“Maybe you should not charge me rent that day?”

The Kurgan district government imposed a ban on the area on May 1st and banned the retail sale of alcoholic beverages on May 9th. An exception is made for the sale of alcoholic beverages in public restaurants. A year earlier, a similar ban was introduced only in the territory of the regional center. Kommersant-South Ural asked MPs, public figures and businessmen how they assessed the feasibility and effectiveness of the restriction aimed at reducing alcohol consumption during the holidays.

Governor of the Kurgan region Vadim Shumkov (excerpt from the telegram channel):

– These days, I think (alcohol – Kommersant-South Ural) is definitely out of place. And not just for patriotic reasons. But also for security reasons for you and others. Traditionally, injury statistics are on the rise – in both adults and children, for whom intoxicated adults do not follow. Domestic conflicts and drunken accidents cost dozens of lives every year. But we, the society, are more often silent about it, preferring to be careful or to hurry with condemnations only to what hurts the ear or resonates. Fires that cost the lives of adults and children, destroy property and nature also often occur precisely through the responsibility of alcohol, when people are not particularly aware of their actions.

State Duma deputy from the Kurgan region Alexander Iltiakov:

– Rules are rules and are repeated every year. Of course, those who want to drink on vacation prepare in advance. This will never stop those people who want to do it. And those who would like to “catch up” on this day, which they drank and do not have enough – can restrain a little. And the law will help them with that.

Kurgan Yakov Sidorov, Duma deputy:

– So, the authorities tell us clearly: you are drunk that you will drink vodka only on holidays, so we take it away from you. I saw no other motivation. I did not understand based on what and why it was introduced. Not to go to the forest with alcohol? So they will go without it. Do not understand what is objectively motivated? This is just the desire of a particular person or his group, from which it arises: we take the alcohol away from you so that everything goes well, because you do not know how to drink it. To me this is a real arbitrariness. All beer bottles will be open these days, as in recent years. They will probably have a fine. And the businessman who complied with the decree and banned the sale of alcohol in his country does not receive any profit. And people who want to buy beer will go to stores that break this law. With this ban we punish the conscientious businessmen and give super profits to the unscrupulous.

Kurgan social activist Andrey Vagin:

I do not understand the case. And, to be honest, since the introduction of this law, I have not seen statistics that explain that this is an effective measure. For example, statistics on the number of drunken arrests, crimes and hooliganism incidents committed for alcohol reasons. As I understand it, people just buy alcohol in advance and banning it from buying on holiday does not solve the situation in any way. It is not clear to me what this measure is aimed at.

Retail entrepreneur Roman Yakushev:

– In my opinion, anyone “who wants” will be able to buy alcohol on the days of the ban. Based on the meager fines, barrel shops will most likely sell their products. As for the big players in the alcohol market, they will not suffer, as many will buy products in advance.

The owner of a barrel beer shop in Kurgan, Alexander (asked not to be named and the name of the shop):

There are different types of alcohol with different shelf life. The decision to ban its sale these days will hurt my pocket: the alcohol I do not sell will spoil – it has a short shelf life. This ban will also affect suppliers who have not calculated the volume of alcohol produced. I can not characterize the ban decision as inappropriate in the current tense fire situation. But this ban must be approached comprehensively. Should I force my landlord not to charge me rent that day? I could pay this money to the saleswoman so she would not lose money. After all, laws are passed for people, you have to think about them. I think it is necessary to instill a culture of drink: for one, a glass of beer is enough, and for another – two “one and a half”. Anyone addicted to alcohol will take it, despite the ban – in the same colony.

Mikhail Bitskov

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