Megasubbotnik and the action “Forest of Victory” took place in Stupino

30 Apr. 2022, 16:24

In the Stupino metropolitan area, a large-scale day of sapling harvesting and planting took place – a mega-subbotnik along with the Victory Forest campaign, in which all the building blocks of the area and the residents themselves took part. The main areas for restoring order were the areas near the train station, the bus station, the desert between Pristationnaya, Kalinina and Frunze streets, the clearing along the road. Service in the city lakes, as well as cleaning the area near the lakes from debris.

In addition, throughout the neighborhood, residents, along with management companies, went to clean yards.

One of the areas with the most garbage was the city’s lake area. About 30 management staff, MKU “Beautification” and MTsUR staff, as well as more than 50 residents with children living in houses near the forest, managed to collect more than 150 large garbage bags. Two tractors full of garbage were removed from the forest area near the ponds. According to the participants of the mega-subbotnik, now the inhabitants of the city can safely come to rest in the lakes, to walk with their children. However, it is necessary not only to enjoy the beauty and cleanliness around, but also to keep it – do not wipe! There are special container platforms with garbage bins.

Veronika Lishenkevich, Head of the Ecology Department of the Department of Housing and Public Utilities of the Administration of the Municipal District of Stupino:
– The environmental campaign “Megabak” was successfully carried out as part of a mega-subbotnik in the urban area of ​​Stupino. Employees of the Housing and Utilities Administration of the management company Zhilresurs, together with the residents, participated in the cleaning of the road area and the forest area opposite the house in Kalinina 2. About 50 people were divided into two groups to take part in the ecological -competition. Each participant had 3 types of bags: for glass, for plastic and for the rest of the garbage. According to the results of the competition, the management company “Zhilresurs” showed special activity – it collected the most garbage. All winners received souvenirs with the Megabak logo. All waste was disposed of for recycling – 8 rubbish bins. Of the garbage collected, about 85% was occupied by glass.

The “Forest of Victory” landed in the park on them. VF Polyakov – 600 cotoneaster bushes and 36 arborvitae seedlings will now decorate the square. Mass planting of spruce took place at the forest department of the Ulyanovsk region in the village of Torbeevo.
Entire families, along with children, residents actively participated in the planting. After work and unforgettable photos of the seedlings, everyone could try hot porridge with meat and delicious tea in the field kitchen.

Today is a special day for Nikolai and Elena Shepelev. Not only did they become happy spouses, but they also set new traditions for their family – to plant trees!
Elena Shepeleva:
– We love each other very much! And I think it’s symbolic to plant a tree this day to have a strong family. We did not plan our wedding specifically on the Red Hill – it happened spontaneously, but we are very happy that our important event coincided with the holidays and the official events.

Sergei Muzhalskikh, head of the Stupino urban area:
– Today, once again, we held a day of community work, equipment distribution points were opened in the territory of the region. We also work in the park on them. VF Polyakova, where the landscaping was completed last year. Old trees and shrubs were removed, instead, as part of the Victory Forest campaign, we planted arbutus and cotonoes together with well-groomed residents. We will take care of and protect the seedlings so that there is beauty here. For the safety of our work, cameras were installed and connected to the “Safe Area”. Thank you to all the residents who came today with their children and supported our action!

Tatiana Sharapova, member of the Public Chamber of the Stupino region, chairman of the committee on housing and community services, head of the Association of Chairmen of the Moscow Region Apartment Buildings:
– I participate in community work days and tree planting every year! This is very important to me, this is not only a need of the soul, but also a necessity – we must restore the forests so that our children and grandchildren can live in a beautiful nature. Today in our district, at the request of the residents, I also organized the planting of lilac saplings in three apartment buildings. In the residential complex “Madrigal”, on Tchaikovsky 18/12 and on the street. Wonderful lilac bushes will appear Komsomolskaya 19/27, only about 10 bushes have been planted today.

Tatyana Nesterova, resident of Stupino:
– Today I plant cotoneaster bushes with my daughter along with the mothers from the League of Young Mothers. This is my first time participating in this campaign, but today we have worked hard – we planted 10 bushes. I really want to plant green in the city to make up for what was cut and removed. Before that, they planted only in the country. My daughter Sophia was curious about such an event.

Anastasia Bikmukhametova

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