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New weather forecast

Just a few days ago, meteorologists assured that the unusually cold weather, which covered all of Central Russia in mid-May, will be replaced by the usual heat for the end of the last calendar month at the beginning of next week.

However, according to a new unexpected meteorological forecast, from May 25 to May 31, most of the Russian plain will continue to be under the influence of an extensive anticyclone, which will bring rainfall, cloudy weather and a temperature background significantly below from the climatic rule. to the regions of European Russia. At the same time, temperature fluctuations are expected in Siberia and almost summer heat in Primorye.

The weather in Moscow. Accurate weather forecast

Thus, in Moscow, according to the forecast of weather experts Phobos, it will be very cloudy and rainy in the capital for almost the whole of next week. Slight heating is expected on Monday 25 May and Tuesday 26 May, when the air heats to + 16-18. At the same time, the relative humidity will be around 80%, which will create a feeling of lower temperature.

After midnight the thermometers will fall again to autumn levels. For example, only plus 4-6 is predicted on Tuesday night, which is clearly below the norm.

The coldest day of the next week, according to the meteorological forecast, will be Wednesday, May 27 – the temperature even during the day will be only 12 degrees above zero. On Thursday the weather will improve again – plus 16-18 are expected during the day, but occasional rains and strong winds are possible. On Friday, May 29, the weather will again surprise the inhabitants of Moscow and the Moscow region – meteorologists warn that the wind will cool to +13.

On Saturday, May 30, the weather will be cloudy but with glades it will rain occasionally in the area and intense.

But the air warms up a bit to plus 17-19. On the last day of the calendar spring, the climatic situation in the area will not change much. Cloudy weather is forecast here, without rain, the thermometers will show plus 18-20.

Weather forecast for Siberia

Meteorologists surprised the inhabitants of the regions of Siberia with an unexpected weather forecast for next week, where classic temperature fluctuations are expected for the next 7 days, which will shake the climate situation with incredibly high latitude.

In particular, in Novosibirsk on Monday 25 May is expected plus 25-27, on Tuesday 26 May the air will be heated plus 31-32. But already on Wednesday night, according to the meteorological forecast, there will be a real climate collapse – the thermometers will drop to plus 4-6 marks. That is, literally in just a few hours in Russia’s third largest city it will be almost 30 degrees colder.

At the same time, on the afternoon of May 27, the wind will rise plus 19-20. On Thursday, a new climate collapse will reduce the background temperature to plus 7 at night and to plus 14 during the day.

But closer to the weekend, a new wave of hot air will remind you of the approach of summer. On Friday, according to the weather forecast, plus 21-22 is expected, on Saturday and Sunday plus 19-21. At the same time, the weekend will slightly upset the locals with a little rain.

It will be colder this week in Krasnoyarsk. Tomorrow will still be as hot as summer here, plus 24-25. From Tuesday, May 26, the northwest wind will blow in the south of Siberia. As meteorologists warn, the cold air front will bring clouds and coolness here. After that, it will rain and the air will cool to plus 11-13. On the last day of May, rain is expected in Krasnoyarsk and only 12-14 degrees Celsius.

More stable weather is expected in Tomsk, Omsk and Kemerovo. But even here, according to the forecast of meteorologists, it will not do without temperature changes in the next 7 days. So, tomorrow will be plus 20-22, Tuesday plus 29-30, and Wednesday 14-16. After that, until the end of May, meteorologists do not promise noticeable movements in the background of the temperature.

Weekly weather in Primorye

According to the meteorological forecast, in Primorye, from May 25 to 31, the weather will be warm, sometimes even hot, but cloudy and rainy. In Vladivostok in particular, in the last week of the last month of the calendar spring, the temperature will remain plus 14-16 during the day and plus 9-12 at night. At the same time, short-term rainfall is expected only on Wednesday 27 May.

In Nakhodka, light rain is forecast for Monday 25 May and the air temperature will fluctuate within plus 14-18 throughout the week. It will be much warmer in Partizansk, where after the cold of the last few days the thermometers will rise immediately by 10-12 degrees.

In terms of weather, the last week of May will surprise the residents of Ussuriysk, where almost summer heat is forecast. As meteorologists promise, after today’s plus 12-13, until Friday, May 29, the air in Ussurigsk will warm to plus 27-28.

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