Free and safe: where in the Leningrad region you can fry kebabs for the May holidays

Online47 has prepared a selection of the best picturesque places near St. Petersburg.

This year, residents of Leningrad, like other residents of Russia, are looking forward to a great weekend due to the May holidays. This season is traditionally considered the season of barbecues.

In addition, after very cold weather, the spring nature of the homeland pleases with its beauty and freshness. However, barbecue lovers should not go by accident – in many places, there is a fine for lighting an open fire in nature.

Online47 has discovered where in the Leningrad area you can relax with a group of people during the May holidays, fry kebabs safely and enjoy the beauties.

Lake Kavgolovskoye

One of the closest to St. Petersburg and the most famous among the resting places, one can note the lake Kavgolovskoye. Located in region Vsevolozhsk, northwest of the village Toksovo. But be warned – there are always enough people who want it.

The main reason why people flock here en masse is the picturesque nature of the area by the lake. At the same time, the infrastructure is quite developed here: fishermen and water sports enthusiasts come to the lake, especially those who go windsurfing on a board.

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Well, and of course, most importantly, here you can organize a barbecue picnic. It is not forbidden to bring and install your own brazier.

How to get there: You can drive directly to the lake. From Murino the road will take about half an hour. If by public transport, then it will make an electric train from Finland station or a regular bus from Devyatkino metro station.

Lake Nesterovskoe

This volume of water in the Tosnensky district has long been one of the favorite places for barbecue for residents of the 47th district and the northern capital. Therefore, we warn you that on hot days, and especially during the May holidays, a large number of vacationers can gather here.

But if you arrive early, you will not regret it. Around the purest lake, 20 meters deep, there is a dense forest of conifers. You can sit on the beach or in the shade near the trees.

How to get there: Motorists are advised to drive along the Moscow-Tosno highway, then turn onto 41A-003 and pass Nurma on the outskirts of Shapki village. There is also an electric train from Baltic Station. The town’s beach is 2.5 miles from Slantsy Rail Station. You can walk or take bus 11.

Coast of the Gulf of Finland near Bolshaya Izhora

Not far from the village of Bolshaya Izhora in the Lomonosovsky district is the Gulf Coast of Finland – this is a favorite place for locals for barbecue. The fact is that the recreation area is different in size.

There are also locker rooms and playgrounds for beach sports enthusiasts.

Nature also attracts tourists: evergreen pines and firs grow along the coast and the bay forms many coves. In the evening you can enjoy wonderful sunsets.

How to get there: By car to the village of Bolshaya Izhora, and then walk for about 10 minutes. Or by public transport: by train from Finland’s station or by bus from Avtovo metro station to Bolshaya Izhora.

Lake Sukhodolsk

Lake Sukhodolskoye is located 80 km from St. Petersburg. From different angles, the reservoir is washed by the Vuoksa River and Lake Ladoga. People also come here very often. And this is no accident – there is everything for a perfect outdoor recreation. Khairullin

There are several well-equipped areas in the area where guests can comfortably barbecue and grill meat over an open fire. In addition, a picnic can be combined with fishing and in summer you can swim in the clearest waters and lie down on the hot sand.

How to get there: You can reach a scenic area north of the Karelia Isthmus by train from Finlyandsky Railway Station to Losevo or Gromovo Stations. By road A-129 to Priozersk in the village. Losevo and further along the local roads.

Lake Ladoga

This place is also far from St. Petersburg and it is best to go here for a few days at a time. However, the time spent on the road will definitely pay off with the emotions that come from the beauty of the local nature. The lake is suitable for both “wild” and those who are accustomed to living in comfortable conditions.

Here you can bring everything for a picnic and fry kebabs for free or rent equipment. For example, next to the Osinovetsky lighthouse, a legendary building that helps ships stay afloat for more than 100 years.


How to get there: By car along the Ring Road you can get there in about an hour and by train in 1 hour and 20 minutes. There is a train from Finlyandsky Railway Station or Kushelevka Station. You need to get to Ladoga Lake Station and walk about 15 minutes longer.

Do not forget safety in nature

Many do not imagine the May holidays without fires and barbecues, but completely forget about fire safety requirements. But the irresponsible behavior of holidaymakers can cause a devastating natural fire.

Therefore, an official of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the 47th district reminds every year to the inhabitants the simple rules of behavior in nature:

The brazier should be away from dry grass, protruding branches and buildings.

Do not trust children to light a fire and do not leave a lighted barbecue unattended.

To make a fire, it is better not to use what is, but special coals and a grill.

After resting, it is necessary to fill the flame with water.

Such basic actions will help prevent the spread of fire, as the fire in the brazier is completely controlled by one person and does not cause danger.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations notes that if you have seen a forest fire or burning of dry vegetation, inform immediately by calling “01” (from mobile 101 or 112) or the Leningrad Regional Forest Control Center at 8 (812) 90- 89 -111.

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