they are suitable for a break from wine, and to replace alcohol in general.

What to eat

Herring carpaccio, 670 rub.

Green salad with “crazy water”, 680 rub.

Beef bourguignon, 1080 rubles

Onion soup miso and Borodino land, 680 r.

Crispy grapes with strawberries, 350 r.

The address
B.Patriarshiy per., 8, building 1

Working hours
Mon.-Sun. 12.00–0.00

+7 (495) 103 10 03

“Squat” wine

New menu in the cellar

© Wine “Squat”

The dungeon squat in Kitai-Gorod was opened by the creators of the Bush chain almost two years ago and the menu has finally changed completely here. To get to the bar, you have to go through the door marked “Buchet” and go down to the lowest level along the bright yellow stairs. Indoors – bricks, living plants and tables for companies of all sizes.

There are more than 450 types of wines, especially traditional petnates. It is better to ask a sommelier about this and choose it for a specific occasion.. The menu includes appetizers, hot dishes and desserts – everything was designed to match the food perfectly with the wine. The dishes are carried in small snack-type dishes, do not take up much space on the table – it is convenient when there are many glasses. Very good sprat with lemon and olive oil that has been fermented. Stratsiatella with roasted peppers, walnuts and basil oil was also successful. Be sure to try the salty Asian-style beef tartare with flying roe and salted yolk – it’s interesting to eat it with different wines.

The address
Solyanka, ½

Working hours
Wed-Thu, Sun 18.00-1.00, Fri-Sat 18.00-2.30

+7 925 492 00 65


Post-Russian bar with Russian kiwi

The Perepel bar of Dima Sokolov and Eva Chernysheva (15 Kitchen + Bar) opened in Sadovo-Karetnaya. Special features: 9 meter illuminated bench, hand-painted quail on the wall, masonry, soft warm light along the walls and panoramic windows. At first they wanted to have dance parties here and so they left space along the bar counter so that they would not be crowded between the tables.

The menu includes simple dishes with a bias towards Russian cuisine. Borscht is cooked rich in smoked beans. It was amazing to meet Perm posikunchiki on the menu – small sweets with meat and sauce based on mustard and greens (should be poured into each pie). In addition to the beef stroganoff with mashed potatoes, cucumber jam is brought. Whole red breadcrumbs fried in crispy semolina bread is a vivid memory of a summer vacation on the Crimean coast, where the fish is cooked in the same way, whole and eaten with the skeleton and head. They offer to get a knuckle for a group: served with sauerkraut, boiled with pear and bacon.

All products used in Perepel’s kitchen are Russian. Even kiwi, which is added to a sprat sandwich, is grown in the Moscow region.. The same goes for drinks: Perepel prepares homemade tinctures, signature cocktails, buys Russian wines and even local strong alcohol.

Ukha with vodka, 590 r.

Salad with quail in brown dressing, 790 rub.

Pike meatballs with mint potatoes and sun-dried tomato sauce, 690 grated.

Pie with apples and pears, 450 r.

The address
Sadovaya-Karetnaya 18

Working hours
Sun-Thu 12.00-0.00, Fri-Sat 12.00-5.00

+7 965 180 11 18

Oui Bistro

Bistro by Double B team

The Oui is a compact two-level bistro on Kamergersky Lane by Double B. Despite the small size of the room, it is quite spacious. On the first level, there are only 4 small round tables for 1-2 people along the panoramic windows – here you can sit comfortably with a laptop. Almost every table has a USB port. There are many live plants inside, the bar counter is lined with bouquets of bright flowers (hopefully this is not just in honor of the opening).

The small menu offers simple and well-prepared dishes. Free cucumber water is available to all guests. From 8 to 12 in the morning you can have breakfast: cheesecakes with additives of your choice, oatmeal with classic or alternative milk, egg dishes, pancakes, croissants.

The main menu contains classic dishes for every day, but with interesting variations.: crispy aubergines are added to the green salad and everything is seasoned with a light sauce based on lemon juice and coriander. The beef cheeks are served with celery root puree, the duck leg config is combined with pumpkin puree and the chicken liver with spinach is served as a hot dish on the toast. The portions are generous and filling.

The beverage section has a good selection of coffee, cocoa and matcha. There is also a buckwheat drink and herbal teas. An alcohol license is expected in the bistro soon.

What to eat

Chocolate cottage cheese mousse with homemade granola and plum sauce, 450 r.

Brie cheese with caramelized pear, 650 grated.

Sea bass with bere blanc sauce, 790 rub.

Taten apple tart, 420 rub.

Dian hong tea, 350 rub.

The address
Bolshaya Dmitrovka, 7/5, building 1

Working hours

+7 929 500 22 20

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