How to calmly fry a barbecue and not be punished

The May holidays are a blessed time when the heat comes, after the winter hibernation, nature wakes up. Everyone is attracted to the fresh air – to spend time in good company, to eat fried meat cooked on the grill. In this regard, the most fortunate are the owners of cottages and cottages. The rest of the inhabitants of the city in the hunt for the barbecue in May, as a rule, crawl on the banks of the Volga or in the squares and courtyards with barbecues. But in vain.

A logical question arises: where can you arrange gastronomic experiments with meat? “Svoboda Square” tried to understand the new rules of fire safety, as well as to answer all the questions that arise from the inhabitants of the city on the eve of the May holidays.

What is included in the rules

The official announcement of the press service of the Central Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations for the Samara Region states that from April 15 to October 15, 2022, a special fire regime has been established throughout the province. Except in specially equipped areas, open fire is prohibited. But which parts can safely be considered specially equipped? This question was answered by the lawyer of the NGO “Samara Regional Bar Association” Victoria Kourdioukova.

“The new rules of the fire regime came into force in 2021 and will apply until 2027,” explains the expert. – It should be noted that according to the procedure of using open flame and fire, there is a special rule according to which the fire can be made only in special refractory containers (braziers, braziers), the distance from any buildings must be at least 5 meters, and requires cleaning of dry leaves and branches within a radius of 2 meters from the barbecue. It is unacceptable to use a barbecue or grill with damage that allows flammable materials to fall.

My Dhaka, I’m the owner

It is important to note immediately that for those who are going to cook barbecue in their own cottage, nothing has changed. The Russians can even fry meat in their cottage with the obligatory observance of the following rules. Specifically, the brazier must be placed at a certain distance: 30 meters from shrubs or ordinary trees, 50 meters from the house or the nearest building, 100 meters from conifers. It is true that there are serious doubts that such conditions can be met in an ordinary cottage with plots of 5 acres.

However, these rules can be circumvented – however, with one condition: you have a special place to install a barbecue. In order for the grill or barbecue to be installed properly, certain requirements must be met. First, a flat concrete platform is suitable for installing a brazier, which must be cleaned of dry grass and other debris. Second, the minimum distance from the house is 5 meters, while between the house and the grill there should be no rubble, building materials or other buildings.

The recipe states that if the territory of the cottage allows you to install a barbecue area, no one will forbid you to cook barbecue. The problem is that the cottages of many citizens are very small, which does not allow them to fry meat according to established standards.

Excursion in nature

For this reason, many are looking for an alternative to a holiday barbecue and are increasingly choosing options for outdoor recreation or in the city. However, with such a replacement, we must always remember that in this case there will be many more recipes and rules. The most important thing that any person who decides to have a barbecue in the city should be aware of is that it is strictly forbidden to cook grilled meat outside specially equipped areas (for example, in a park, on a playground or near an entrance). and it is generally strictly forbidden to make fire.

We must remember that you can use the barbecue in the city only in specially designated places, which must be equipped in a specific way for cooking on the coals. By the way, often such sites, already equipped with everything necessary, are located in large parks.

For those who decide to relax outside the city and at the same time “gourmet”, everything is much simpler. The main thing is to observe the three basic conditions for making a fire in nature: you can not make a fire near shrubs and trees. Deciduous trees should be located 30 meters from the fire, while coniferous trees – up to 100 meters from the fire or barbecue. the minimum distance from the fire and any man-made object, including buildings of any kind and, for example, haystacks, is 50 meters. it is necessary to clean the area where there is a fire or barbecue within a radius of 10 meters.

skewers with barbecue

What is forbidden

I would like to draw your attention once again: outside a specially equipped area, fire in a residential area is strictly prohibited! Thanks to the gaps in the old fire safety regulations, some smart citizens have found ways to set up barbecues in their backyards. The new law has become much stricter for such people. And now in residential areas the installation of barbecues is unconditionally prohibited.

For those who want to circumvent the law, a list of places where barbecue cooking is not only dangerous but will be punished to the maximum extent of the law has been published: on balconies, attics and roofs of residential buildings. on terraces and terraces of private homes. in yards near residential buildings. in and around garages; on public land in settlements; in the fields.

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Very expensive barbecue

Many are still wondering what these new fines are, in what cases they can be applied. Victoria Kurdyukova, a lawyer from the Samara Regional Bar Association, spoke about the punishment of offenders.

– For violation of established rules, the law provides penalties. A fine of 2 to 3 thousand rubles will await a citizen only if such a violation did not cause damage. Under the conditions of the fire regime, the fine will increase to 4,000 rubles. If there is a fire, property damage or people are injured, the amount will increase several times. With more serious consequences, comes criminal responsibility, – warns the expert.

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– For violation of fire safety rules, a fine of 2 to 3 thousand rubles is provided, although in some cases a person may come down with a warning.

– If you baked a barbecue in a specially designated place, but did not remove the garbage, you will have to pay 2 thousand rubles.

– For violation of the safety rules described above when frying meat, it does not matter, in the city or on your site, – a fine of 2 to 3 thousand rubles.

– For improper installation of a grill or barbecue, a fine of 4 thousand rubles is imposed on an individual and up to 30 thousand rubles on an employee.

– If the incorrect installation of the brazier led to a fire, injury or death of a person, the culprit will face penalties of up to 1 million rubles.

– A fine of up to 5,000 rubles is provided for a fire at a site that does not comply with the rules.


A separate chapter in the new fire regulations is devoted to waste incineration.

“The first option is to use an open fire in a pit or ditch at least 30 cm deep and more than 1 meter in diameter. The open fire area in the pit must be at least 50 meters away from any building, 100 meters from coniferous trees and 30 meters from deciduous trees. The second option is a barrel, a tank or a container made of non-combustible materials. “The place where open fire is used in the pot must be at least 25 meters away from any building, 50 meters from coniferous trees and 15 meters from deciduous trees”, explained Viktoria Kurdyukova.

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